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The quality appraisal

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

5th, entire item multi-bead match purchases the necklace which a grain of pearl makes to fall with a pearl bunch of brooch, spends the time in the appraisal,tahitian pearl
but is dissimilar.

if by the quality appraisal, is aims at the ring or hangs falls and so on sole pearl to evaluate the rank, but is composed of many grain of pearls accessories, then must regard the entire item accessories’ pearl to make the unification the evaluation, but must only takes one to decide the entire item accessories pearl the quality. To the entire item pearl accessories, must defer to the pearl similarly the gloss, the smooth finish, the shape, the color and the size differentiates the rank the height,south sea pearl
and request entire item accessories’ pearl uniform.

1st, habitat decision precious blood relationship

2nd, decision pearl list price standard

Bigger is more precious, the fine circle to be most beautiful, not to have the flaw brightly and cleanly for excellent, the entire item multi-bead match

3rd, good pearl thin maintenance

The quality good pearl by the multi-layered luxurious natural pearl nature constitution, must protects is not inferior to your first silk unlined upper garment, no matter is wears or collects needs to be very careful.

1), in completes dresses to do one’s toilet,freshwater pearl
sprays the perfume after sending the rubber to wear the pearl again.

2) do not let the pearl and abrasiveness jewelry has the friction.

3) before laying aside the pearl occasionally by the soft cloth cleaning pearl.   4) never must collect together the pearl with other jewelry, should wrap depositing by the soft cloth.

5) every year or please the reliable jewelry business heavy string pearl chain, according to wear the frequency determination every two years.

when 6) clean pearl, dips has diluted thoroughly the ethyl alcohol and the lukewarm water mixture or the quality of material weak soapy water with the soft cloth cleans gently. Then dips the clear water to clean the pearl again, finally uses the clean soft cloth to wipe does the pearl.pearl factory Forever must maintain the pearl is dry

Sea pearl

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Keshi pearls, although they often occur by chance, are not considered natural pearls. They are a byproduct of the culturing process, and hence do not happen without human intervention. These pearls are quite small: typically a few millimeters in size. Keshi pearls are produced by many different types of marine mollusks and freshwater mussels in China. Today many “keshi” pearls are actually intentional,tahitian pearl
with post-harvest shells returned to the water to regenerate a pearl in the existing pearl sac.

Black pearls, frequently referred to as Black Tahitian Pearls, are highly valued because of their rarity; the culturing process for them dictates a smaller volume output and they can never be mass produced because, in common with most sea pearls, the oyster can only be nucleated with one pearl at a time, while freshwater mussels are capable of multiple pearl implants. Before the days of cultured pearls, black pearls were rare and highly valued for the simple reason that white pearl oysters rarely produced naturally black pearls,south sea pearl
and black pearl oysters rarely produced any natural pearls at all.

The local consumer’s consumption toward pearl still is placed in the beginning stage, the consumption quantity is also smaller.But the pearl powder sells the quantity basic still in the domestic, the abroad is widespread to have no consumption habit of pearl powder, local currently only”national lighted torch plan” pearl item unit Zhejiang’s growing the 纳 rice pearl powder of living the bird medicine industry to exporting the European market with the finished product form,freshwater pearl
but export the pearl powder also is to take repairing the calcium claim as the lord, the product concept that care with the local hairdressing has the dissimilarity.

The pearl medicine use in China to have already have the history of more than 2000 years.The book of cure of hour of Three Kingdoms 《the famous doctor do not record 》,the beam generation of 《this grass through gather 》,Tang Dynasty of 《the sea medicine originally grass 》,Sung generation of 《open the treasure originally the grass 》,Ming Dynasty of 《this grass outline 》,Manchu dynasty of 《the god of thunder medicine endow with 》19 kinds of medicine ancient workses of etc., all have to the curative effect of the pearl to definitely jot down.

The beam a pottery 弘 view says in 《 this grass through gather 》 , the pearl”have already cure the eyes skin 翳 , leak” waits the function.Tang Dynasty of 《the sea medicine this grass 》think, pearl can clear eyes,in addition to dizzy, leak.At Yuan Dynasty, the businessmanses often add the honey and pearl powder to drink in the water, thinking it since can nourish,pearl factory and then can defend hot.The dollar is good to ask to jot down in 《 continuous ambition of 夷坚》 :”the winter days of 洮 water knots the small ice …… a 洁 ,such as the bead …… midsummer, to adjust it with the 蜜 water, adding the pearl powder.”