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powder price

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Coating material cost pressure high Is in the financial crisis later period’s China, many enterprises did not have the complete slow god to come, at the beginning in 2009, financial crisis’s influence preliminary appearance, the titanium oxide powder profession had 60% above Small and medium-sized enterprise already to be at the production suspension and half production suspension condition, a titan white price group drop, the titanium oxide powder downstream paint coating profession also receives the stock backlog the influence, reduced production in abundance suspends production, the digestion stock, this has also made the aspect which a titanium oxide powder market group declined.

In the first quarter a rutile titanium oxide powder price group slides, the titanium oxide powder overall demand is not prosperous,LED Tube Light
the sales quantity growth is slow. In the second quarter, coating raw material rose in prices the wind to sweep across the market, Tao, Basifu, Dupont and so on main raw material supplier enhances in abundance has served under somebody’s banner the chemical price. This time rises in prices the primary cause to lie in raw material rise in price, the cost increases, causes the profit insufficiency. On the other hand, under national advantage good policy’s drawing, the process adjusts, our country coating profession whole presents the return to warmer weather sign, increases to raw material demand. This kind rises a sound situation to continue to three, fourth quarter, has brought a more tremendous pressure for the downstream coating profession.

In the second half of the year the enterprise loss will expand inevitably Because Chinese market price’s unceasing rising, Guangdong Province is in charge of the industry the province economy and the informationization committee analyzes, in the first half of the year,HTPC Keyboard
the enterprise production cost climbs successively, in the second half of the year this tendency estimated can continue, on the one hand on the other hand the macroscopic stratification plane must speed up reforming to promote must maintain the stability increase in economics, is actually is compelling the manufacturing industry but actually “metabolism”.

“in brief, we may not overestimate to the second half of the year’s advantageous situation, cannot underestimate to the difficulty and the question.” It is noteworthy that the pillar industry comes under the influence. Guangdong Province issued the first half of the year data demonstrated that the Guangdong electron information industries, the automotive industry two big profession gross profit drops 17.4% separately compared to the same period and 14.2%. Such drop pulls the low entire province industrial profit speed-up respectively 2.9 and 1.9 percentage points.

But Guangdong most main economic region Guangzhou,Android TV Keyboard the Shenzhen two cities, the industrial profit total amount also compared to the same period separately drops 5.7%, 3.3%. “we pay attention to the economic situation highly, Guangdong make the excess pressure test in the second half of the year, because Guangdong’s manufactured products majority is the basic necessities of life related rigid demand, therefore, we believed that the economy has the beyond redemption aspect to be not too possible.”

Guangdong Province entrusts an official after the letter to tell the author. Although the enterprise production operation faced with the very major difficulty, the loss is increasing, but the first half of the year most profession profits still maintained the growths. “January to May, above entire province scale the Industrial enterprise realizes the profit 160,440,000,000 Yuan, grows 7% compared to the same period, the increased range recedes 3.6 percentage points compared to January to April, in the entire province 37 industry professions has 28 profession profits to realize the growth.”

special investigation

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

In recent years, expanded, on the Hong street’s superior gram jewelry along with the Nanjing new hundred jewelry region adjustment to open the door receives a guest, as well as is known as East China biggest jewelry commercial city Baoqing silver-goods shop Shang Pincheng the splendid attire starts doing business, the Nanjing jewelry business circle “the road shifted from peace to the new intersection” the topic is suspended by place “the tabletop” to come up. Recently, the author the question which moved on the Nanjing jewelry business circle west had made a special investigation.

Present situation:
color steatite
The jewelry business fights in one place after another the new intersection   Formerly, the people mentioned the money jewelry, first thinks is certainly south peace a road gold, silver and jewelry street. In this Nanjing established brand business street, take the Baoqing silver-goods shop as the head, gathered 30 every large or small jewelry stores.

But in the new century beginning, the external brand enters and is stationed in and the emerging brand rises in abundance. If take the central market, Nanjing new hundred as the head “the market special counter faction”, as well as take clever, the millennium as the head emerging “the brand exclusive agency faction” becomes the skid to move “south peace the road jewelry main item” this cornerstone first release lever, that looked like Baoqing silver-goods shop Shang Pincheng this kind to open in the core business street the large-scale jewelry commercial city causes this “the balance” to break thoroughly without doubt.

