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main parameter  

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Ordinary diode’s main parameter

when (1) biggest commutated current ICM, diode long time use, permits most Taisho which ties through PN to electric current.

(2) highest reverse working voltage URM, when diode normal work can withstand highest reverse voltage value.

(3) most greatly reverse electrical current IRM, refers to the reverse electrical current which allows under the highest reverse working voltage to wind through.

(4) the highest operating frequency,The electronic primary
is refers to guarantees diode normal work the upper frequency.

Zener diode’s parameter

(1) regulated voltage UZ, refers to the stabilovolt, in makes under normally the condition in the organization, pipe both sides voltage.

(2) steady state current IZ and most greatly steady state current IZ(max), stabilovolt work when the steady varactor decides voltage UZ the operating current called when steady state current IZ, pipe steady work, do not surpass the electric current calls most greatly steady state current IZ(max).

(3) the voltage temperature coefficient, is refers to the stabilovolt the temperature change influence coefficient. The constant voltage value is higher than 6 volts stabilovolts to have the positive temperature coefficient, namely the constant voltage value slightly has the rise along with temperature increment; The constant voltage value is lower than 6 volts stabilovolts to have the negative temperature coefficient, namely the constant voltage value slightly has the drop along with temperature increment; But the constant voltage value is 6 volt about stabilovolt temperature coefficient basic is zero.

Crystal diode’s main parameter  short foot
1: Resistance   ⑴DC resistance   Adds on certain DC voltage on the crystal diode V, has pair of that direct current I, the DC voltage V and direct current I ratio, is crystal diode’s equivalent direct current. ⑵Dynamic current

Adds in the certain DC voltage V foundation on the crystal diode, adds on an increase voltage again, then the crystal diode also has increase electric current △I. The increase voltage △V and increase electric current △I ratio, is crystal diode’s dynamic resistance, namely dynamic resistance for crystal diode both sides voltage change and electric current change ratio.

Diode’s forward DC resistance and the dynamic resistance are different change along with the operating point. When ordinary crystal diode echo movement, its DC resistance and the dynamic resistance are very big, usually may be is the infinity.   2: Nominal current

Crystal diode’s nominal current is when refers to the crystal diode long time continuous working, the permission passes most Taisho to mean current. When diode continuous working, is causes the temperature which PN ties not to surpass some limit value, the commutated current should not surpass the standing operating procedure the permissible value.

For example: the 2AP1 nominal current is 12mA; 2AP5 is 16mA; 2AP9 is 5mA. Regarding high efficiency crystal diode, to reduce its temperature, increases the electric current, must install the radiator fin.

3: Back breakdown voltage Hotel interior design contemporary style The back breakdown voltage is refers to the diode the most greatly reverse voltage which can withstand in the work, it is also causes the diode not to send the echo puncture the voltage limit value. Generally, the most greatly reverse working voltage should be smaller than the back breakdown voltage. Selects when the crystal diode switch diode, but must take the most greatly reverse working voltage as the standard, and leaves leeway the suitable leeway, guaranteed that the diode does not send the damage.

For example: the 2AP21 diode’s back breakdown voltage is the 15V most greatly reverse working voltage is smaller than 10V; the 2AP26 back breakdown voltage is 150V, the most greatly reverse operating current is smaller than 100V.   4: Highest operating frequency

The highest operating frequency is refers to the crystal diode to be able the normal work upper frequency. When selects the diode, must make its operating frequency to be lower than the highest operating frequency.

For example: the 2AP8BD highest operating frequency is 150MHz; the 2CZ12 highest operating frequency is 3kHz; the 2AP16 highest operating frequency is 40MHz.

instance FrontPage

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Redundant   The redundant general concept is refers to the identical design, the same image has presented above two times, redundant is in the design the quite commonly used technique, strengthens for person’s impression, creates the orderly rhythm, causes the picture to be unified. So-called same, is mainly refers to aspect and so on shape, color, size in the redundant constitution same. Redundant primitive form: Uses for the shape which is redundant to be called the primitive form, each primitive form is a unit, then carries on the design not suitably using the technique of redundant, the primitive form complex, by simple primarily. instance FrontPage
Redundant type:

1. primitive form redundant: Uses the identical primitive form constitution in the constitution design the plan to be called the primitive form redundant, this kind repeatedly in daily life everywhere obviously. For example: In a tall building each one window.

2. skeleton redundant: If the skeleton each unit’s shape and the area closely coincide, this is a redundant skeleton, the redundant skeleton is the rule skeleton one kind, simple one kind.

