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electronic products

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Clothing, electronic products, books—The people more and more were already accustomed to through the network purchase daily thing, the network channel become most receive an emerging way which the enterprise pays attention. It is known that included Qu Mei, the Saint elephant, the nature, the TATA wooden door and so on one batch more well-known to live at the enterprise at present already to try the water electronic commerce.

On April 10, the TATA wooden door for the first time has also promoted the exclusive electronic commerce network shop. But including the entire friend family private and so on brands also in abundance with washes launches the cooperation valuable. Marches the net to buy the channel,Guesthouse illumination
lives at the business as if to have the sufficient reason:

The investigation showed that 5 years, the web cam the swift growth, will occupy next the early-1980s to the early 90s birth’s person purchases army’s mainstream, the network popular rate will surpass at least 60%.

However, facing will live at the net to sell will reach over a thousand hundred million Yuan attractive cakes, another kind of sound also will also exist. On July 8, the US gram US 2011 fashionable variations ‘ the new product release conference is held in Beijing, when is inquired about the view which buys to the furniture net, US gram US entire entrance to a country shop system General Manager Zhao Gejiu indicated explicitly, a US gram US did not have to develop the net at present to buy channel’s plan vigorously.

Compares with other professions, the furniture profession has own characteristic. The furniture is the big-ticket item consumer durable goods,SWIFT GROWTH’S
the amount is high, and the consumer pays great attention to experience. Because the furniture is the big-ticket item product, the transportation must complete by the specialized physical distribution company, but the present express company can only solve light casting product delivering goods to the doorstep.

On the other hand, the furniture installment needs the specialized technical personnel. Specially some closet, the book shelf isostructuralism complex furniture,LED illumination
the ordinary consumer could not solve. These are the furniture enterprise electronic commerce main bottlenecks.

In recent years, surrounded the Bohai Sea economic cycle to rise rapidly, integrated the state economy strategy in the Binhai newly developed area under the environment, present’s Tianjin is being at the rapid development stage, the domestic and foreign Large and middle scale Enterprises favored Tianjin this fertile soil, settled down in abundance, this gave Tianjin the consumer market to pour into the fresh blood without doubt.Semiconductor illuminations
Under this kind of unprecedented development momentum, lives at the building materials profession also to seize an opportunity, holds this rare development opportunity rapidly.

along with the top level high consumption community’s yearly growth, the Tianjin original tradition sells the field, regardless of from the environment, in the brand scale is unable the consumer demand which satisfies grows day by day, this request respectively sells the field to accelerate to advance the industrial upgrading, to live at the industry to develop the even more internationalize expense environment, the enhancement brand’s distinctive quality, consumer’s cognition, then adapts the market shift,MOCVD receives the promotion profession development.

in 2011 takes one of this city key projects–The Pearl River friendship international lives at the shopping center project to bear the brunt enters consumer’s line of sight. This project’s appearance, lets us be able not but to carry on to the high-end market guesses, whether does it seize ‘ the high ground blooming in the market competition ‘, also what will be relies on to locate for the internationalization sells the field?

American president

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Recently, Hankou revival community’s Miss Zhao took a sign to have “1784” the inscription, to be similar in the coin thing (for example the figure above) finds reporter, the request help distinguishes, actually has a look at this “the coin” is which country’s currency. Miss Zhao said that this is her ancestor hands down from generation to generation from generation to generation, had 100 years at least. Reporter saw, this “coin” pro and con have the foreign language, the frame assume the tooth annular, appears very obsolete, but “1784” are very actually clear,American president
did not know whether to have the collection value.

