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main role

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Hard disk number of heads to read data head is a key component, its main role is to be stored on the hard disc on the magnetic information into electrical signals to transmit,supply classification a
but it works is the use of special materials with the resistance value The principle of the magnetic field changes to read and write data on the disc, head to a large extent determine the quality of hard disc storage density.

Now more commonly used is GMR (Giant Magneto Resisive) giant magnetoresistive heads, GMR heads using better materials and magnetoresistive effect multi-layer film structure, the traditional head than before, and MR (Magneto Resisive) magnetoresistive heads more is sensitive to changes in the magnetic field can cause a relatively large resistance to change in order to achieve higher storage density. Head is hard to read and write on the disc in the working tool is the hard one of the most sophisticated parts.

Coil wrapped around the head is made on the core. Hard at work, head on a platter by sensing the rotating magnetic field changes to read data; by changing the magnetic field on the disc to write the data. To avoid head and disc wear, in working condition, the head suspended in the high-speed rotating disc at the top, rather than direct contact with the disc only after the power is off, heads will automatically return to a fixed location on the disc ( called the landing zone, where the disc does not store data,power supply
is the starting position the disc). Thin-film sensor (TFI) heads

In 1990-1995, the hard drive using TFI read / write technology. TFI head is actually winding core. Disc through the core in the winding when the induced voltage on the head. TFI read head will reach its capacity of why the limit is due to increased magnetic sensitivity in the same time, it’s writing ability has diminished. Anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) head AMR (Anisotropic Magneto Resistive) 90 mid, Seagate’s hard disk using the AMR head.

AMR TFI head to head with complete write operation, but with the magnetic thin section components as read. In the case of a magnetic field, thin section of the resistance with the magnetic field changes, and then have a very strong signal. Hard to decipher changes in the magnetic field polarity of the resistance change caused by the thin, improved read sensitivity. AMR head to further improve the density, and reduced component count. As the AMR film a certain amount of resistance change limits, AMR technology can support up to 3.3GB / square inch recording density, so the sensitivity of AMR heads, there are limits.sine wave This led to the development of GMR heads.

GMR (Giant Magneto Resistive, GMR) GMR heads inherited the TFI head and head in the use of AMR read / write technology. But it’s on the disk read heads for magnetic variation showed higher sensitivity. GMR head is 4-layer magnetic thin film conductive material and consisting of: a sensor layer, a non-conductive intermediate layer, a tie layer and a magnetic exchange layer.

GMR sensor sensitivity three times larger than AMR heads, they were able to improve the disc density and performance. The number of heads on hard disc drives in the number of positive and negative sides of the disc are stored with the data, so a disc corresponding to the two heads to work properly.

Such as the total capacity 80GB hard drive, a single platter 80GB disc, and that only one disc, the disc has a positive and negative data, the corresponding two heads;

and the same total capacity 120GB hard drive, using two disk film, only three heads, one side of a disc is not the head. Network hard disk “network drive” or “superior network (U) disk” is the user’s files stored on the Internet, user-friendly “carry” their files, user-friendly with his friends and family “share” their files , all operations on the page of our website to complete. No restrictions on file type.

keyboard prints

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Four contain soaks printing (also to be called hot sublimation technique) including to soak printing is one kind prints the entirely different printing way with the ordinary printing ink, it uses is the common liquid shape pigment class printing ink by no means that but is the solid pitch class printing ink. This kind of printing ink will sublimate the gaseous state under the high temperature, Wireless Keyboard
after gaseous state member form permeating permeability print surface will sublimate, will thus become a whole with the printing surface in the physical stratification plane, but will not only look like ordinary pigment class printing ink such “to stick” on the printing surface, therefore its printing reliable will be extremely high. Moreover the resin class printing ink congenital in aspects and so on gloss, shape is more outstanding.

including soaks prints common is the ceramic porcelain cup “roasts India” the picture service. Including soaks printing to use when the keyboard prints, the printing ink completely “permeating” pressed key’s PBT and the ABS plastic inner layer, therefore is nearly impossible to abrasion, therefore present only then the RealForce keyboard uses this printing way. On behalf of: Topre Realforce 101

Five laser padding law the laser padding’s method principle is a little similar “the model community”,

the model community is the grain leaves the careful trace with the needle on the skin, then fills in with the pigment spreads, such color will permeate skin’s trace, will not be fallen later by the laundering or abrasions. But the laser padding technology is also so, uses the laser etching technique to print a writing first (, but must print shallow somewhat compared to usual laser etching, guaranteed that surface smooth), then the use printing ink printing way carries on two printing,mechanical devices
like this solidifies the printing ink will permeate the scratch which the laser will stay behind and keeps in which, hereafter easily will not be rubbed off.