3. shape redundant: The shape is the most commonly used redundant element, is redundant the shape in the entire constitution to be possible in aspects and so on size, color to have the change.

4. the size is redundant: Similar or same shape, carries on repeatedly in the size.

5. the color is redundant: Under the color same condition, the shape, the size may have the change.

6. skin texture redundant: Under the skin texture same condition, the size, the color may have the change.

7. direction redundant: The shape has the obvious consistent directivity in the constitution.

Approximate   What refers to approximately is in aspects and so on shape, size, color, skin texture has the common characteristic, it displayed has presented the vivid change in the unification the effect. The approximate degree may be possible to be small greatly, if the approximate degree has greatly had the redundant feeling. The approximate degree small will destroy the unification. the knowledge
Approximate classification:

1. shape approximate: If two images are the identical class, their shape is approximate, is similar to humanity’s image is the same.

2. skeleton approximate: The skeleton may not be redundant, but is approximate, i.e. the skeleton unit’s shape, the size have certain change, is approximate.   Attention: Approximate and the gradation difference, the gradation change is the regularity is very strong, the primitive form arrangement is rigorous, but the approximate change regularity is not strong, is basically big with other visual essential factor’s change, is also quite lively.


The bone graticule mesh has decided the primitive form in the composition each other’s relations. Sometimes, the skeleton also becomes the image a part, the skeleton different change can cause the overall composition to change.   The skeleton divides into:

1. regular skeleton: The regular skeleton has the precise rigorous bone ruled lines, the orderly numerical relation, the primitive form according to the skeleton arrangement, has the intense order feeling. Mainly has repeatedly, skeletons and so on gradation, launch.

2. non-regular skeleton: The non-regular skeleton does not have the rigorous bone ruled lines, the constitution way to be quite free generally.

3. function skeleton: The function skeleton is causes primitive form each other to divide into the respective unit’s demarcation line,hotel interior design
the skeleton for the image accurate space, the primitive form may change the position, the direction freely in the skeleton unit, positive and negative, even exceeds the bone ruled lines.

4. non-function skeleton: The non-function skeleton is conceptive, the non-function bone ruled lines are helpful to the primitive form arrangement organization, but will not affect their shape, also not the space division for the relatively independent skeleton unit.

5. duplicated skeletons: Is the phalanx ruled lines division spatial unit in the shape, the size is completely same, it is most orderly the skeleton, the primitive form according to the skeleton continuous arrangement.

The plane design is the different fundamental figure, combines the design according to certain rule in the plane. Mainly in twofold space scope by between contour line division chart and place boundary, description image. But the plane design displays three-dimensional sense of space, by no means during solid three-dimensional space, but is merely the graph the illusion space which forms to person’s visual guidance function.

largely shrinks.

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Lives constructs: the policy relaxation possibility does not have the newspaper news ‘not yet to determine nearly in the second half of the year that what but may be affirmative will be limits purchases in the year not to cancel.

in view of constructs to draft newly round limits purchases the urban name list view, lives constructs an official to indicate that in the second half of the year the policy relaxes the possibility does not have nearly.when does limit purchases the name list as for three cities to choose completes and selects machine the issue, area south of Yellow River real estate inspector general Zhang Dawei on July 28 forecast that ‘should at the end of August, deal with the golden nine silvers ten.’ took the lead since last April Beijing to start and in the national 43 cities have implemented the housing to limit purchases immediately make, the related urban real estate market ‘ is limited obviously ‘.

Looking from the first half of this year, the housing, regardless of being the forward delivery housing or the present room, the turnover largely shrinks. Not only that limits purchases the chain-reaction which brings also to include, the real estate market keeps in stock the backlog to be serious, worth mentioning
developer fund re-steaming is blocked, takes the wish obvious drop, the regional land fees from sales sharp decline. the developer takes the warm drop, causes the regional land fees from sales income to slide largely directly.

On July 19 issued the national 130 city land fees from sales ‘ the semi-annual reporting ‘ the demonstration, Beijing, Shanghai and so on 6 city’s land fees from sales were lower than same time last year. ‘linxuan new round limits purchases two, three urban name list, will rest mainly on the house price increase scope and the property development investment increased range two targets.