“The lotus pond appeal” the glutinous ice plants the red official ware which from Burma all colors jade, the Xinjiang Hetian two kilogram red skin white meat’s original stone, Yixing’s undressed ore purple sand, Jingdezhen modern master burns ……on December 31st, 2010 – January 2, 2011, south Nanjing the skill back street art collector market will hold “the new year New Year’s Day meeting”, has from national more than 30 provinces and cities, the local antique dealers is having the treasure accumulation in this, demonstrated that the antique antiques, the exchange collection experience, deducts in 2011 the Chinese antique to collect the hero to collect.

the Shandong antique market field does not fall is at the meeting is most positive from Shandong’s Mr. Liu, he displayed couple of days ago brought his porcelain piece to come to Nanjing. “first time holds the national meeting since the south skill back street, I participated,hotel interior design
was counted this me already continuously to participate in six times. Nanjing is most early the popular porcelain piece heat, plays the human are also many, I go to many cities to participate in the countless meeting, discovered that south the skill back street market is not only big, plays the family to be also many, each time comes to be able to have many harvests, certainly the volume of business is also good, otherwise my each time meeting will not come.”Mr. Liu teases told the reporters.

south skill back street’s Li Zong told the reporters, this new year New Year’s Day meeting is the sixth national meeting which south the skill back street conducts, in the antique market more than 3000 antique stalls “the full load” the opening to the outside world, has from national more than 30 provinces and cities, the local antique dealers gathers in this. This meeting content has covered the ancient calligraphy and painting, the chinaware, the money, the woodcarving wood engraving, the stone carving carved stone,partial jewelry
the jade carving and so on dozens of category each kind of rare and precious things. Only the market conducts the national meeting accumulation population reached 200,000 people, deal quantity is striking.

As soon as rare sees “the lotus pond appeal” to introduce according to Li Zong that this new year New Year’s Day meeting, the market not only conducts the East China area biggest scale the antique stall meeting, but also unites the business to hold four big exhibitions, including: Hetian jade master the high-quality goods art show and the beeswax high-quality goods sell, Yang the Yang jadeite high-quality goods exhibition, to raise the German hall tradition Yixing purple sand craft exhibition, the Merrill Lynch Chinese style pavilion Red Official ware classical wool porcelain exhibition.

for this exhibition, “Yang Yang jadeite” boss has put out five color jade which especially oneself collect. Boss Yang takes only palm big pendulum to tell reporter, do not think that this pendulum is small, may actually be rare the valuable thing which, as soon as sees,puzzle market
the value must achieve 5,000,000. This jadeite is Burmese Uron river Shui Zi the material, plants, the water, the color to be complete. Usually in a jadeite had tricolor already had been good, but in this jadeite had five colors, green, purple, yellow, brown madder, white. Because is rare really for this reason, until now boss Yang is not willing to get rid, exhibition period lets the more Tibet friends appreciate, the exchange.

New Year’s Day period, “a Yuan prosperous precious jade” will also demonstrate that Shanghai jade carving Master Jiang Hongli, Suzhou jade carving Master Gong Keqin et al. nearly hundred Hetian seed materials, original stone high-quality goods, including two kilogram red skin white meat, 380 gram mutton fat level original stone. Moreover promoted the upscale Baltic Sea beeswax to suspend, to hang, the original stone high-quality goods exhibition for the first time.

Reporter in the Merrill Lynch Chinese style pavilion exhibition hall saw that here chinaware vitrified pot pure white exquisite, glazed surface crystal clear favor, woman with a made-up face noble elegant, on the glazed surface has the gorgeous plum blossom, but also has the tender drop peach blossom. The shop owner king morning sunlight told the reporters, these are the red official ware “the wool porcelain”.

For this exhibition, he also produced in a hurry one group of modern master in Jingdezhen to imitate your kiln’s library class high-quality goods. raises the German hall Yang Lei told the reporters, in this display Yixing undressed ore purple sand exhibition, what is most noticeable is “the ancient bank kiln series” and “China Ceramics Master Xu Anbi the art show”.

LED illumination

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Based on the same reason, the Wu Yangtze River also indicated that this year the LED illumination product income will occupy the thunder gentleman to illuminate the gross income proportion from last year’s 2% rises to 5%, will estimate in five years the LED illumination product income to account for the company gross income proportion to achieve 50%. present thunder gentleman to illuminate 70% about product conserves energy the lamp product.Color’s
“in the attendance 5W led light bulb last year the price was more than 50 Yuan, now dropped to 30 Yuan about.”

