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body flesh

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

The free radical is the senile important initiation factor, along with the age growth, metabolism slows down gradually, own resistance free radical’s ability will therefore reduce, the skin and the bodily organ will present the phenomenon which the ahead of time will get older. The tapioca itself includes the manganese, the copper, the zinc and so on three kind of trace elements are compose SOD the ingredient, spreads the surface with the tapioca, may promote the human body flesh hyperoxide mutase (SOD) activeness,area stretches suppresses the melanin the synthesis, maintains the skin is fair.

In addition, because SOD has the elimination free radical function, therefore prevents the skin with tapioca Tu Mianke to be senile, corrugation. It is noteworthy that the tapioca should outside the internal assignment raise, recuperates continually, in historical Empress Dowager Cixi was 60 the youth not to be still old, perhaps was also a very good proof.

the four, improvement sleep, Le Xiang sleeps peacefully night of records ” the pearl according to “Native Chinese Plants”, sets one’s mind at ease calms the spirits the soul “, “the People’s Republic of China Pharmacopoeia” also records the pearl to have calms the nerves to decide the startled function, uses in palpitating with fear losing sleep. In the tapioca includes many kinds of amino acids and the trace element can plays to the cerebrum main center “comforts calmly with” the role, after the human body absorption, be able to cause the overexcited to cause the weary cell to obtain nourishes,excretory system causes it to be peaceful down, is similarly suitable regarding young child’s frightened epilepsy.

Certainly, the tapioca is not the wonder drug, regarding emotional handicap, excited, anxious, despondent and so on result losing sleep, first should carry on the spiritual the self-adjustment, based on this, coordinates to take the tapioca, then can improve the sleep effectively, thus enables organism to obtain the full rest.

Fifth, treats ulcer, promotes oral cavity health oral cavity ulcer is one kind manifests suddenly repeatedly take the periodicity as characteristic oral mucosa limited ulcer harms, may occur in oral mucosa any spot, by the lip, the cheek, the tongue department sees, serious may affect swallows a mucous membrane. The tapioca has the clearing heat and detoxication, effect of the restraining wound, the special nanometer tapioca’s average grain diameter amounts to 40~100 nanometers thin, is equal in the pore 1/60, can by the maximum surface area and ulcer surface contact, displays its effect.

Simultaneously the tapioca has the clear stomach fire to fall effect of the pent-up anger, the coordinate internal medicine can treat the symptoms and the causes. six, raise the liver clear vision, alleviation asthenopia the tapioca has effect of the clearing heat and detoxication, can the clear anger. The liver argument, the anger prosperous item lives the nebula, the vision blurring. Meanwhile after the research discovery, in the tapioca selenium may strengthen the visual nerve the conduction, the improvement vision condition;

In trace element’s zinc may promote optic nerve’s axis thick liquid transportation, improves the retina and retina pigment epithelium cell’s metabolism and the function. “the People’s Republic of China Pharmacopoeia” narrates: “the pearl has the clear vision to disappear function of the nebula, mainly treats the item to live the nebula”, therefore many scholars become the tapioca “the ophthalmology department wondrous medicines”.

Takes the tapioca for a long time, has the possibility to let you regard the thing fuzzy situation to be improved. the seven, auxiliary voltage droppings, enhance quality of life in the Chinese medicine theory hypertension to belong to the liver positive high result,great distance the modern times medical research result proved that our country traditional Chinese medicine treasure – - tapioca has overcomes one’s fears calms the nerves, to raise extinguishes endogenous wind, the town liver to dive cloudy the positive effect, thus achieves the voltage dropping the effect, the modern clinical use blood pressure medicine “the treasure chrysanthemum falls the pelleting” is makes according to this principle.

The practice proved that if the blood pressure is higher than not much, definitely may use the tapioca biology voltage dropping, natural security; If the blood pressure is excessively high, lowers the blood pressure using the western medicine primarily, tapioca voltage dropping for auxiliary.

several big effects which states besides above, the internal medicine tapioca also has treats the pharyngitis, the treatment constipation and a row in poison, the treatment arrythmia, gynopathy auxiliary effects and so on treats 2 diabetes, to treat, these effects already obtained the confirmation in the modern medicine. The internal medicine needs certainly to insist long-term, the rule, otherwise the effect will sell at a discount greatly.

Chinese tax

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Liu Zuo: The luxury goods cut the tax not to have the explicit timetable at present, but according to every year customs tariff adjustment time, even if this year has the adjustment possibility, must wait till at least the end of the year. Regarding decline luxury goods customs duty, what must first solve is the luxury goods definition question.