Expert: Discusses the circle to alternate stems from the cultural difference   South peace the road established brand jewelry core commercial circle and the new intersection emerging jewelry business circle fell into “the ice fire twofold day”, regarding this, Nanjing ink plan organization specialized economic analysis Consultant Mr. Zhang Cheng indicated: The overall business circle’s shift,weak quotation
first stemmed from the new intersection to occupy the more advantageous transportation resources, south this aspect peace the road did not get the advantage. Next, jewelry’s expense main force much concentrates now in 25~40 years old, this kind of crowd’s sphere of action concentrates much in the new intersection. Regarding the Nanjing jewelry commercial present situation, Nanjing general merchandise Business association president the Yan Yongping indicated: Only new intersection business encircles, estimated that this year the annual jewelry sales volume will grow 30% compared to last year.

Business: Regards the new intersection business circle potential   West the jewelry business circle moves, is related with various jewelry business’s choice. Baoqing chain-like marketing vice-total Lin Jian thought: “the Baoqing chain-like company dared in the new intersection business circle to invest over a billion Yuan to construct Baoqing silver-goods shop Shang Pincheng, mainly regards the new intersection to have the development mature comprehensive business environment, has the relatively more superior geographical position and the traffic conditions, has favors Baoqing Shang Pincheng the massive young communities,market time even, the jewelry business converges is also one of superiority, although inevitable will have the huge pressure of competition, so long as but strengthens own core superiority unceasingly, certainly will have the big development power.”

After the new intersection jewelry core business circle forms, the intense market competition situation demonstrated gradually, regarding this, opens clearSaying: “new hundred speaking of Nanjing, at present has the jewelry jade carving brand approximately 28, only the `Baoqing ‘ has 4, besides original old Baoqing, the Southern China Baoqing and the Baoqing silver personal ornament, Baoqing silver-goods shop Shang Pin who it is known that “new Baoqing” will serve under somebody’s banner will also enter and be stationed in Nanjing newly hundred. Certainly, along with competes like this intense and the market is mature gradually, aspect and so on product, price, service athletics are also getting more and more transparent, this regarding the market and the consumer will be a good deed.”

ornaments exposition

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

2011 China (Hefei) the international jewellery ornaments exposition from January 6th to 9th in Anhui international convention center hold, more than 300 domestic and foreign jewelry business will converge Hefei. Reporter learned yesterday that is called township of the jade carving Guangdong Sihui delegation already ahead of time to arrive at Hefei, the jade carving big alligator will boost the jewelry exhibition.

Mentions Sihui to have no alternative but to raise the local illustrious light ruins jade carving market, this is the Chinese biggest jade carving production trading market, but this market’s owner Chen Wei male yesterday also came to Hefei, and has brought more than 100 participation units, also had Anhui fellow villager. Chen Wei male told the reporters, he on December 15 arrived at Hefei,
jade during
these on second mainly examined Hefei’s jade carving market. This is Chen Wei male second time comes Hefei, as early as in the 1980s, he had been to Hefei, around mentioned the disparity he to shout straight “does not know”, this time came Hefei is invites the participation on the government, simultaneously also had a look at Hefei’s investment environment. He told the reporters, if the exhibition echo is good, the Hefei people also like the jade culture, may consider that develops in Hefei.

Also some good news spreads, Chen Wei male brings more than 100 participation units in exhibition period opens the delegation to buy the activity, lets the resident buy the price preferential benefit, genuine goods at reasonable prices’ jade carving, the jadeite.

What distinguishes the manual handling jadeite initially with the naked eye? Available following four methods.

(1) method of inspection: As a result of the jadeite polycrystal structural property, the use high power magnifying glass may observe in the artificial disposal merchandise Tibet’s or dyes the pigment in crystal structure slit sol, but may also see or is contaminated the netted pigment by the acid pickling spoiled lattice surface.

(2) spot-out method: The natural jadeite with hydrochloric acid it, several seconds or in several minutes, its surface will present the beads of sweat phenomenon,mineral substance
but the artificial disposal merchandise will not have this phenomenon.

(3) strikes the law: Strikes the natural jadeite gently, what sends out is one kind of clear delightful sound; But strikes the disposal merchandise, what sends out is one kind of low sad mute sound.

(4) acid roasts the law: Scratches with the concentrated acid at the back of the jadeite, then roasts it with the heat pin, carries on repeatedly two times, if sees changes the yellow focal variation the spot, namely for manual handling jadeite. If has not been able to distinguish with above simple megascopic determination law, then further may apply the infrared spectrum and the infrared microscope law distinction.