In the attendance electro-optical Chairman Li Xuliang pointed out that the passing domestic LED illumination product excessively has been high because of the price, but causes the market size to be too small, but the present domestic illumination market has raised LED to illuminate gradually the popular storm. German bold Run reached Chairman Wang Donglei also once to indicate at the beginning of this year, when the LED product and the energy conservation lamp product price margin only had 1.2 percentages, the LED illumination market will enlarge suddenly.

The illumination industry’s progress obtained through the exhibition has manifested, but we also saw through the exhibition in the present illumination industry has existed question. one of questions, LED becomes the illumination industry the hot spot to have many years, most recent several years external environment’s influence, the massive enterprises are involved the LED path lamps and lanterns’ development and the production, formed LED path lamps and lanterns to be hot, but the LED path lamps and lanterns specification was high,Light pollution in lacked the research and in the understanding foundation, massive could not achieve the specification the LED path lamps and lanterns to enter the market, has caused many nonessential losses and the negative influence, also caused many LED path lamps and lanterns Production enterprise to lose seriously.

After blood’s lesson, the illumination Production enterprise tends a rationality in the LED path lamps and lanterns’ production aspect, this year in the exhibition the LED path lamps and lanterns display reduction showed this point.

But, illumination Production enterprise, although reduced the LED path lamps and lanterns’ production, actually changed the judgment the LED interior lighting, has formed a new bigger LED interior lighting heat, specially various exhibitors demonstrated the LED interior lighting product homogenization is serious, does not have the fresh idea. According to this if the tendency development, will have the part of LED interior lighting Production enterprise to step the LED path lamps and lanterns Production enterprise’s road to disaster again in the future.

second question, the majority of LED interior lighting product lacks the research, is only defers to traditional the illumination product to carry on the simple imitation. In January the author once had visited the Japanese LED international illumination exhibition, biggest feeling was Japan’s some enterprises is begins in the led illumination product development aspect from the foundation,hotel interior design like the radiation material, the heat conduction material, reflecting material’s research, like the optical lens, actuated power source’s design and so on, passed through proves repeatedly, experiments many times puts in again the product the market.

But our enterprise, in lacks the research not to have in the data situation, makes the illumination product to put in the market directly, makes the improvement through the application, not only causes to enter the market the LED illumination product the electro-optical parameter not to be able to meet the requirements, moreover the product quality is also irregular, the user will feel the LED illumination product effect in the use process not good and the quality is unstable, affects the user to use the LED illumination product the confidence, will promote in the future to the LED illumination product has the adverse effect.

Sofa distortion.

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

The dermis furniture like long time insolation, will tarnish, presents the distortion. But the summer people easy to perspire, the skin system furniture’s hole will absorb the sweat, easy to have the unusual smell. If the long time use, does not maintain, when will fade, obsoletely, will tarnish, causes the leather to lack the ductility to cause the sofa distortion.

therefore the summer wants the attendance with cleaning rag cleaning, and regularly with specialized clean and nursing product maintenance,Modernist design
in order to avoid occurs chaps. Do not place the sofa the sunlight perpendicular incidence the place, places the air conditioned room maintains dry; Must avoid the sofa base which the rain, the ground moist and so on factors cause being mildewy.

Street name signs identify streets, for the benefit of visitors, especially postal workers and the emergency services. They may also indicate the district in which the street lies.

A bench is essentially a chair made for more than one person, usually found in the central part of any settlement (such as plazas and parks). They are often provided by the local councils or contributors to serve as a place to rest and admire the view. Armrests in between are sometimes provided to prevent people lying down and/or to prevent people from sitting too close to someone who likes to keep some distance.

Bollards are posts, short poles,Surprising perhap
or pillars with the purpose of preventing the movement of vehicles onto sidewalks or grass.