The world luxury goods association acts according to a country city the average per person month income to define the luxury goods, the list market price before has not added the customs duty and the excise tax, is bigger than this national city average per person month income,jadeite creates
should list as the luxury goods. The Chinese import luxury goods altogether have four kind of taxes;

first, import customs duty; second, to import cargo universal collection increment duty; third, excise tax; fourth, to import automobile collection vehicles purchase tax. in 2010 China in the import link collection’s increment duty and the excise tax 1,049,100,000,000 Yuan, accounts for the Chinese tax revenue total amount 14.3%, the import customs duty is 202,800,000,000 Yuan, accounts for the Chinese tax revenue total amount 2.8%, amounts to 1,251,900,000,000 Yuan, accounts for the national tax revenue total amount 17.1%.

A country’s tax system structure and the national economic development level is close related, the developing country tax system structure is the indirect tax is a main body, is mainly the increment duty, the excise tax and the customs duty, China now to import cargoes taxation and so on luxury goods, is a Chinese reality economic development level performance. Moreover, stemming from the fair consideration,price rises
the tax policy cannot carry on to rich person’s categories of taxes reduces. The support falls the tax faction

Reduces the customs duty to be possible to stimulate the Domestic enterprise to grow Italian Embassy trade promotion Special Commissioner Lai Shiping Stationed in China Lai Shiping: If Europe and the US enter economical winter, that China will become the world biggest luxury goods country of consumption in the next two years, its condition reduces the import tariff massively.

Some people believed that will raise the customs duty to reduce the overseas luxurious brand entry, subsequently will purchase the domestic luxury goods brand the human will increase. But I believed that the luxury goods brand is defines by buyer, they like even if the luxury goods brand in domestic cannot buy, or the customs duty is too high, they will go overseas to buy, go to Paris, to go to Milan, to go to Rome ……

In brief,moist shoes
they will not buy China’s luxury goods brand, therefore more will be with the protectionism manner, they in overseas will buy are more. Is China in the world the biggest automobile and the furniture producer country and the export State, where the question is at? What the question lies in the Chinese Enterprise to pay great attention is quantity, what because they for market contribution is according to quantity computation commodity, then what relations between quantity and the quality is?

This is the question core is, the local producer does insufficiently in the making brand, therefore they are afraid the foreign brand the steep competition.

If the overseas luxury goods are allowed to enter China, actually they may stimulate the Chinese Domestic Local Enterprise’s growth. Draws an analogy, many people are fat, but they are not very vigorous and healthy, the Foreign corporation enters in fact is makes the example for these enterprises, they invest in the design, they in make in the market to invest, they are very strong,International Moving profit from these Foreign corporation’s experience, Chinese Corporation may learn many things.

Therefore, competes regarding China’s enterprise is very advantageous. China’s company not only need very fat, but must be very vigorous and healthy, must learn the competition. Cuts the tax is the tendency time is but indefinite The department of commercial affairs research institute expends economical research department Director Zhao Ping Zhao Ping: The luxury goods heat is to China reform and open policy result affirmation, but the luxury goods is in itself a dynamic concept. Cites an example:

Past bicycle was luxury goods, now the economy passenger vehicle already was the riding instead of walking tool, the past was the luxury goods commodity, now was already not the luxury goods, already became the essential item which the people lived. Therefore, with does not fall regarding tax falling, the answer is not “non-black namely white”.

In the long run, cuts the tax is the tendency, but did not mean that tomorrow must descend fall. Along with economic level enhancement, the people pursue the high quality the life are one kind of inevitable demand unceasingly, such commodity I thought that from the long-term tendency looked should cut the customs duty suitably, meets the material culture needs which the people’s community grows day by day.

choice design

Monday, August 29th, 2011

3rd, ordering time needs to consider the gate shop the exhibition. Makes the clothing gate shop sale to be able to know that roughly the gate shop area size is influential to clothing’s design quantity, the marketing capacity has decided the ordering total quantity. But this did not mean that the shop the area is bigger, the goods which subscribes must be more.

The ordering total quantity should carry on the analysis based on the years this quarter clothing sale data, certainly, this was also must draw support from the clothing management software, for example the spirit created the software. Discovers the reasonable ordering quantity from the analysis. Moreover, goods design how many to will also sell has the influence.shoulder community
The design is not more better, will like this instead cause the exhibition to be disorderly, loses the stereoscopic effect. Ordering design how many must consider the gate shop the area, factors and so on shop land sector, management, sale.

If is the noodle shop area is small, but the land sector is good, sells a lot, that should subscribe design few, inscription consisting of signature only quantity wants many. In turn, if is the noodle shop area is big, but the sales volume are not many, that should subscribe the design are many, inscription consisting of signature only quantity few. 4th, do not rest on individual likes carrying on ordering. Many business agents are like resting on their like the choice design carrying on ordering. Specially the female business agent makes the female attire, the male business agent to make men’s clothing’s time.