Use laser padding technology printing keyboard, because underwent printing ink two printing, therefore has made up the laser etching typeface not good and cannot print the colored flaw, but because has the laser scratch underlie, its reliable must be higher than pure printing ink printing by far. I believe that this keycap processing method is the laser etching and printing ink printing marriage representative: Logitech ELITE (BTC OEM)

Six hollow out printing law first to show that a spot this method nearly is prints on handset’s keyboard with this way. And only then the APPLE some notebook keyboard has used this printing method. This printing way said is very simple, actually, the Apple Computer uses this kind to print the way the main purpose is not reliable for the handwriting, but for artistic.

Because this kind hollows out because the typeface is “engraves” comes out, must therefore compared to printing ink India clearer sprightly, moreover the handset keyboard is likely same, hollows out the writing under the pressed key to be possible to install the back light electric circuit, enables the notebook keyboard handset keyboard to have the excellent back light effect equally likely.

but hollows out the printing method flaw to be very also obvious, this kind of transparent material quality when uses in makes the keyboard, its elasticity, degree of hardness, the abrasion resistance congenital are inferior to the ordinary keycap material.power source In fact, no matter is the use hollows out writing printing, the transparent keycap material quality does not have one kind to catch up with the traditional black and white ABS plastic until now in the touch. On behalf of: APPLE notebook keyboard Logitech G15

72 colors form the two color formations are using the mold two kind of different color plastics unify in together, uses two kind of plastic colors the difference to demonstrate the typeface. Two color forming’s superiority lies in the font color to be bright, the abrasive resistance high, Yi Youdiao character’s phenomenon, the technique of manufacture good words keycap touch performance cannot be very good. The shortcoming is difficult to display the thin writing, the color type to be monotonous, the stroke order of complexity is low, moreover its manufacture’s fixed cost is expensive.

row final letter

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

9 position Chinese phonetic alphabet hypothesis is situated between 8 positions and 10 positions, proper attention to both Pinyin and English custom. First, both retained the space bar position hypothesis, and participated in Chinese syllable code well;

Next, establishes a row final letter and two rows initial consonants according to the Chinese phonetic alphabet natural sequence,splendor starts
the branch numeric keyboard’s 1-9 positions, increased a code key position, the code space enhanced largely, its three, the only 9 position letter hypothesis, has actually realized Chinese syllable “zero” the heavy code, as well as digital initial consonant Jan Pin and the digital syllable all spelled separates effectively, has the qualitative leap, and saved other positions.

This is “the elegant standard is abundant” numeric keyboard 9 position pinyin alphabet hypothesis – - 1agb, 2okp, 3ehm, 4ijf, 5uqd, 6vxt, 7nzn, 8ycl, 9wsr, 0. 9 position Chinese phonetic alphabet hypothesis’s 1agb keyboard, with 1 expressed that a and g with 01 expressed b, with 2 expressed o and k with 02 expressed p, with 3 expressed e and h with 03 expressed m, with 4 expressed i and j with 04 expressed f, with 5 expressed u and q with 05 expressed d, with 6 expressed v and x use 06 to express t, with 7 expressed n (final) and z with 07 expression initial consonant n, with 8 expressed y and c with 08 expressed l, with 9 expressed w and s with 09 express r, 0; With y expressed that ia, with w expressed ua, expresses ng with g or w, will have Chinese syllable simplification;

Inputs the Chinese character when with the handset numeric keyboard, digital initial consonant (21) not heavy code, digital final (altogether 35 simplified finals) not heavy code, therefore complete digital Chinese syllable no longer heavy code; Because the 1agb key letter hypothesis order uses Chinese teaching sequence to arrange and the layout, orderly, in addition the digital Chinese syllable is brief, perspicuity, not heavy code, therefore easy to study easily, to record, on deft, types quickly!