In the Ming and Qing Dynasties time, the people said Baiyu, only refers to the Xinjiang Hetian Baiyu; Now, the people see outside white jade steps leading to the imperial palace Xinjiang Hetian jade, but also has the white Johore jade, the dense jade, the Dushan jade, the Qinghai Baiyu as well as South Korean, Russian Baiyu and so on.

Hetian jade: Also said that the nephrite is an amphibole group. Observes under the microscope, assumes the textile fiber metacryst pilotaxitic texture,cross rivers
degree of hardness 6-6.5. The Hetian jade has many kinds of colors, is most precious by Baiyu. The Hetian Baiyu also has the seed jade, the mountain class crystal (or calls Gobi Desert jade, new ore jade) and Shan Liaoyu (mountain products jade) the division. In seed jade mutton fat Baiyu, ” Body like congealed lard, in none remaining blue ” The quality of material is mild, thin clean, the naked eye did not look nearly the textile fiber metacryst interweaves, Bai Ruge the fat, its characteristic is ” White, passes, thin, Run ” , is in the jade the best quality goods.

Shan Liaoyu: Is inferior to the seed jade to be mild, the luster slightly brings the schungite, and drier astringent, some also appear the cracks.UPS Power Good Shan Liao the jade also has by Bai Weihong. But the white like fat’s side are few. The Russian Baiyu, the Qinghai Baiyu is only then appears in recent years in the international market, its luster and Xinjiang Baiyu is similar, but owes mildly, lifts the lamp to wait and see, generally structure thick pine, and has the glass feeling. The good Russian Baiyu, the clean albedo is high, slightly brings the fat, quite receives collector’s favor. South Korean Baiyu, its color snow white, lifts the lamp to wait and see, obviously impurity structure also thick pine.

pleasantly surprised

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

The brand, the quality, the price, the new product, on-hand merchandise, the service are purchasing agent’s attention are, the 14th session of water shell jewelry purchase congress promotes “trillion pearly luster, the infinite radiant – - hundred superior price big association exhibition back coupling to offer, the water shell jewelry grandly to dazzle the color night of 2012 new product issue magnificent ceremony,
market time
gold medal VIP greatly” and so on many services, has satisfied the purchasing agent physical demand greatly.

Elegant Xincai valuable pleased•The variegated series, the TTF jewelry seabed stars series, the Guangdong bold jewelry “loves the music movement” the series, series and so on seven mile fragrance jewelry auspicious Long Jufu extrusions, constructed trillion new products for the purchasing agent to struggle the splendor to select and purchase the scene broadly. The numerous purchasing agents also in abundance indicated that this purchase congress undertook the side and the business makes the jewelry fine time passage together, the source of goods has been extremely rich, the choice was more convenient, could meet each kind of purchase need, each kind yielded profit, buys presents as a gift and so on back coupling actions is lets the purchase process be pleasantly surprised.

But in the service detail,oil stock
the active undertaking side provides the free working lunch supply, the airplane ticket hotel for the purchasing agent predetermined, the special pair to lead buys services and so on service, finance green passage, is for the purpose of promoting the purchase experience by might and main, has made the profound impression to the purchasing agent.

Moves splendidly practical The trade and the culture are altogether prosperous   It is known that the 14th session of water shell jewelry purchase congress activity numerous, the active undertaking side in completes the commercial service in the foundation, pays great attention practical and the cultural dissemination. The first session of Shenzhen jade carving stone carving evaluation “the jade huge mythical bird prize” holds for the first time up to the art show in Shenzhen, the activity promoted Shenzhen jade carving profession development effectively, cultivation making jade carving high-quality goods consciousness,court attendant will cause the jade product to gain the market popularity, simultaneously, “the jade huge mythical bird prize” the work in the water shell international jewelry transaction center’s free display, has caused the public media, the profession media and the general jade culture amateur’s attention, promoted the jade culture popularization and the dissemination.

2011 Chinese colored gem peak forum’s convention collection industry sound from all walks of life, from the valuable association, the international colored gem association (ICA), the Beijing food market mouth general merchandise Limited liability company, a Zhou Dafu jewelry gold line of Limited company, the water shell international jewelry transaction center, Shenzhen star light reaches the jewelry Limited company, the immortal road jewelry and so on well-known color valuable enterprise to lead the honored guest to attend the peak forum, explores the Chinese colored gem market together the trend of development, the full of meat has the guiding sense practically to the Chinese color valuable profession.