Must remember,goods expense
the business agent judgment cannot on behalf of mainstream fondness. Moreover in zones of different different season, disparity in age section, the people are dissimilar to clothing’s esthetic viewpoint, has the difference.

Therefore in choice design time, must be specially careful, must rest on the tidal current the tendency, unifies local the actual situation to carry on the choice.

on March 28, 2011 19:30 pm, the Van Doren 2011 autumn new product release conference and the meeting for the placement of orders started officially. From the land’s the merchant, the media and Van Doren’s all staff happily gathers in one place, shares this ordering grand feast.

This meeting for the placement of orders walks Xiu by the fashion to start, six specialized models had demonstrated for everybody the Van Doren 2011 autumn female attire’s unique charm, has annotated Van Doren’s fashionable atmosphere. The Van Doren 2011 autumn female attire divide into four big subjects: Prehistoric civilization (Prehistoriccivlilization), love in the 70s (Lovestory),formal clothes
Boximiya Baroque (BohemiaBaroque): , modern extremely Jan principle (MinimalLuxe). In this season a important subject narration is in the imagination time immemorial. Let the luxurious low key return nature.

Has brought the massive furs element. Especially grows hair the furs, regardless of being the unpadded garment design or the coat design has the application. The wild natural environment has also brought many rough bold designs, ashen department’s dye printing, as well as designs and so on suede pants, furs vest. Using has primitive plain and the fond of the countryside style lining,哮喘 like the man-made furs, the stain leather and the suede and so on, and perform each kind to weave the grain and the decoration detail roughy.

The gentle printing technology union attrition and imitates old processing, may make the contrast effect, for human by obsolete and natural feeling. The nature pure tone has exposed the ancient times time that not has opened up wasteland the natural environment. The sepia animal skin and the animal superficial knowledge have brought the ash brown, the dust color, as well as tones and so on greenishness.

attractive achievement

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

It is reported that above new pattern in sea abundant East environmental product city use. EMC is aims at the LED price to be expensive, the user is not willing the market characteristic which spends to apply, but has the enterprise to think that at present is not EMC enters the interior lighting best opportunity.

“The LED lighting-up time is longer,attractive achievement
the energy conservation benefit are more, the investment returns-ratio is more obvious, this is the EMC characteristic. Compares lightens the time is every day 10 hour LED street light, the interior lighting time usually has for several hours, the EMC pattern effect is not obvious.”A Guangdong illustrious letter person in charge thought.

Case The cost high user hesitates very much LED had not found the independent business model Regardless of being “the great distance 100,000”, “ten thousand hundred million” EMC, the government is essential hand slap. The LED benefit a great deal, actually therefore is facing an awkward phenomenon: Except the EMC pattern, LED had not found the independence in government’s independent business model.

“we carried on the investigation last year in the terminal market, the very surprised discovery terminal did not understand LED. The government promotes vigorously, the media also has reported that but in the terminal market, is the user who LED pays are very actually few.”Entire said healthily. According to it introduced that last year national illumination alliance announcement illumination product sale data, the tradition illuminates 300,000,000,000 Yuan, LED also amounts to 120,000,000,000 Yuan.

However, the terminal market could not feel that LED the existence, where this 120,000,000,000 Yuan did flow to? “the government has provided the massive LED order form,seal product
but this is not obviously can continue for a long time, the LED enterprise needed to find the appropriate business model as soon as possible.”

The professional acknowledged that at present the terminal market besides knows the LED energy conservation, knows nothing about to other characteristics. “initially, conserved energy the lamp by with the incandescent lamp close use connection, rapid convenience substitution incandescent lamp, but LED is actually the completely different product, the terminal uses exists is very greatly puzzled.”Entire said healthily.

The Cai rising sun believed that LED in installs and in the use exists is very greatly different, the user is extremely high to the product provider’s dependence, needs the enterprise to provide the installment to instruct and to serve, this is a LED popular big difficulty.

EMC is excessively high in view of the LED cost of investment, by the bank loan solution capital funds question, and repays the bank loan with the energy conservation income, the question which the solution user does not want to spend. However, even if so, still had the user even not to be willing the loan to use. “The LED merit is obvious, we already massively used the LED illumination in a new repair’s sanitary equipment exhibition hall, but the LED cost is too high, the business model also needs to discuss.”

East the huge mythical bird sanitary equipment’s Cai rising sun thought. According to it introduced that the LED life is long,MOCVD home the period of revolution is more long conserves energy the income to be more obvious. However, the ceramic exhibition hall’s convention is every 2-3 years needs to repair one time, if each time repairs must eliminate one batch of LED, will create the very big waste, also cannot achieve the income goal which establishes finally.

“the electrical bill is the exhibition hall second great cost, is only inferior to the repair. LED can indeed solve the electrical bill problem, but how to use its life as far as possible? East huge mythical bird, once settles the exhibition hall standard, around the country 100% will launch, must therefore be discrete to the LED use.”The Cai rising sun said.