‘lives close constructs a expert to confirm, if some place conforms to the house price rise which the State Council proposed to be excessively quickly, real estate market overheated these two standards, but has not appeared to limit purchases the policy, will live constructs to do the corresponding supervision work. many experts believed that even if second round ‘ limits purchases the command from the end of August ‘ to roll up like a mat the nation, whether the real estate market did welcome ‘ the depth temperature decrease ‘ still to wait for examining. Three urban quantities are numerous, the real estate market level of development is irregular, is impossible to adopt develops completely limits purchases.

Analyzes to limit purchases the expansion not to be equal to that limits purchases completely the data which issued according to the State Statistical Bureau, in the first half of this year the national commercial housing sale area still compared to the same period grew 12.9%, part two, three cities was presented the deal ‘ the full house ‘ the situation. At present, domestic had surpasses 40 cities to limit purchases.

The latitude and longitude line of Research center analyzes, the central request house price rise excessively quickly two, three cities appear to limit purchases the command, does not mean that entered has limited purchases completely the stage, limited purchases completely after to the place land finance and the related profession development influence is huge, the implementation possibility was not big,inch back light
those who increased the limiting purchases scope to be more was reminds the Local authority not to let the house price rise be excessively quickly.

Fang Qidui limits purchases severely anticipated is explicit, is increases dynamics to fight in one place after another other domains, house allocation business step-up layout commercial real estate. DTZ Dyde a Liang line of Central China, the West China area strategy develops Consultant trustee Li Qingwen to tell reporter, in the recent two years, Wan Ke, guarantees the advantage and so on large-scale real estate enterprise massively to enhance the commercial real estate to account for the proportion in the enterprise strategy layout.

The second half of last year to the first half of this year, Guangzhou market presented many commercial real estates the large amount deal,hotel interior design the big group bought the good trillion industry square as ever [most recent news price household review], the Austria garden group bought the southern part of China business park [most recent news price household review].

Some enterprises and the private investor purchase the commercial central area positively the high quality office, causes its selling price to rise largely. In the first half of this year, Guangzhou office finalized a deal in the first half of the year grows 45%, the Pearl River new town [most recent news price household review] certain high-end office surpasses each square meter 30,000 Yuan price entering the market.

The Chinese pearl

Friday, August 5th, 2011

The Chinese pearl quality is better, but the price was still low the US the New York Times on August 1 the article, original topic: The Chinese pearl is better, but the low price recently, Zhan Wei healthy (sound) was since still doing a not too possible matter: The cultivation quality is best, and lets the pearl which the American middle class can bear.

He has a scale not small pearl company in the Chinese Zhejiang Province Zhuji, the production fresh water pearl exports the overseas. in the recent 20 years,woman’s bound feet
China becomes in gradually the world the biggest pearl producer country, has seized the world inexpensive pearl and the small pearl accessories market. “the Chinese pearl the pressure of competition which brings to us is very big, this without a doubt”, Robert ten thousand said.

His company is controlling the majority of local black pearl production in Tahiti, and participates in the formulation world pearl quality specification. “China produces the pearl price flexibility is very big, if will increase suddenly in the future 1-2 year supply,unorthodox categories
the world pearl price will come under the enormous influence”.

the China near two year economic development tendency is swift and violent, has the enormous influence to world each profession. And, the pearl fish breeding and poultry raising’s development is a miniature which this country economy soars. Was relying on the initial period cheap labor superiority and the imitation other country product, the Chinese pearl industry has earned the first barrel gold in the international market.

After ten several years development, the Chinese pearl manufacturing industry the automated technology will have applied the breeding farm now,shoes design
trains the high quality the cultivation worker, the worker wages unceasingly is also increasing, the entire pearl industry is prosperous. “the American worried China produces inexpensive commodity, what actually they should worry is the Chinese life delivers a better commodity”, American Advantage Abundant company chairman happy Yumin said.

the China pearl has been well-known by the low in price, a diameter the approximately half inch Chinese pearl’s selling price is 4 to 8 US dollars, but a similar size’s Tahiti black pearl selling price is 25 to 35 US dollars. Manhattan biggest China pearl importer Joel Schechter recently entered the office the national treasury, has chosen in the collection the best two pearl necklace.interior design Does not have the flaw, each pearl is pure white the perfect circular Tahiti necklace takes 14,000 dollars, but side a string similarly impeccable Chinese necklace, so long as 1800 US dollars. Schechter said that the Chinese pearl enters this market, lets the world be more general revenue the female to wear.