Post boxes, also known as mail boxes, are found throughout the world, and have a variety of forms: round pillar style found in Japan and the U.K. (the two feature a difference in that the Japanese version has a round lid while the UK version is flat); rectangular blue boxes in the United States; red and yellow boxes with curved tops in Australia, some on poles. The new Canadian version is a red box with a slanted back top (the old had a round top and were great for putting children into.)

The cloth skill sofa, may choose the type are many, the price also differs is very big. For example some waterproof antifouling cotton material, the fruit juice pours in above with difficulty seeps, so long as cleans gently after the clear water places ventilates place the natural withering, avoided being affected with damp mildewy may.

But the waterproof cotton material most may not take apart and wash.however in summer, because the hot sun insolation, the huge temperature change, the smoking and pet’s destruction will cause the dry and clear comfortable cloth skill furniture to tie tight, the discoloration originally, and will multiply the massive bacteria. Should better use the vacuum cleaner or brush’s except sofa on dust frequently, prevents the dust or the dirt long time carry-over by this in the textile fiber,hotel interior design best spreads out waterproof the sofa pad, often and cleans.

Different views

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

The following chart, the collar minute refutes evenly leads refutes the collar two kinds with the gun. Takes away the western-style clothes regarding the single line, refutes the collar shape to be quite common evenly, suits most people to put on. If wish beautification body,The hips
may choose the different buckle position to achieve the effect. The gun refutes the collar shape, the strong trend is striking, emphasis beautification chest outline, but slightly obviously old mannish. The young people choose should prudent also have a factor are refute the mouth position the height, this is the western-style clothes design key.

Refutes the mouth position is the western-style clothing front becomes the trigonometric form region the most bottom end position. Takes away the western-style clothing take the single line as the example (the following chart), refutes the mouth position to be excessively high, the trigonometric form region is small, this involves to a western-style clothing’s button is should choose 3 grains deducted and returned is 2 grain of buckles (buckles regarding two-row is 6 grains or 4 grains). 3 grains cut payment the type appear tall and strong, official, 2 grains cut payment the type to be obviously free and easy, to be kind.

Furthermore, 3 buckle obviously fat, 2 buckle obviously thinly. In brief, chooses the European version western-style clothes, then 3 take away, 2 buckles, refutes the collar, the gun to refute the collar evenly, so long as understood the rule, may act according to the own body choice appropriate design greatly. Afterward then may get it over and done purchase western-style clothes.World War
also has is a pocket, to increase ponders, pocket’s design are quite many.

If for model, if thought that oneself waist was really too thin, might choose the belt pocket greatly to cover inserts the pocket horizontally; Otherwise if thought oneself waist is quite thick, chooses does not bring the oblique cutting pocket which the pocket covers in the vision to be possible the waist to weaken some. Is only the former must appear compared to the latter old-fashioned, official somewhat, in addition various people are familiar with differently, actually should the pocket how choose, the different people have different views, affect not in a big way.

A zoot suit (occasionally spelled zuit suit) is a suit with high-waisted, wide-legged, tight-cuffed, pegged trousers, and a long coat with wide lapels and wide padded shoulders. This style of clothing was popularized by Mexican-Americans, African Americans, and Italian Americans during the late 1930s and 1940s. In Britain the bright-coloured suits with velvet lapels worn by Teddy Boys bore a slight resemblance to zoot suits in the length of the jacket.

A zoot suit has high-waisted, wide-legged, tight-cuffed pegged trousers, and a long coat with wide lapels and wide padded shoulders.hotel interior design Often zoot suiters wear a felt hat with a long feather and pointy, French-style shoes. A young Malcolm X described the zoot suit as: “a killer-diller coat with a drape shape, reet pleats and shoulders padded like a lunatic’s cell”.Zoot suits usually featured a watch chain dangling from the belt to the knee or below, then back to a side pocket.

The amount of material and tailoring required made them luxury items, so much so that the U.S. War Production Board said that they wasted materials that should be devoted to the World War II war effort. This extravagance during wartime was a factor in the Zoot Suit Riots. Wearing the oversized suit was a declaration of freedom and self-determination, even rebelliousness.