He suggested whether to use rents the form, the ceramic exhibition hall rents the product to the LED enterprise, saves down the electrical bill income turns over to the LED enterprise, the latter provides by this installs and so on services again.

Imperial sacrifices city economy promotion bureau routine Assistant Commissioner Li Juzhen thought that this is possibly EMC pattern another kind of innovation, may say that it is “LEMC”, rents the form huge mythical bird such exhibition hall to sell the field in view of similar east, possibly is more advantageous to the LED promotion.

LED production’s

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Zhujiang Delta as the LED production’s Parent base, the good and bad people mixed up shortcoming has criticized for the profession public figure, produces the strength, the low technique content is majority Small and medium-sized enterprise’s fatal weakness lowly. For all this, Zhujiang Delta was still our country LED industry place of origin, its movement is representing our country LED industrial development tendency and the trend.

In the recent two years,the lamp ordinary
we also joyfully see some changes: More and more LED enterprises focus the market, seeks suits oneself product the channel, pays great attention the market competition the different superiority; Strengthens gradually to own brand propaganda and the raise; Takes the region overall environment, starts the standard market competition order.

Zhongshan LED – low end, quantification application workshop pattern Zhongshan’s LED end product enterprise has about probably 500, mainly applies primarily. Its product staple market concentrates in civil and the landscape illumination aspect. Raw material Production enterprises and so on lamp bead, probably also about some 30, Zhongshan area enterprise, because involves LED to be late, the technique content is not high, the admittance threshold is low, the homogenization is serious, also causes the entire market to be more chaotic, the low end competition is intense.

May use simply take the Zhongshan old town as Representative’s LED market “to be chaotic, to be bad” described that the main existence’s question summary is as follows: 1st, the market is disorderly, the product is unitary, looking from the contour structural design, has the monotonous problem. 2nd, the photo source abuses, the domestic product, the Taiwan department,the frugal electrical
Europe and America, the Japan department, Han is…Has, takes the ordinariest 1W white light saying that the price from several Yuan to 23 Yuan different, but these factors had also decided the photo source luminous flux, the light fades, infinite varieties and so on life.

3rd, the radiation question is prominent: The Zhongshan old town majority of factories profit from the traditional illumination simply the characteristic, has not been able very good understanding LED to take semiconductor’s electrical characteristic, copies mechanically and applies slavishly, constantly reduces the material cost, this also causes one of LED life short reasons.

4th, the power source abuses: Looking from the specialized angle, power source several could not have completed, certainly possibly is this local research and development strength is not too strong, causes present LED to actuate power source’s chaotic line, peaceful gauge, EMC, anything good, so long as the lamp bright might!

5th, does not have the standard, basically is the village in a mountainous area goods, is a factory is making the LED lamps and lanterns,LED lamps
moreover also has quite a part to make the export! 6th, the so-called CCC, FCC, CE authentication basically pulls the fierce appearance to work as the flag, the ten to one is false. The Zhongshan old town’s market reorganizes is the imperative matter.

Shenzhen LED – so-called high quality high price product Shenzhen is one of our country earliest LED industry areas. As early as about 1997, Shenzhen’s some factories saw the LED product the advantage, many Foreign trade companies also the LED product’s fitting, specially the light emitter diode give Shenzhen the Factory manufacture.

Now, although Shenzhen makes the LED product the factory to increase every year, but truly the foreign brand occupies the dominant position in the dealer and in the consumer mind. Shenzhen is engaged in the LED technology and the product research, the development, the production and the application enterprise approximately reaches more than 2000, the majority belongs to the LED seal and the application area of technology.

Is engaged in LED the high technology and new technology enterprise to have 97, approximately composes Shenzhen High technology and new technology Enterprise 2835 3.5%. In the Shenzhen Related Enterprise, belongs to the chip production only to have one, to the product manufacturing very important semiconducting material, the luminous powder Production enterprise is one does not have. Regardless of being the technology, the craft, the equipment, the essential raw material needs to introduce.

actual power

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

3. Power Wattage, the unit is W:   The power has the actual power and the print power two concepts, the print power usually is everybody can see, moreover the majority of customers can also accept concept; But the actual power does not look, only then can measure through the instrument, to prevent the illegal manufacturer to use deception, pretends to be the high power by the low power, thus serves the purpose which economizes (usually is power is lower, price is cheaper).

Our country appeared about to conserve energy lamp’s national standards, GB/T17263-2002, this standing operating procedure, the actual power cannot be lower than the print power 85%. But because the domestic different city’s commodity inspection request is dissimilar, pretends to be the high power by the low power the phenomenon generally to exist.