Film keyboard    The film keyboard internal structure (upper formation and lower level has electric circuit by three conductive films,pulse voltage
middle is insulating layer) composes. This is this keyboard makes the trigger action the key, but also has other types on the conductive film, some uses the rubber hat, some are the use mechanical mold train, the rubber hat is in the present general market condition looked that obtained may such say.

Night light keyboard the night light keyboard receives everybody affection more and more at present. At present in the market back light keyboard divides into two kinds approximately, one kind is takes the back light by the LED light emitter diode, another kind is the electricity worn out fur woman with no pubic hair takes the back light.

the present LED back light keyboard divides into the single color LED night light keyboard with to change color the LED night light keyboard (thunder snake some color deterioration keyboard is illumination pressed key in this kind), the LED keyboard and the electricity worn out fur woman with no pubic hair keyboard compares, because LED it is quite simple, therefore its price is quite usually cheap,lamp’s combination but as a result of each LED brightness existence quite big difference, therefore its back light uniformity guaranteed with difficulty, adds on a LED keyboard is again is composed of many LED photo tubes, therefore it consumes the electricity relatively quite to be also big.

the light electroplates in the night light keyboard present market to be quite few, because mainly it uses is the price quite high light electroplates, therefore the high-end back light keyboard or the military night light keyboard divide property equally with this kind.

The merit is its brightness is even, consumes the electrode to be low, the life is long, the quality stable, moreover the light electroplates only then about 0.5mm, also to be possible to fold the size which, the light electroplates also to be possible to tailor willfully, the shortcoming is the price is high, cannot the turn color, the spirit back light keyboard belong to this kind.

the promotion

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Global technology authorization company Rambus in 2010 positive cross foot LED application industry, serves under somebody’s banner the MicroLens patented technology to march the LED back light and the illumination market, Rambus indicated that MicroLens achieves in LED back light system Cheng Jiangke saves a LED use number, the reduction material cost and the promotion cost competitive power benefit,Chinese government
for example 46 inch LEDTV might achieve saves 30% back light cost, but hope by the underneath one-sided illumination’s LEDTV back light module in 2011 the quantity to produce, at the appointed time 40 inch LEDTV LED use number might reduce by present 240 to 142.

Rambus indicated that the whole world illumination device market approximately has 8,000 hundred million US dollars scales, in 2010 the LED illumination penetration coefficient only approximately 4%, according to the estimate, the market first 20% customer are belongs to the early time to use, will then enter take the price and the product performance as the consideration fast period of expansion, the market proportion approximately reaches 30%,

its output value scale approximately has 2,400 hundred million US dollars, for must develop this huge market, the consumer can accept the LED illumination price must drop to the tradition to illuminate in 20% price margins, the enterprise customer must in invest in 2 years to be able to achieve the electrical bill recycling, in the future must further achieve the goal which recycles in 1 year.

Rambus in serves under somebody’s banner after 2,600 ten thousand US dollar purchase luxuriantly growing forest MicroLens illumination and electro-optical patent and research and development team, the technical conformity has completed, Rambus and global illumination big plant strange (GE) signed the authorized agreement the other day, emphatically for the construction and commercial lighting’s plate LED lighting system, will enter the global market in the future.

Rambus indicated that as a result of by the MicroLens technology, may control the photo source radiation the angle, applies in has on the curve illumination product,imports rubber
at present LED illumination product prototypes and so on suspensory and two-sided -like hanging lamps already completed, in 2011 hopes the quantity to produce, but the office region illumination will be the future LED illumination biggest application market.

In the LEDTV market, Rambus indicated that in 2010 penetration coefficient approximately 20%, for must reach 50% scales the sustained development to the market penetration coefficient, occupies under the expansion in the city, the cost continues to reduce, its price must drop to compared to the CCFL price margin is lower than in 10%, because the Microlens Optical Technology may achieve the photo source focusing, causes to lead the worn out fur woman with no pubic hair the light average to be scattered, makes side light type LEDTV the optical design efficiency to enhance 20~30%.