But takes night of 21st a activity this session of purchase congress climax activity – - Luohu fashion “the water shell jewelry to dazzle the color night of 2012 new product issue magnificent ceremony”, the trade and the culture unify highly, will purchase the congress to push to the high tide, Luohu area government, profession association related leadership, the province inside and outside distinguished guests, hundred jewelry enterprise people in charge and the media friend common testimony radiant time, is full of the creativity the jewelry new product with the fashionable cultural breath which glows, let Luohu be full of the charm.

Japanese drama

Monday, September 26th, 2011

In majority Japanese drama Han Juli, has looked at some their indoor design, can always eagerly anticipate the tidal current, in the traditional design, the curtain is necessary, but, the Japanese and South Korean Taiwan area is in vogue the geomancy curtain! Lives at the geomancy: In family curtain screen foot pad related geomancy Usually in family two gates relative when will put a curtain, or the restroom gate to when will arrive at the dining room, may put a curtain, by now will have melts the ghost the function, curtain’s material quality has many kinds, take bead string as good.

Screen[keeps off ghost,
Small business
to gather gas, backer]The screen has keeps off the ghost the function 1. curtain[ghost] Usually in family two gates relative when will put a curtain, or the restroom gate to when will arrive at the dining room, may put a curtain, by now will have melts the ghost the function, curtain’s material quality has many kinds, take bead string as good.

2. screen[keeps off ghost, to gather gas, backer] The screen has keeps off the ghost the function, for example lives in the anteroom to have the restroom to rush to the bed, by now might suspend a screen to block the contamination the gas, if the gate faces each other, may also use the screen to block; In family’s wealth position just above the aisle, is unable the Tibet wind to gather was mad, at this time puts a screen on the corner, then puts the move of wealth cat or the move of wealth tree again and so on…And so on may help to gather was mad;

The screen also has backer’s function,pole significance
for example behind the seat has not depended, at this time suspends a screen to be possible to have depends. 3. treadons the pad[ghost, welcomes happily] Present’s rookery is frequently the gate faces each other flushes, at this time puts the foot pedal pad’s words to be possible to melt the ghost, take red as lucky, for example the inhabitant two buildings are the houses, a building is the automobile access or is a corridor, this kind of gas is very muddy, at this time puts the foot pedal pad to be possible to melt the foul air;

Has earth Si Youcai, the happy expression usually comes from the ground, moreover the front door usual named rosefinch side, Zhu Jiu is the red meaning, puts the foot pedal pad’s words on the ground to be possible to greet the happy expression.

At present, the hardware cabinet market varied assortment, each kind of import cabinet and the domestically produced cabinet’s price spread is very big, is paying great attention cabinet functionality more and more today, the cabinet hardware fitting has become nowadays cabinet’s new pet.

The people when choose the cabinet majority will pay great attention its visual effect, but the cabinet body, the wall cupboard,great size fitting’s quality and the function, often are neglected actually, but these basic hardwares regarding the cabinet are actually most essential.

The hardware fitting is the present cabinet’s important component, the hardware quality, direct decision overall cabinet’s performance, therefore, how to select and purchase suits in own cabinet, how to judge the hardware fit and unfit quality, the concrete cabinet hardware value geometry, has then become the current buyer necessary general knowledge.

First, cabinet hardware fitting brand and price comparison: Cabinet’s hardware matches the assorted items is one of modern kitchen furniture’s important components. However, the hardware fit and unfit quality have often not brought to the cabinet manufacturer attention, the consumer lack the judgment ability to the hardware fit and unfit quality, also lacks the enough understanding.

The hardware and matches the assorted items to hold the important position in the chain case cabinet material, it immediate influence cabinet’s comprehensive quality. “The life” has the very tremendous influence regarding cabinet’s normal use and the use.