Zhan Wei the healthy company and the Zhejiang University cooperation develops the new pearl culture technology, in order to produce more high quality pearls with the low cost, he also uses the automated cultivation technology to save the manpower expenditure. In recent years, in Zhejiang and China other coastal area, the worker wages doubled, simultaneously is familiar with the pearl classification technology the worker is reducing unceasingly, “they have worked to 37 years old, until vision not line.”

Nanchang resident

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Nanchang resident Mr. Lei has more than 3 year of investment in gold experience, this month invested lets him slightly gain one, but after facing in the near future the gold price top digit call-back, flushed historical new high the aspect, actually some “lenient”.

on 25th, gold price direct impact Yunsiao, the opening price 1603.80 US dollars/ounces, rises straight in the morning approximately 20 US dollars to the historical new high 1623.49 US dollars/ounces. “the investment prohibited that pursues the shoplifting to enter,
masculine necklace
today fell.”on 26th, Mr. Lei still chose waits and sees. market example the international gold price rose for 10 days to gain 6 ten thousand accessories gold selling well one day of price crazily to get rid to gain decisively more than 60,000

present, in the province many banks have cleared the gold dealings service, the partial investors change the fund fry personally the gold. According to a banking industry public figure said that at the beginning of this year until now, this line of investment in gold opening a bank account quantity already ultra in 2009 whole year.after is postponed the European debt crisis the solution, takes refuge from danger the demand to weaken the influence, the international gold price continues to lower, on July 5 breaks 1500 US dollars critical junctions, Mr. Lei the newly opened shipping space, by the T+D way paying earnest money 7200 Yuan, purchases 3 much by 310.92 Yuan/gram prices (each 1000 grams).

Afterward, because the American sovereignty credit rating suffers the decline threat, the market takes refuge from danger the mood to surge upward once more, the gold rate in 9 days continues in the upward situation, on 15th continues to flush high, New York commodity exchange delivers actively,

Mr. Lei levels decisively,finger belongs
gets rid by 331.45 Yuan/grams. Short 10 days, harvest profit 61590 Yuan. “the investment needs to look at the opportunity, generally cannot achieve the bottom to enter, the peak to leave, that looks for an own price at heart to get rid decisively.”Although after 15th, price still upward, and breaks through 1600 US dollars/ounce important passes in 19th, Mr. Lei has held troops. If he expects, afterward starts the call-back to fall. He said that even if in 25th time sets the record of historical new high, also had not regretted, more is when the top digit operates more should be discrete.

the off season runs the fire accessories to rise in prices Reporter to find that in this round international gold price upward, the accessories gold also comes under the immediate influence to adjust prices. Although is the off season, sales situation actually like Nanchang present weather same burning hot. on 25th, reporter visits Nanchang many markets, discovered that each big gold monopolizes the shop to turn the sign early in the morning, some brand hangs the list price including the labor cost to amount to 422 Yuan/grams, other brand price about each gram 417 Yuan. “broke 420 Yuan/gram critical junctions or the recent years first time, since July, with steady steps has risen, was nearly one day of price.”The counter sales personnels tell reporter.

presses the convention,organic housing
every year Spring Festival, 51, around 11 the marriage, because presents and so on factor influences, the accessories gold can welcome the sales busy season. The time section in addition, presents the price lowly, to sell the pale phenomenon generally. At the present, although is sells the off season, the price actually accident bounces, thus has also aroused resident’s purchase desire. “at the beginning of the year 380 Yuan/gram about time wants to buy, now looks at the comparison to owe, multi-flowered more than 1000 Yuan!”

Thought in the second half of the year when sells the busy season the gold price will also rise, Ms. Xiong clenches teeth buys a section of weight 32 gram bracelet. before “the sales volume endures compares 51, rises above compared to the same period 50%, lets the human unexpectedly.”Accessories counter sales personnels smiled were saying.because searches observes

Worried that the US repudiated a debt advantage good gold market the beautiful debt possibly to break a contract “to be the same with last year, similarly was the debt crisis pushes the high this gold price to rise.”The professional believed that the beautiful debt crisis is the behind primary cause, but Ou Zhaiyou is another center of resistance.

the US local time on 22nd the evening, along with numerous Speaker Boner decided that no longer together seeks with the White House cuts the deficit the significant agreement, surrenders to the state the American debt upper limit negotiations to announce the breakage once more.