4. lamp holder base: gorgeous gorgeous
The lamp holder is the knuckle can lamp’s forehead, usually has E27/E26/B22/E14. E27 is the majority of market requirement, our country uses basically is this kind of lamp holder; E26 is the US and Canada; B22 is Britain and UK colonial country, for example: India, Pakistan, Australia and so on; E14 is the small lamp holder. The material has the copper, the iron, the aluminum and so on, the price is also from high to low. The difference was the hard lamp holder time must be rusty steadily, the aluminum lamp holder was quite soft.

5. color temperature Color temperature, the unit is K: Is refers to when the lamp is bright, light color, usually from 2700k to 7000k. The color temperature is higher, is whiter, in the vision looks like, is brighter, is not true actually. Then also has some about color temperature specialized English, warm color is refers to 2700k, daylight is refers to 6400k, cool daylight refers to 6500k-6700k, and so on. The color temperature has not related with lamp’s price. But with production related, usually looks like 2700k,6400k,6500k and 6700k, is quite commonly used, quantity limit is not very strict, other for example: color temperatures and so on 4100k, the tube supplier has certain quantitative requirement.

6. lumen Lumen,screen impression
unit LM:   How to prove the energy conservation lamp compared to ordinary light bulb bright 5 times? This involves to the measurement question, we knew, human’s weight is measures with the kilogram, then brightness is measures with what? Also has, brightness Measuring unit is lumen LM, each tile how many lumina, had total lumen how many, decided this light bulb has brightly? The ordinary light bulb’s national standards are 10lm/w, i.e.

25w, it has 250lm, (light bulb’s actual power with print power basically is 100%, because they do not have cost variance, 25w and 100w are the same price), conserves energy lamp’s lumen to be able to achieve 55lm/w generally, the individual factory’s tube, above 15w, the lumen can achieve 60lm/w. This is a leap! Then the 5w lamp, actual power 5×85%=4.25w,55lm/w, was equal to that 233lm the brightness, close 250lm, therefore, was equal to 25w light bulb’s brightness. Certainly, if with dissimilar material,hotel interior design
poor material, lumen not such high, i.e. not such bright, is mainly decided inside the tube the powder material quality is dissimilar.   7. tube:

The tube conserves energy lamp’s important component, but the tube quality quality mainly by the inside powder decision, at present usually has the thin dust, namely the three basics toner (tri-phosphor), 300-400 Yuan /kg, the luminous powder (several ascend Yuan /kg) and the mix powder three kinds, the three basics toner also has the quality, division import, the domestically produced, the mix powder is mainly the three basics toner and the luminous powder mixes according to the certain proportion, three basics toner proportionHigher, the quality is better. A tube’s cost also had differently, the common luminous powder lumen only then about 40lm/w.

ordinary day’s

Friday, August 19th, 2011

The diamond does not have the flaw, hard incomparably is chastely eternal and the strength symbol, is the nature most magnificent treasure.ordinary day’s
Because of this, its price also when production costs rise, prices rise too. Therefore has the diamond with great difficulty, certainly must plan “changes well the body” the road, lets it have enters the stage the opportunity.

The ring changes a body The diamond ring size is moderate, the link shape modelling may unify easily with each kind of source material, therefore “changes the body” the opportunity are most. Changes 1– necklace this is the diamond ring most basic change, also most suits Shan Lizuan the ring. Matches the different material the chain, can build the different makings. Pi Sheng, the hemp rope and the knitting wool make the lofty diamond ring to increase naturally the rough might as well, but plants flowers respectively in the shape metal chain gauge the moment, appears suddenly the elegant makings.

In addition, because the diamond ring is the link shape design, therefore should better not string together directly on the chain. In addition 1-2 circlet buckles, can let the ring be more docile in the front. Changes 2– links mounts many to drill or the gem ring,features person
most suits, when hand link. The flannelette and the satin ribbon are the most suitable matching source material, no matter is flannelette’s elegant sense of reality, satin ribbon bright sprightly, can contrast ring’s dazzling ray. If selects quality of material thick flannelette matching, best cuts out happen to suits the skill the length, ties up by the exquisite butterfly knot in the skill inside; Chooses the gentle satin ribbon, best winding skill multi-circles, then in the flank or the abstention encircle tie up the attractive variety knot, complements ring’s magnificence.

Changes 3– back chain diamond ring back chain wind is most early blows by Nike · Jideman. In the CHANELNO.5 newest advertisement, US carries on the back the bright flash the diamond to let the male student adore, let the female student really envy. Basically, a more careful softer chain is more suitable, when back chain, because the thick chain easy to rob the diamond the elegant demeanor. But wears the method to be very also simple, chooses the strip slightly long soft chain, hung directly the diamond ring in the behind may.