In addition, is different with the traditional print or the laser system regulation, Microlens uses the trundle type technology, may drop to the beacon thickness of slab below 0.3mm, but proliferates the plate material specification requirement also to hope to reduce, leads the material cost to reduce, Rambus estimated that uses passes on the control regulation 46 inch television beacon board cost approximately in 30 US dollars, will use Microlens to be possible to reduce to 20 US dollars,China’s enterprise will be equal in saves 30% costs.

Rambus the strategy sends demonstration industry place vice-President to indicate that MarcMcConnaughey indicated that LEDTV has 50% markets is bigger than 40 inches aircraft types, in 2010 the LEDTV back light’s illumination design is mostly uses the top and bottom 2 sides to enter the light, in 2011 will enter the left and right 2 side illumination, the final LEDTV back light module will enter the one-sided illumination, can achieve the most low cost the result.

He estimated that 46 inch LEDTV in 2010 a LED number approximately in 240, in 2011 will reduce to 172, has used to 2012 by the underneath light design, a LED number will reduce to 142, at present already might achieve 55 inch LEDTV aircraft types, estimates in 2011 to hope to advance to the one-sided to enter the light the quantity to produce, but Rambus already carried on the technical authorization with many brand factories or the back light module.

small spring

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Under market economy’s influence, the wave ridge trough will appear alternately. Appears unceasingly along with the real estate new deal following policy, the country is also bright gradually to real estate market’s policy-type intervention, the buyer waits and sees the mood to weaken, moreover the rigid demand still exists, real estate market price after a position smooth landing, will raise one to purchase the new upsurge, will thus lead the furniture profession sale the development, will cause the furniture profession after the sales volume will slide will welcome a small spring.

After the trough bounce is during the anticipation, we are explaining national releasing the policy not to be able earnestly to understand–The country releases the real estate market policy the goal to lie in ‘ the containment partial city house price excessively quickly rise, solves the township dwellers accommodation earnestly ‘, but must fundamentally suppresses the real estate the development, after undergoing more than one year of adjustment, the real estate market price already tended to be reasonable,source aspect
simultaneously consumer’s purchase warm will also lead the furniture profession the advantage good development.

The above has made the brief analysis on the real estate market new deal to the furniture profession’s influence, is quite superficial, explained probably the real estate market regulatory period author thought can experience a process. The general situation has decided that what measure the furniture profession before the sales volume does appear slides should take to deal with the policy to own adverse effect? First, sees clearly the market demand to give what is desired Regarding the speculative home-buyer, before the vicarious investment way appears, it still had the possibility still the funding invested housing market.

But in the livability real estate price falls obviously in the situation, they will have the possibility to choose shop, office and so on commercial character the real estate, but the real estate operator will also have the possibility many to choose this direction to carry on the development, will cause the commercial character real estate proportion markup. After forming so the aspect, will certainly to have the impact on the furniture profession low-and-middle market.

It is well known, the speculative home-buyer cannot give the furniture profession to bring the actual economic efficiency, is on the contrary and the commonplace rigid demand and the improvement housing demand is the main army who the terminal expends,hastens frontage
is also about them the furniture profession sales result. Regarding the rigid demand’s repair demand, the goal which they repair lies in the enhancement life quality, thus in time choice furniture thing or finishing material, compared with tendency with the high-grade product, because the low-grade furniture thing market will be under the impact.

Under this market background, the furniture enterprise should adjust the development strategy as soon as possible, the adjustment product manufacturing proportion, thus expands the market in the real estate market chaos time to hold the share. So-called congenial good, is the establishment in the profit foundation. Next, the supply and demand contradictory prominent stimulation profession science and technology proposes the effect to be warm To market anticipated insufficiently accurate, as well as the national policy attacks releasing and so on disadvantage factor influence,

the furniture profession high speed expansion produces can the contradiction which anticipated and the relative atrophy’s market demand will produce with the market compromises with difficulty. Therefore, using technical method enhancement working efficiency, thus the reduction product cost was the enterprise passes the chaos time the best method.