Easy to neglect the hardware in view of the consumer and to match the assorted items the choice, to recognize that the verification tendency, the hardware type which appears on the market in makes the general introduction. Only synthesizes the reference, the contrast, the choice for the consumer.

conservation reduces

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Now, the wallpaper pattern is more and more, but how to choose in all kinds of variety most suits oneself family’s that one section? Designer’s suggestion is,conservation reduces
the variety area small and unfolds completely the effect is dissimilar, should better demand an area big sample to the business, the area is bigger is better, like this can feel the shop in the home on the wall feeling. Buys the wallpaper key to look at the brand and the habitat According to the professional introduced that buys the wallpaper first to learn “to look”,

looked whether the wallpaper does have the chromatic aberration, the air bubble, the design is whether fine and the stratified feeling. The good wallpaper seems the nature is comfortable, and stereoscopic effect; Next is traces: With the hand touching wallpaper,the original
felt that its chart level solidity and about thickness to be whether consistent. Third is “scratches”: Makes an effort with the micro wet cloth to scratch the wallpaper surface, if presents the decolorization or the delamination quality is not good. Finally is heard:

Heard whether the wallpaper does have the unusual smell. Yuan continent decoration chief designer Li Zhichao said that except uses these methods, as the consumer must look that the habitat and the brand, “I already favored Italian, German and the beautiful domestically produced wallpaper, is mainly the environmental protection performance is good, moreover looks at the brand, finally is looks at the material quality, the paper most environmental protection.”

When determined the good product, when final purchased, suggested that the consumer wanted to buy some as far as possible. According to the Ming Dynasty palace building materials lives at the city concerned people in charge to introduce that “the wallpaper and the ceramic tile have the chromatic aberration problem, even if the model is the same, will not be a large stock of goods, the color will be different. Pastes the wallpaper, because often the reduction question will have little bought the situation, when the owner will make up the goods again, often will present the new goods and the original wallpaper has the chromatic aberration question, such suit needs to process several nearly every year, suggested that the owner will buy a volume extra wallpaper,electro-optical
by against will present the accident.”

Before pasting the wallpaper, to clean up the wall surface and the ground The wallpaper shop pastes is also important. Li Zhichao said that the owner best choice product, the supplementary material buy in one, once like this had problems is not easy to present the dispute. “once some owner, the wallpaper and the rubber picked separately from the different business, at the same day the wallpaper pasted, the second day had the package in the bank of television monitors position, the result said respectively each product did not have the question, therefore the product was best buys completely in one.”

Before the shop, must first cleaning ups and so on wall surface, ground sand, trash be clean, like this avoids the dust drilling into the wallpaper.Becomes domestic Next, the shop pastes the wallpaper to be suitable when wall surface processing finished with the house repair conclusion carried on, because the wallpaper constructed easyly to do, will not affect the repair which already completed, but in the house repair used if paint not completely dry, in the paint organic solvent will volatilize the pollution wallpaper surface massively.

Completes completely after the initial work can start to paste, before pasting, do not forget basement membrane, this protection wall surface function, once the wallpaper must uncover, will not damage the outer surface. After the wallpaper pastes, the room do not be well ventilated, if ventilates the rubber to be able to do too quickly, the wallpaper different will cause the slot, hemstitching because of the stress, should better be within two days do not be well ventilated.

What needs to remind the owner is, present’s wallpaper long is 10 meters, but the general room is 2 meter 6, 2 meters 7 high, such words, if will paste an entire wall to keep “the blank”, suggested that will add a vertex angle line to avoid this question.

estate dealer

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

This summer’s windows and doors profession is doomed to move restlessly restlessly. Just retreated “the corn core gate” event’s high temperature, “the paper core gate” the event then closes. “how does this outcome install? Is the solid wooden compound gate is the paper core gate?”A time owner has flustered the position. Inferior gate which the devil wood workshop produces facing the market,Chongqing lamps
blurred “the paper core gate” the concept, stirred the muddy wooden door profession the market, the numerous businesses unanimously indicated could not injury.

Paper core gate investigation Event: Has used near 3 year compound gates is the paper core gate unexpectedly Recently, the family was occupied by Mr. Liu who the Chang An area makes a vow the garden friendly, in gives oneself the door trades doorbell’s time, discovered that has used the near 3 year reality wooden compound gate is unexpectedly the honeycomb paper packing, but this Xi’an Guo the Du industry garden production “ten thousand” the wooden door, is had by the sign in 2007 the certificate. “what our plot’s several family member building 80% install is this sign gate, at that time was thinking is attaches the certificate,illumination product
therefore everybody felt relieved very much, but this time discovered unexpectedly inside is the honeycomb paper, how the gate can use the paper to fill?

Some neighbors on-line have looked up the material, had not discovered that this sign’s gate, the suspicion is the estate dealer and the small manufacturer joins up the production the inferior gate.”Mr. Liu said indignantly. The investigators the telephone which pastes according to the aperture on dial the factory immediately, actually discovered that the number has been unable to put through.