If also wants to play the pattern, may choose a longer spot the chain, two keep in position two rings (earring), two lengths vary hang in the behind, cancels in the suitable spot with the clasp two side chains in the same place, the coordinate deep color bare-back dress, just like is in the advertisement super model. The brooch changes a body The diamond brooch itself attaches the brooch, wears very conveniently. So long as the color is appropriate, on the hair which the plate plays, do not coordinate the waistband don’t in the waist border or direct don’t on the shoe, can play the role which adds the finishing touch.

Changes at the back of 1– loops the quite even brooch, suits the application in the skill decoration, prominent slender white hands. When attends the evening banquet or PARTY, don’t takes to bring with the brooch in the flower shop manufacture’s skill garland or the flannelette, can promote the arm line which entire appears externally, enables others’ attention to extend to the shoulder neck and the protothorax. The bracelet changes a body Because diamond bracelet “congenital lanky” “build”, not only may encircle in the skill, but may also encircle in the chignon, the front, or follows to hang falls “the tassels wind”,hotel interior design vertical hangs in the front.

Changes 1– swirl long hair gets up in the brain afternoon session, both graceful and grave, but attends the evening banquet to dislike slightly simply, with the diamond bracelet, may change the style skillfully. If the diamond bracelet only then middle mounts the diamond, then the chignon combs after the brain depending on under position, may the bracelet middle don’t in the chignon side;

If is depending on the top of the head position, will have the diamond part from frontage surrounding chignon, regardless of looks far nearly looked, just likes a small imperial crown. The earring changes a body Regardless of the diamond earring is clamps the type or the needle type easy fixed, therefore “changes the body” the opportunity is also very big.

Changes 1– waist chains does not provide clothing the skirt or the jeans, the pine is loosely a satin ribbon in the waist border, fixes again the earring on the satin ribbon, use diamond ray prominent small waist; Or plays the part of an earring in the waist, another wears on the ear, both has the associative perception, and the style.

Changes 2– necklaces by earring’s style choice sling chain, the material quality from the metal to the cerebral cortex, the hemp nature, even is the plastic transparent rope all may. Specially in recent years was all the rage the color bead necklace wind, hung up the elegantly beautiful diamond earring in the colorful colored bead, could help you absolutely to promote gazing rate.

Jewelry Profession

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

The profession association said that does not set up a file still takes along “the timing bomb” carefully “to be too late to regret” “the jewelry profession will experience a time new mixing the cards.” The other day in by the Chinese Jewelry Jade Jewelry Profession Association,ingenious conceptions
organization sponsors and so on Shenzhen Gold Jewellery ornaments Profession Association “the jewelry retail sales management forum” on, Chinese Chain-like Management Association Assistant Deputy Secretary-General Wu Rui Ling has made such sound.

But initiates “mixes the cards” the source, she aimed at the department of commercial affairs promulgation implementation special permission Operation of business to set up a file the policing method. Corresponds with this means that is actually the awkward reality which industry in knows widely:

So far, the entire jewelry profession only then 2 implemented has set up a file, most was in the lead in the national jewelry industry, has several thousand jewelry enterprise’s Shenzhen, this proportion was also lower than 1/1000 levels. In this enterprise and in national policy’s gambling, the final result will inevitably affect Shenzhen jewelry, will also be as for the entire Chinese jewelry industry trend with the pattern.

The new gauge “applauds does not attract a large audience” “knew that has this stipulation, but not clear concrete content.”Shenzhen’s many jewellery ornaments enterprise is related the person in charge hem and haw to talk ambiguously. This numerous business does not hope the stipulation which speaks in detail, was last year department of commercial affairs formulates “Commercial Special permission Management and operation Rule”, from announced on the initiation numerous chain-like Operation of business’s widespread attention and the argument.

According to the rule, special permission business must, from works out in for the first time special permission operating agreement date of 15th,quite gentle
sets up a file to the commerce Department responsible for the work; Already was engaged in the special permission operative activity before the rule execution special permission business, must before May 1, 2008 sets up a file to the commerce Department responsible for the work. Not only this rule may cause the special permission alliance to be more transparent, standard, ceases the appearance which effectively alliance business is deceived, moreover the safeguard enterprise standard management, also had the big promotion to the enterprise brand.

An enterprise person in charge told the reporters, most recent several years presented many enterprises to swindle the alliance business money the event, caused the alliance business are deceived, in addition some enterprise evil intention “the circle money “, the alliance condition and the pledge symbol and so on, have not harmed the entire chain-like management prestige, new rule’s releasing played the standard without doubt to the entire market the role.

But in releasing near 1 year, this rule is actually “applauds does not attract a large audience”. Including the retail sales, the cosmetology and so on numerous chain-like management professions, carry on the enterprise proportion which sets up a file to be low,hotel interior design but the jewelry profession is without doubt the proportion is lowest. Discovered by department of commercial affairs’s commercial special permission management information management system, only then the Shenzhen 2 enterprises carried on the jewellery ornaments aspect has set up a file, but this and Shenzhen’s jewelry industrial development level was not by far symmetric.