The Austria Pama acknowledged for the first time has “the US breaks a contract” possibility. this time, is apart from August 2 to raise 14,300,000,000,000 US dollar American debt upper limit the deadline only to remain several days the time. The beautiful debt negotiations’ deadlock initiated the investor to worry the mood. At the same time, international rating company Moody on 25th Greece this, the currency bond rating will decline continuously third-level.

public figure

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Recently in four met at the jadeite auction which a Sihui Government sponsors, 120 rackets altogether finalized a deal 48, the volume of business 3,460,900 Yuan, becomes high pays for 420,000 Yuan. Fair auction room General Manager Tan Lian indicated that buyer by Hong Kong, Zhujiang Delta public figure primarily.

in the line the public figure indicated that the Zhujiang Delta buyer has to the jadeite by chance, but because actually the market “passes off fake articles for the real thing” does not dare to purchase easily. At present confuses the collector is mainly the B goods jadeite and the dyeing aposandstone. The B goods jadeite is refers to the process to dye, processing processing and so on note rubber or exposure jadeites.development project’s
Actually the jadeite has uses and collects two kinds “the effect”, how lies in with emphasis to distinguish the market erroneous zone. erroneous zone one:

The jadeite is older better Mr. Zhongshan University valuable jade research evaluating center main Renqiu force of will to introduce that many collectors are fastidious about the collection “the ancient jade”, but jadeite collection not “ancient” “now” division. The jadeite only then enters China in the Qing Dynasty time, moreover because at that time jadeite raw material not many moreover resolution capability was bad, therefore the age quite remote jadeite quality of material relatively was instead bad. erroneous zone two: What does not change color is A goods the some dyeing jadeite may maintain the bright color is from 10 years to 20 years. But some jade red or jade yellow jadeite instead possibly in quite short time color deterioration, is mainly because of the jadeite interior chemical element change. erroneous zone three:

The green jadeite is good the viridis jadeite is in a goods jadeite high-grade goods, but is not all jadeites is the green, because one kind of jadeite receives ferroguinous being contaminated, will form “the jade” brightly the color. If such jadeite the transparency is high, the quality of material is good, also gains the market popularity very much.

Erroneous zone four:development directions
The craft more is complex better “simple is US”, the many quality of material excellent jadeites are often made the very simple bangle or abstain the surface, but does not carve; But some have the impurity or the crevasse jadeite are often carved by the skilled craftsman the character or the scene cover the inborn insufficiency. erroneous zone five: The green will be evener better in the market often to see some Paris green jadeite, the color will be all over the body bright moreover distributes is even, in fact, such jadeite mostly will be counterfeit goods. The jadeite interior is becomes by the granulated mineral combination, therefore its green is the partial distribution, between the green and the non-green will have the boundary.

erroneous zone six: Rarer more valuable the natural mineral will sometimes form some very special design, for example, some minerals can arrange the similar animal or the scenery shape. Some collectors often treat as this kind of jadeite are rarely found in the world the valuable thing to hype. In fact, besides rare, this kind of jadeite must certainly conform to esthetics principle, meanwhile must meet the quality of material good requirement to be only then true “valuable”. erroneous zone seven:

The paper goes to school distinction technology the Guangdong Province jewelry jade and precious metal examination center Stationmaster Cao introduced that the jadeite optimization processing technology changes with each new day, but in the books knowledge often lags.hotel interior design
If buys the B goods or the counterfeit goods according to the book in distinction method, possibly is because the market invented the new processing technology not to have is summarized with enough time and publishes book(s).

pearl memoir

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Photographs Hu Xiaopeng to act according to Phoenix TV’s pearl memoir, in the world 98% fresh water pearl is from China, but China 80% above fresh water pearl from the Zhejiang Zhuji mountain under lake pearl (includes from the Poyang Lake ten thousand year fresh water pearl.Run’s flesh presents
in 2008 China’s year pearl ultimate output amounts to 1400 tons (to announce data according to Chinese Jewelry Jade Jewelry Association).

Because of the pearl natural cultivation characteristic, the cultivation produces in the fresh water pearl can achieve the jewelry level truly less than 10%. Formerly about 20% could make the jewelry accessories, about 80% can only he use, like makes the tapioca and so on, now, the diversification which savors along with the accessories designed capacity’s renewal and the people fashion, the heteromorphous bead, the finely ground particles anomalous bead, also through exquisite crafts and so on design idea, dyeing, polishing, more pearls has become the accessories.

At present, the pearl accessories’ main expense is Japanese and the European and American developed country, although the Chinese original bead and the pearl accessories’ volume of exports already occupied above global ultimate output 90%, but majority is supplies half-finished product and so on Japan or pearl string by the original bead ways by way of Hong Kong intensive processing, in addition has the part to retail directlyWhole world.