Dynasty paper’s

Monday, July 18th, 2011

The Eastern Han Dynasty paper’s invention, the written reading way had the tremendous change, the Han Dynasty old-style folding armchair appearance changed the custom which the people plate sat fully. The Tang Dynasty until Song Dynasty, Gao Zuoju the use obtained the popularization truly. Because the people daily seat elevates, sits by the morning market foot changes the pedal line to sit,Arranges clothes
causes the original use several documents also correspondingly to elevate, therefore then presented furniture’s another strong character – - table.

Gao Zhuo, the high several, high documents appear in abundance, the pedal line sits has been a foregone conclusion, the Chinese daily life way’s big transformation has considered completes, genuine desk along with it appearance.Emperor Song Dynasty the repeated passage, the literature and art has achieved the magnificent achievement. Song Dynasty calligraphy and painting art prosperous, also affects furniture’s style, for example the heavy proportion, made good use of the line, to ask the practical picture wind to accomplish the Song Dynasty furniture structure to be succinct, the proportion was exquisite, line sprightly characteristic. Handicraft and so on writing-set progresses and collection then promoted the studio furniture and ornaments art hotly and the appeal.

the Yuan Dynasty table established the drawer, the drawer the chest has facilitated start as Chu takes, appeared for the first time in China,Solid wooden
produced the furniture along with it to suppose the birth control with the modern desk modelling close belt steamer tray desk. Consummates unceasingly again after the time clear two generations and develops, the Chinese tradition’s studio class furniture has formed the unique style characteristic from this. The lithe smooth paper, the complete complete writing-set and the writing desk book shelf furniture disposition, forms the one whole set unique “the pen to have the pen rack, the ink has the ink, writes has the writing desk, has the cabinet standard drawer” written reading way and Chinese library culture.

from the above Chinese style’s studio work class furniture development evolution, we discovered that in the furniture design, the different time’s furniture design style has nothing in common. Each time’s furniture product is representing the furniture design development tendency, each furniture product’s renewal is a furniture design tendency great leap.

When four goals you design a furniture, you have four main goals. Perhaps you do not have subconsciousness to understand them, but they are actually you make the design process indispensable important component. these four goals are the function, comfortable,hotel interior design are durable, are artistic.

Although these regarding the cabinet work profession are the most basic requests, however they are actually worth the people studying thoroughly unceasingly.whether is practical a furniture the function is quite important, it must be able to manifest the value which itself exists. If is a chair furniture design, it must be able to do causes your buttocks to avoid contacting the ground.

If a bed, it may certainly let you sit in above, can also let you lie down in above. Utility function’s implication was the furniture must usually contain acceptable already the goal which defined. People too many energy expenditures in furniture’s art deco.

The jewelry examines

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

The jewelry examines Shi Nan cross high threshold it is known that must become a jewelry jade appraisal expert, not only need have the deep theoretical knowledge, but also needs to have the rich experience, was admitted to a school a qualifications card, but strides in the threshold’s first step. obtains this qualifications the human is called in the home the jewelry jade performance test teacher (CGC),Jewellery manufacturers
the qualifications card issues by the National Human resources department and the National Quality testing Bureau.

As the national first group of examination teacher, Guo Qinghong said that in 1997, our country carried on the first batch of CGC intelligence authentication, “the later two final exams one time, several years got down, the nation obtained the CGC qualifications the approximately 1200 people”. Inside this group of people, approximately 50% examine the survey station in each provinces and cities’ jewelry jade carving to be engaged in jewelry’s occupation appraisal work, but other enlivening in the business, become in the profession each company’s professional. The author from Guangdong Province quality monitoring bureau found that the entire Guangdong has the appraisal qualifications talented person through this test, approximately some 100 people,Tahitian Pearls
some 10 people are probably active are pawning the profession.