In Shenzhen Luohu area’s Shui Bei, a small region has concentrated over a thousand gold jewelry enterprise, already formed has purchased the platform take the water shell international jewelry transaction center as the sign heart’s jewelry. Here also becomes the home biggest gold jewelry base, therefore Shenzhen also becomes the domestic jewellery ornaments’ main production base, according to the statistical figure, Shenzhen’s jewellery ornaments volume of production and marketing has occupied national above 70%, Shenzhen jewelry already became the Chinese jewelry profession the windvane, is occupying the absolute words power.

Shenzhen is preparing to report positively sets up a file the jewelry enterprise people in charge said that this kind “sets up a file the system” in some kind of degree is one kind of intelligence authentication, moreover requests quite strictly. Not only regarding enterprise’s own condition, even regarding the mesh point layout, the sales situation and so on has carried on the detailed stipulation, this threshold is also quite high, does not have the suitable strength enterprise to be very difficult to satisfy the condition.

But Shenzhen’s jewelry enterprise quantity is freely numerous, but quite most is middle and small scale, in the strength is unable to achieve. The enterprise is not willing to limit In Shenzhen’s jewelry enterprise, stars, Jin Dafu, Zhou Da the thousand auspiciousness lives these in the national illustrious brand, actually exists not one exception has not implemented sets up a file, but these enterprises have several hundred companies to lock a door the shop. The lucky pledge is Shenzhen few in number sets up a file one of enterprises, was responsible to ally special permission management chain-like deputy general manager Cheng Yajun specially saying that “set up a file the system” regarding the hegemon enterprise in fact is one kind of restriction.

She explained that in the rule also some information disclosed the policing method, stipulated that specially permitted the human to establish and practice the complete information disclosure system, provided company’s situation, the special permission running cost and the collection means to the alliance business and so on, even also included the corporate finance state of operation and so on sensitive information.

Moreover, the alliance business’s degree-of-freedom, protection dynamics further enlarge, like is not lower than regarding the alliance time stipulation for 3 years, this is big regarding the investment, the repair management and so on expense disbursement many alliance business, may guard against the part bad enterprise to cooperate for 1-2 years then to stop the contract, the situation occurrence which the alliance business initial capital not turns over.

Jinuo national

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

The Jinuo national minority youth’s love is quite free, and has filled the poetic sentiment. When the girl intends after the young fellow, she will give the young fellow a beautiful fresh flower, if the young fellow will also love this girl, after receiving the fresh flower, he may discuss marriage to this girl.

In Yunnan’s Jinuo national minority youth, but also has the custom which “the drop” selects a friend for marriage. Under the village areca,good sisters
the young men and young women minute nearby two stands, only uses the diamond purse which the color cloth makes, is two colored ribbons, looks like the color butterfly in airborne to dance in the air equally, from time to time elevates, from time to time reduces, flies to opposite party bosom. Participates in “the drop” the youth men and women, in ear’s bamboo pipe insert “the alone Qiao flower”, “the Bush flower”, “west the wheat to spend”, the scene is very attractive.

In Jinuo national minority, some calls “Nepal to do high” the bamboo house, is place which the youth men and women get together. When the night, the girls dress up attractively, reach agreement to arrive at “Nepal in once to do high”, the ignition ormosia henryi, admits the bamboo tube to be stuffy the black juice, with the black juice dusk tooth, then makes the needlework, the weaving;

In the young fellows ear inserts the beautiful fresh flower also to arrive at “Nepal to do high”, on the other hand they on the one hand make the bamboo splint to live discuss with the girls sing, the expression is in love mutually mood. “Does high in Nepal”, the youth men and women do not have the going off course behavior, otherwise is to bamboo house master’s disrespecting,possibly is various
must receive the penalty. Human who falls in love may arrive at the flat roof to come up intimately, a young fellow may also go to several “Nepal to do high”.

Plays to a night of depth, everybody wants to go home to rest. By now, the girl stepped on a common people’s mood person’s instep quietly with the foot, then ignited the flare to walk first, this keeps the suggestion which the young fellow midnight slept. After the young fellow obtains the suggestion, gets up immediately with the girl is walking, to the paternal aunt maternal home, has used outside the room first water washing foot, then enters in the girl room to sleep, calls to the second day of chicken when departs.

Regarding this, the girl parents do not interfere generally, some parents will also peep, will be unsatisfied immediately expels the young fellow, satisfaction will let the young fellow second day go to the backwater with the girl, cook a meal together, after the young fellow will go back, will ask the human to discuss marriage. At Jinuo national minority’s wedding ceremony must destroy a bowl, wraps again gives the Uncle to preserve, when divorce discards institute Bao Powan.