The wooden door market the present behind-the-scenes plotting paper core gate lets the business be nerve-racking low-spirited The solid wooden compound gate is “the paper core gate” is also the profession “the hidden rule”? According to the culmination reaches the family profession market person in charge to disclose: The solid wooden compound gate is the paper core gate, machine manufacture
this in the wooden door profession is an hidden rule, in 90% compound gates will have the filling material, only will be the consumer cannot accept.

Investigation: “paper core gate” price decision quality The professional said: “the solid wooden compound gate includes the honeycomb paper and other cardboard class filling material, the price is higher, the packing paper will be better, the wooden door withstanding quantity and the sound-insulated effect will be also better, but in the market condition will sell well is the solid wooden compound gate at present, also will be everybody’s so-called paper core gate,

actually will use the honeycomb paper will fill is originally the wooden door must the structural material, before, but because dealer, in sale time, to the consumer had not explained that clear and will present the wooden door the intrinsic structure, as soon as will cause the consumer to meet the paper core to think that has been deceived, will also have the traditional ideas, the consumer general will think the gate toIs the wood only then knock at the door.

At the same time,electrical appliances to satisfy many consumers to love the cheap psychology, in the Xi’an market condition has emerged many devil wood work places, produced the inexpensive inferior wooden door, in which filling material is specially the very bad cardboard, the consumer when the use had the problem to sum up on completely Yu Zhixin, therefore caused the consumer to meet the paper to be startled, thus has also caused the consumer to the brand family profession and the high-end family profession suspicion.

At present national not unified about wooden door standard, therefore wooden door profession good and bad people mixed up.” Kibitzing: Chooses the regular factory The aspect which to endure how facing the wooden door profession sentiment, the culmination reaches the family profession person in charge to indicate: The consumer when purchases the wooden door, certainly cannot seek after the small advantage, must arrive regular lives at sells the field and the brand shop purchase, when fills in the contract, certainly must see clearly the contract, it is necessary the solid wooden compound gate compound degree to indicate the contract.

Meanwhile as the business when sells the wooden door, must with the consumer communicate, and to the consumer explained ahead of time the wooden door the filling material, prevents to wrangle afterward. The industry and commerce personnel said that because at present does not have a standard wooden door standard, fills about the paper core also has the dispute, suggested that the consumer goes to the regular factory purchase, they to the wooden door which will take substandard products as fine products will attack firmly.

Extends reading: Honeycomb paper: Is according to the nature honey-comb structure principle manufacture, it is connects the corrugated original with the rubber caking method innumerable hollow three-dimensional, the hexagon, forms an overall stress – - paper core, and one kind of new sandwich structure environmental protection energy conservation material which becomes in its both sides agglutination surface paper.

Perhaps approves

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Brand vacancy   Regarding the exclusive agency, it requests to be quite standard generally, unified, the standard image and the operation mechanism, this requests the LED factory to have the high brand influence and market operation ability, can business’s daily management, the management provide various aspects the instruction. At present, LED emerges the time also only then 2-3 years,consumer purchases
the domestic well-known illumination enterprise was still in the LED initial period the research and development, the production base, in the market has the influence LED brand not yet to appear, the LED market was still at one kind of feudal lord tangled warfare’s condition.

The product quality irregular, lacks the leadership brand, this causes many businesses to choose time the LED cooperation factory appears very confused. Some LED exclusive agency which knows by the author, in its shop acts the LED brand much reaches more than 10, and is some 23 brands. This promiscuous condition, is very different to our LED exclusive agency in the true sense.   The product localization is undefined

The preceding period of time, the author had once visited the Jiangmen some energy conservation lamp enterprise. This enterprise is preparing to promote the LED project. In this enterprise’s LED product demonstration hall, the author saw the outdoor lighting uses the LED street light, places and so on market supermarket use the LED tube lamp, the spotlight as well as live at with products and so on LED indirect lighting have it all.

At present,consumer purchases
many enterprises when starts the LED project pursue one-sidedly big and complete, no matter is the outdoor lighting, interior lighting, no matter is the high efficiency, low power, so long as is LED on. Also some enterprises are “eat what is offered”, every can make money to do. However, manages the exclusive agency, then the request product has the defined localization, and unifies consumer’s demand to carry on the segmentation, in view of the different function, the different environment carries on the varying degree to the product essential factor the variation combination. Thus, is only then advantageous to the exclusive agency later period’s propaganda and the market development.