can which kind of person register for the human who “participates in the CGC test generally to divide into 3 kinds, one kind the human who is in the enterprise is engaged in the jewelry profession; One kind is in the school studies assiduously the jewelry jade specialized person; One kind is examines the examination personnel who the organization is engaged in this work.”The Guangdong Province quality monitoring bureau related public figures tell author, is high as a result of the technical threshold,Golden South Sea Pearls
but is engaged in this occupation the crowd to belong to the young audiences, therefore each time takes a test the capacity is 20%.

that which crowds can register for? “generally the degree which and the time which obtains according to the entrant is employed in this profession determines the test qualifications.”The Guangdong Province quality monitoring bureau related people in charge introduced that for instance obtained the jewelry jade (including geology class) the specialized specialized middle school record,discount fashion jewellery was engaged in the jewelry jade appraisal examination to work the full 5 years, or the non-this specialized specialized middle school record, was engaged in the specialized work full 7 years, might register. Moreover obtains overseas somewhat to have the authoritative influence association like Britain Gem Association (FGA) the credentials, may also register.

Business situations

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Typical events: Business purposes, church events, “night on the town”, everyday wear

Smart casual usually consists of a blazer or a sports jacket,discount women shoes
a collared shirt, and dress trousers. A necktie is increasingly optional.

Although suits technically fall into the informal category, some are casual enough to be considered smart casual instead. Smart casual footwear includes shoes and loafers, but not sneakers (trainers), or men’s sandals. Since the 1990s, this dress style has become increasingly acceptable in some business situations, though not all.

Holiday Smart is a subset of this, referring to smart casual attire with a Holiday theme, i.e. colors, patterns or prints.

Business casual

Typical events: Business purposes, church events,

Business Casual is among the most fluid and varied of dress codes, with exact standards differing substantially from city to city, industry to industry, and even firm to firm.[citation needed] Generally speaking, ties are not worn with business casual. Most codes require that a collared shirt be worn, but often a polo shirt qualifies. Dress pants or cotton twills such as chinos (khakis) are acceptable, but jeans often are not. Sports jackets are optional. Again, while loafers and other casual shoes are acceptable, sneakers and men’s sandals are not. Business casual is now acceptable in some business situations and industries,wholesale fashion jewellery
but not all.Typical events: Business purposes, modern-style church events.

Ties are not worn with contemporary business casual. Usually, jeans are worn with a dressy top or collared shirt. For ladies, heels are acceptable. This is acceptable in some business situations, but not all.

Full dress, half dress, and undress

Before the modern system of formal, semi-formal, and informal was as strictly applied as it is now, the terms were looser. For example, black tie (originally dinner clothes) was initially described as informal, while the “lounge suit,” now standard business attire was originally considered (as its name suggests) casual wear. Before this, the principal classifications of clothing were full dress and undress, and, less commonly, half dress.

Full dress covered the most formal option: a frock coat for daywear, and dress coat for eveningwear. Since the frock coat has dropped out of use, the term is now only ever applied to white tie. Half dress, when used, was variously applied at different times, but was used to cover our modern morning dress (note that the term morning dress is fairly undescriptive and has not always meant our modern morning dress). Undress (not to be confused with naked) in turn was similarly loose in meaning,affordable evening dress corresponding to anything from a dressing gown to a lounge suit or its evening equivalent of dinner clothes (now one of the most formal dress codes possible).

Boat shoes

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Platform shoe: shoe with very thick soles and heels

Moccasin: originated by Native Americans, a soft shoe without a heel and usually made of leather.

Sandals: open shoes consisting of a sole and various straps, leaving much of the foot exposed to air. They are thus popular for warm-weather wear, because they let the foot be cooler than a closed-toed shoe would.

Espadrilles are casual flat warm-weather shoes of a style which originated in the Pyrenees. They usually have a cotton or canvas upper and a flexible sole of rope or rubber. There are high-heeled versions for women.

Saddle shoe: leather shoe with a contrasting saddle-shaped band over the instep,discount women shoes
typically white uppers with black “saddle”.

Slip-on shoe: a dress or casual shoe without laces; often with tassels, buckles, or coin-holders (penny loafers).