In wedding ceremony that day,hotel interior design the bridegroom family wants to kill a pig, half gives the new maternal home. In the afternoon, the bridegroom and the parents goes to the new maternal home to fetch the bride, the groom’s family wants to give the bride’s side the mother 1.5 Yuan to make “the wet nurse expense”, the Uncle 2.5 Yuan does for the bride’s side “meets the person expense”.

When the bride leaves the stockaded village, originally will be intimate will use the clear water or washes rice the water to sprinkle her, expressed that will not be loyal to love to her the retaliation. To the bridegroom family’s staircase mouth, bridegroom’s mother must give the bride an egg, ties up a red line in her hand, circles three in the skill. Bridegroom’s father wants to give the bride a chicken leg, also ties up the red line in her hand, showed to tie up bride’s heart.

resin seals

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

The sphere electronic contact exhibition, the surface pastes installs one of seals. In prints foundation plate’s back to manufacture the sphere salient point according to the exhibition way to serve as a substitute directs the integrated circuit foot, is printing foundation plate’s frontage to assemble the LSI chip, then or fills with the mold pressing resin seals the method to carry on the seal. Is also called salient point exhibition carrier (PAC).

The pin may surpass 200, is one kind which multi-pin LSI uses seals. The seal main body may also do (four side pin flat packaging) is smaller than QFP.power transistor
For example, the pin center distance is 1.5mm 360 pin BGA is only the 31mm square; But the pin center distance is 0.5mm 304 pin QFP is the 40mm square. Moreover BGA does not need to worry the QFP such pin distortion question. This seal is American Motorola Corporation develops, first in equipment and so on portable telephone is used, from now on will have the possibility in the US to popularize in the personal computer. At first, the BGA pin (salient point) the center distance is 1.5mm, the pin number is 225. Now also has some LSI factory to develop 500 pins BGA.

After the BGA question is the backflow welds the viewing test. Was still not now clear whether effective viewing test method. Some believed that because welds the center distance is big, the connection may regard as is stable, can only process through the functional check. American Motorola Corporation uses the mold pressing resin seal the seal to be called OMPAC, but fills seals the method seal the seal to be called GPAC (to see OMPAC and GPAC).

With the glass seal’s ceramic double row in-line type seal, uses in ECL RAM, DSP (digital signal processor) and so on electric circuits. Has glass window Cerdip to use in ultraviolet ray cleaning EPROM as well as the interior has the EPROM microcomputer electric circuit and so on. Pin center distance 2.54mm, pin number from 8 to 42. In Japan, this seal expression is DIP-G (G is glass seal meaning). 6th, Cerquad

The surface pastes installs one of seals, namely uses ceramic QFP which seals, uses in sealing DSP and so on logical LSI electric circuit.Bipolar transistor
Has window integrated circuit Cerquad to use in sealing the EPROM electric circuit. The radiation is better than plastic QFP, may allow under the natural air cooled condition 1. 5~ 2W power. But seal cost compared to plastic QFP high 3~5 times. The pin center distance has 1.27mm, 0.8mm, 0.65mm, 0.5mm, 0.4mm and so on many kinds of specifications. Pin number from 32 to 368.

Brings the pin ceramics chip carrier, the surface to paste installs one of seals, the pin draws out from the seal four sides, assumes the T-shape. Has the window to use in seal ultraviolet ray cleaning EPROM as well as to have the EPROM microcomputer electric circuit and so on. This seal is also called QFJ, QFJ-G (to see QFJ).

Double row in-line type seal. Inserts installs one of seals, the pin draws out from the seal both sides, the seal material has the plastic and the ceramic two kinds. DIP is most popular inserts installs the seal, the application scope including standard logical IC, memory LSI, the microcomputer electric circuit and so on. Pin center distance 2.54mm, pin number from 6 to 64.

The seal width usually is 15.2mm. Some are 7.52mm and the 10.16mm seal is called separately the width skinny DIP and slim DIP (narrow build DIP). But in the most situations does not differentiate, simply the general designation is only DIP. Moreover, is also called cerdip with low melting point glass seal’s ceramic DIP (to see cerdip). 13th, DSO   (dual small out-lint)

Two-sided pin small contour seal. The SOP alternate name (sees SOP). The partial semiconductor factory uses this name. 14th, DICP   (dual tape carrier package)   The two-sided pin belt carries the seal. TCP (belt carries seal) one. The pin manufacture draws out on the insulating tape and from the seal both sides. What because uses is integrated circuit TAB (automatic belt carries welding) the technology,hotel interior design the seal contour is thin.

Actuates LSI commonly used in the liquid crystal display, but to decide the product most. Moreover, 0.5mm the thick memory LSI book shape seal is being at the phase of exploitation. In Japan, according to EIAJ (Japanese electron mechanical industry) the standing operating procedure, the DICP naming will be DTP.