Before the beginning of the 20th century,strengthen skin’s
the only means of obtaining pearls was by manually gathering very large numbers of pearl oysters (or pearl mussels) from the ocean floor (or lake, or river bottom). The bivalves were then brought to the surface, opened, and the tissues searched. More than a ton were searched in order to find at least 3-4 quality pearls.

In order to find enough pearl oysters, free-divers were often forced to descend to depths of over 100 feet on a single breath, exposing them to the dangers of hostile creatures, waves, and drowning, often as a result of shallow water blackout on resurfacing. Because of the difficulty of diving and the unpredictable nature of natural pearl growth in pearl oysters, pearls of the time were extremely rare and of varying quality.

In Asia some pearl oysters could be found on shoals at a depth of 5–7 feet (1.5–2 meters) from the surface, but more often than not divers had to go 40 feet (12 meters) or even up to 125 feet (40 meters) deep to find enough pearl oysters, and these deep dives were extremely hazardous to the divers. In the 19th century, divers in Asia had only very basic forms of technology to aid their survival at such depths.

For example,Star Farms in some areas, they greased their bodies to conserve heat, put greased cotton in their ears, wore a tortoise-shell clip to close their nostrils, gripped a large object like a rock to descend without the wasteful effort of swimming down and had a wide mouthed basket or net to hold the oysters.

big business

Monday, August 1st, 2011

With markets and so on big business carries on the strategic echelon to cooperate the brand to have the echelon, the marketing channel also has the corresponding echelon naturally. In the evening, Austria Kang Jiu and Dalian big business group and so on domestic high-end market has signed the strategy cooperative agreement, according to the agreement, both sides will refer to own brand and the market different localization carries on the echelon cooperation.

it is known that in recent years,human resources
along with the market change, the consumer unceasingly subdivided, the market has also made the corresponding adjustment, no longer was one kind industry condition fights for state power, divides very many kind of patterns: Top general merchandise, upscale general merchandise, common general merchandise and business ultra, condition attracts, detains the different power of consumption through the combination industry the crowd.

For instance the wheat triumphant music is the big business group’s upscale high-quality goods popular general merchandise, new Ma Te has the SHOPPINGMALL idea shopping mall, in addition has the big business and so on chain-like supermarket.

The different scale industry condition needs to introduce the different scale the brand and the product, but the Austria Kang’s multi-brands, the multi-scale product strategy conforms to this channel trend of development.

after “, Austria Kang serves under somebody’s banner the GB such high-end brand to be possible to move into the big business the wheat triumphant music,shoe market
the Austria Kang brand moves into new Ma to be special, but Kang Long and the red flamingo brand may enter the chain-like business ultra.”

Before this to reporter explained the Austria Kang brand echelon constructs the advantage the marketing service person in charge explained specifically anything is the echelon cooperation, “adaptation demand, then creation demand, this is the retail trade sustained development truth.”

The Chinese capital regarding buys stock even purchases the Western luxurious brand the enthusiasm to grow to ever greater heights, at the same time, some traditional China outstanding brand can also improve and the revival in the European and American countries. “China makes” this word, under the different environment, has the entirely different suggestion color.

Italian luxurious brand Prada would rather to the bank loan three year time 360,000,000 euros, also refuses to accept the Chinese Corporation’s capital to buy stock. The Chinese capital regarding buys stock even purchases the Western luxurious brand the enthusiasm to grow to ever greater heights, at the same time, some traditional China outstanding brand can also improve and the revival in the European and American countries.

although the canvas shoe was already all the rage in the world has been very long, many young companies from China’s traditional brand the absorption inspiration, had demonstrated to the European and American customers China’s classical style, these China makes the canvas shoe had also found own small space in the most vanguard’s store.

Conducts this year in New York at the athletic shoes autumn fashion trend exhibition, four have the Chinese origin brand to come at least to demonstrate their leisure canvas shoe, including strength, Shu Long, liberation and person brand. In addition, the leap,Fujian Province
this France revives Chinese brand, also has created the magnificent retail sales achievement, in New York’s Odin and American Rag, its performance is very prominent, movie star Orlando Bloom also puts on it to photograph.

although between these brands has some very similar characteristic: The contour was the national customs canvas style, the manufacture uses the vulcanization technology,hotel interior design in which many brands has carried on the promotion to the material, in the design has also complied with their unique inspiration, and will sell obtained one part of funds to use in the charitable use. Certainly, between them also has the slight difference.