Boat shoes, also known as “deck shoes”: similar to a loafer, but more casual. Laces are usually simple leather with no frills. Typically made of leather and featuring a soft white sole to avoid marring or scratching a boat deck. The first boat shoe was invented in 1935 by Paul Sperry.

Boots: Long shoes (covering the ankle) frequently made of leather. Some are designed to be used in times of bad weather, or simply as an alternate style of casual or dress wear. Styles include rubber boots and snow boots, as well as work boots and hiking boots.

Slippers: For indoor use, commonly worn with pajamas.

Vibram FiveFingers, meant to simulate the “natural” experience of going barefoot,wholesale fashion jewellery
while protecting the foot

Sneakers or Canvas shoes

Is in baby who learns to walk the stage, may say that was most makes mother to take the trouble, to reduce “do not bump, do not move it, to get out of the way” and so on negative phrase appearance, the best way makes a safe and secure environment first, enabled baby anything to 1. manufacture safe and secure environment, even if a small corner also wants the security no worries. 2. pulls the cabinet or the door must install against clamps the hand installment. the 3. soft ground may let the baby not be careful tumbles time does not send in is injured. the 4. toy must avoid having the incisive edges and corners or the very small spare part.

Protects the baby who small foot study walks usually in the home should better only to put on the sock to walk, so long as does not slip well. If has the opportunity to put on shoes to outside to walk,affordable evening dress must choose the suitable shoes funds, what by soft willowy, natural material quality is suitable.

Eye’s skin

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Second, the whitening needs to persevere.

1. uses including the active lactobacillus drinks or the yogurt may also go to the class whitening. After face cleaning, pours these things in puts on make-up on the cotton and kapok to soak completely, pastes directly on the face 20 minutes,
Tahitian pearl
finally uses the clear water to clean.

2. eats the cheese is very useful, also available it works as the facial mask, pastes directly the cheese on the face 15 minutes, finally uses the clear water to clean.

3. uses the facial mask paper to soak in the milk, after draininging the subarid, pastes also has the whitening function on the face.

4. uses the chicken egg white to add the honey every day, adds several drop of lemon perspiration mix again, makes the facial mask, does not want to be also difficult for the tender white skin. attention: Bai Hou the skin is quite tender, certainly must in indoor outdoor probably spread the sun block lotion. three, except the winter archenemy: Eye grain

1. after desalination eye grain volatile oil the eye grain appears, cannot spread eliminates, but desalinates it to be possible, available smokes the volatile oil to be possible fragrant to desalinate. attar 1 drop of + rose star anise oil 2 drop of + lavender oil 1 drop of +10 milliliter wheat embryo oil.when

2. desalination eye grain DIY has the important situation, I one week to two weeks ago, previous day will make the retina, put in refrigerator’s retina to paste comes into sight on, rested 15-20 minutes,The mainland factory
the icy cold feeling was very comfortable, might also tighten the ocular region skin.

3. elimination eye socket edema the eye socket edema is generally the stomach is wet, drinks after common. Below has a formula: the pig water chestnut 2 money, the oriental water plantain 2 money, the seed of Job’s tears 5 money, betel nut 2 Qian Baocheng a bowl, then drink.

4. against both eyes bacterial infection usually uses the pale salt water, after sooner or later will use the cotton gets wet, to wipe both eyes, after the ocular region zhuang washes off specially wipes, may against both eyes bacterial infection.before

5. promotion blood circulation rests, with the index finger, middle finger, ring finger like ball piano such, in dark pouches place light light shell 1 minute good, promotion blood circulation. Every night place, does not take a time ball to be too long, eye’s skin is very weak.

The unique luster of pearls depends upon the reflection, refraction, and diffraction of light from the translucent layers. The thinner and more numerous the layers in the pearl, the finer the luster. The iridescence that pearls display is caused by the overlapping of successive layers, which breaks up light falling on the surface. In addition, pearls (especially cultured freshwater pearls) can be dyed yellow, green,Hotel interior design contemporary style blue, brown, pink, purple, or black. The very best pearls have a metallic mirror like lustre