Now in the market condition renovates quickly the product, including the face brick surface finishing agent and the ceramic tile, the mosaic cementing agent, is quite common in the European market application, may, in does not eradicate the old ceramic tile basic unit in the foundation, glues the new ceramic tile, the mosaic directly; Perhaps approves using the face brick surface finishing agent wipes the basic unit, then after approving blows the putty, directly whitewashes the coating. This kind renovates fast the method which the shop pastes, will not destroy Lao Fang to construct the basic unit, will reduce the repair expense reduction time at the same time, also avoided Lao Fang renovating trash and the noise question.

The old porcelain brick wall trades “the new clothes” the case: Aunt Liu family’s kitchen and the bathroom ceramic tile uses many years later the greasy dirt eliminates with difficulty, the spatial drum and the dehiscence are also very serious, recently she wanted partial to renovate the kitchen health wall floor tile. But considered demolishes the old ceramic tile, will produce trash, will chisel the wall to open the old brick’s noise also to affect the neighbor. Aunt Liu wants to retain the original ceramic tile, pastes the new ceramic tile directly in the above shop. Kibitzing:

Kitchen and bathroom wall ground, regardless of why a kind of ceramic tile, can paste the new ceramic tile directly on the old ceramic tile.representative enterprise Must first eliminate the old ceramic tile surface the dust and the dirt, then makes the basic unit with the ceramic tile cementing agent on the old ceramic tile to approve wipes, after approving wiped finishes, may paste the new ceramic tile directly. Shenggeban Great Uncle Building material Company Product division Manager the Liu Wei great suggestion, also needs thinly to wipe the cementing agent at the back of the new ceramic tile, thickness take covers the ceramic tile back grain as a standard, lets the new ceramic tile stick reliably.

When the shop pastes the new ceramic tile, taps nearby the new ceramic tile with the rubber hammer the shop to hem makes the adjustment, needs to pay attention to the reservation to swollen the expansion joint, 24 hours later, and so on ceramic tile cementing agents do thoroughly, with pointing medicinal preparation pointing then. Has the appropriate tool, the consumer definitely may DIY.

Prompt: Has the drum or the damage ceramic tile seriously individually needs to eradicate, after the eradication, with mosaic face brick surface finishing agent patching, is equally smooth after the old ceramic tile surface, then uses the ceramic tile cementing agent to glue the new ceramic tile, is more reliable. The old porcelain brick wall changes the body coating wall

illumination application

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Decided that a brand or a shop front success or not, are not take the strength as the only determination standard, the author in terminal many years, saw makes the floor, Wei Yu the dealer to make the cabinet to be defeated many comes to an end, actually makes the cabinet not necessarily to the big strength, the key be the intention, so long as the method has been right, also the unusual intention,pastes piece
by my terminal many year experiences, the matter which simply could not have completed, cannot complete does not have the intention most more importantly, has not spent the experience above this, the cabinet not necessarily must kiss the strength to kiss is, but the cabinet is different with other products is needs to add carefullyPatience, only then the thoughts flower arrived, does not have the question.

Fifth, perseveres the quality, to complete the service: This is completes the cabinet closet road of the survival, does not have the quality product is cannot withstand the market the examination, but does not have the very good service meaning factory and the dealer is also very difficult to base, completes the cabinet to observe the principle, flickers the customer is the basis which the brand cannot complete, do not go to mix makes the customer, this world does not have the fool, even if you one time have gone well,good information
but this danger is throughout the existence, you did not know that this bomb anything is the detonation, is careful for on. The company irresponsible will cause the dealer disunity, the dealer to play flickers the customer to tidy up you.

Sixth, emphasis brand localization: Insisting to locate, the prominent individuality, does has own characteristic product, do not imitate blindly, if has the very good localization, certainly must insist to locate, for example Zhongshan Le Bao Shi insisted that “the ecology”, the blue valley insisted “the intelligence”, Shang Pengtang insisted “the science and technology” these are the very good ideas, must persevere, does not want, because the market turbulence is restless, the small and medium-sized enterprise must form own superiority, the prominent individuality, needs to guarantee that own boat may also “when production costs rise, prices rise too”, dare slightly by great. This article is the original, the copyright turns over to author Zhongshan Le Bao Shi kitchen closet Zou Jinshun all, if must reprint, please indicate the author and the source.

In the last few years,illumination application the Chinese architecture industry’s vigorous development has provided the place which for the construction curtain wall profession gives full play, meets the different construction structural design need the curtain wall product to explain in project practice success application, the construction curtain wall is until now outside the most ideal large-scale public building the building enclosure. in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games project take manifests the construction main body style, insightful, the energy conservation environmental protection and comfortable as a characteristic, is now the world construction curtain wall profession luminescent spot.

The Olympic Games main body construction curtain wall project is not only the world top curtain wall company demonstrates the strength and the newest technical stage, is also the domestic and foreign curtain wall company puts together the strength the battlefield. May foresee, in the future in the developing process, the construction curtain wall rope structural design, the glass structural design and so on essential frontier technology will make a bigger breakthrough.

At present, China already could develop independently has the proprietary intellectual property rights product, had revealed in the significant curtain wall project tender the enterprise unique design mentality, even more has manifested the business management and the enterprise culture in the construction organization project design, the Chinese construction curtain wall profession starts to move toward the mature development phase.

Mayor Zhang Jianhua

Monday, September 19th, 2011

“GE illuminates the peaceful gram to develop Pu the strategic cooperation” the signing ceremony the camp to hold east Shandong on August 30, 2010, the GE illumination develops the Pu electro-optic science and technology Limited company strategy cooperation signing ceremony with the east camp peaceful gram, holds in the east camp.

Dongying Mayor Zhang Jianhua,electrical energy
Deputy Mayor Li Jinkun, high one and so on related leadership and GE illuminate Asian and Pacific area president concurrently chief executive officer Gao Si, GE to illuminate Asian and Pacific area chief market executive officer Zhang Chunyong, GE the illumination (China) north area general manager, Song Hai, CREE vice-president Shi Yu Can, Chinese Illumination Electric appliance Profession Association Director Chen Yan to live, Chinese Illumination Academic society Director Wang Jinsui, east the camp peaceful gram to develop Pu electro-optic science and technology Limited company Chairman Qiu Zhi to be brave, general manager once attendance signing ceremonies and so on light.

GE is extremely nitpicking regarding partner’s choice,current design
its invests any project, must become the whole world first three. East the camp peaceful gram develops the Pu electro-optic science and technology Limited company is a young privately operated capital high technology and new technology Limited company, the specialty is engaged in the light emitter diode (LED) the product manufacture and the research and development.

With GE (illumination) the strategic cooperation, will become in the LED field more than 2000 Private enterprises only and the world 500 strong cooperation joint capital enterprise, from now on the peaceful gram will develop Pu with the GE illumination in aspects and so on market, research and development, joint capital to strengthen the cooperation, will create LED together according to the Ming Dynasty history in the brand-new development mentality and the turning point, will have the epoch-making significance cooperation in the LED field, will be a new photo source revolution beginning;

Specially to the Yellow River delta ecology highly effective economic zone’s development, gets up incomparable leads, the demonstration and the radiation effect.photoemission solves
Looked on the market prospect that the LED industrial development future is bright, but the profession competition is intense, the peaceful gram develops Pu to take a young Private enterprise, the development momentum is swift and violent, obtained world famous enterprise Haire and the GE illumination approval successively.

Ties with the GE illumination for the strategy partner, develops the Pu electro-optic science and technology Limited company to the east camp peaceful gram to make national and even the global biggest LED illumination profession Leading enterprise’s goal,哮喘 will play the positive promoter action.

American Eternaled s goes on the market the water-cooled LED light bulb “Eternaleds HydraLux-4”. This company calls it “the field for the first time” the going on the market water-cooled LED light bulb. This LED light bulb power consumption is 4W, brightness and the 25W incandescent lamp quite.

Because selects the water cooling method, omitted has used in cooling the light bulb internal radiating collar (Heat Pipe), the radiator fin (Heat Sink) and the ventilator and so on. Therefore, light bulb’s first half part did not have the gable radiation material, the light emission angle to expand 360 degrees. The water coolant uses with the baby soothing oil same ingredient, is harmless to the human body, conforms to the UL standard.

The LED light bulb’s life is 35,000 hours. According to uses 8 hours to calculate every day, but about long-term usage 12 years. But turns on a light every day for 8 hours, the run cost every year is only 1.75 US dollars. Not only has may use the existing light modulator to adjust the light the function, but also has the merit which indoor outdoor may use.