Under the market advantage spatial environment, the furniture enterprise will also arouse the profession science and technology to propose the effect the enthusiasm, the furniture profession product quality will have the certain extent enhancement,DVB-T TUNER but the product cost will reduce, then for furniture enterprise smooth pull through strength great merit. Furniture profession success key five essential factors Some enterprises enter when the furniture profession has the strength very much, actually has not obtained in the imagination the success.

This is because many people have not clearly recognized this profession the particularity, actually, so long as looked for this profession successful essential essential factor, will be related the aspect the work to complete, the success was the logical matter.

The furniture profession has its particular The following analyzes the furniture profession from the furniture profession’s characteristic and this profession consumer behavior’s characteristic to be different with other profession particularity. 1. all has custom-made the product. The furniture all has custom-made the product, the factory basis customer’s demand, delivers its need specially for its design parallel intergrowth the product. This and the major part other profession’s business model radial direction is different. 2. the attention is low, the importance is high,

the profession which the furniture will be the customer will have when demand only will then pay attention, customer does not repair when ever did not care that will have any furniture factory and the furniture brand. But customer, once has the demand, will seek for the understanding information from various aspects, will invest the massive time and the energy in the purchase process.

This is because; first, the furniture is a large amount expends, spends many, certainly cannot be careless. Second, the furniture must satisfy the customer and the family member in the room function demand and the decoration demand, is complex and is important. 3. ‘weird creature ‘ profession.

The furniture profession is the emerging profession, it fused many elements, moreover furniture’s color, the design refresh rate is quick, speaks the closet from this angle to look like a fashionable clothing kind of fashionable profession very much. This characteristic enables the furniture profession to have the place which with these professions being interlinked may use for reference, but actually cannot imitate their successful pattern completely.

international competitiveness

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

The National Quality testing Bureau will announce in the near future to the bottle (barrel) installs the tap water quality spot-check result, 6 kind of tap water are examined include the highly concentrated careinogen “the bromate”, the water carcinogenicity event frequency will send, what will we drink to be only then safe? According to prediction by experts, the water clarifier will welcome the new market in the future. “the water carcinogenicity” the question, initiated consumer’s attention, residential Mr. Li said that “in the final analysis,international competitiveness
the tap water security was the market good faith question.

In the past drank the river water, the well water, the running water, afterward the living condition has been good, thought that drank the loaded in barrels water, the bottled water to be cleaner, to be safer, had not thought that actually presented the carcinogenic water.

Hoped that the enterprise must have the conscience, the Supervisory department must shoulder common people’s trust.” The tap water enterprise does not have the good faith management and the product quality takes the support, can only spend the large sum of money to make the advertisement, to buy the reputation, will be kicked eventually by the consumer the market. The government related department should profit from some country managerial experience, enhances the profession admittance threshold,radiates function
pays great attention to protect the high quality water source place, controls the good development step, will otherwise certainly to endanger the ecological security and the safety.

The water security problem treats supervises At present the domestic tap water market good and bad people mixed up, the profession threshold is excessively low, in the profession the Small business stands in great numbers, these Small business to control the cost, is not strict to the quality monitoring, causes our country’s tap water city field repetition rate to have problems.

Simultaneously also disclosed our country tap water market supervision still waited for the enhancement. The current supervision adopts the non-periodical spot-check much, on the one hand this to reduce examines link’s expense, lightens the enterprise burden, also strengthens the enterprise autonomy, manifests the enterprise main body responsibility the need, but will like this possibly cause the individual enterprise to have the lucky psychology, will take risk to move the moral agent unavoidably, the supervision also hundred dense one sparse.

At present spot-checks the expense to be high, is had frequently the quality testing organization the worry, worried that the spot-check number of times will be excessively many will stay behind to the enterprise “creates obstacles intentionally” the impression.Japanese government In the ordinary circumstances, the enterprise examines raid of tap water to need every time to spend 2000 Yuan – 3000 Yuan. “the unqualified weak lye which spot-checks by the National Quality testing Bureau is an example, this raid total has produced 24000 bottles, according to ex-factory price computation resultant also 20,000 Yuan, but an examination expense has accounted for 10%.”

The water carcinogenicity question frequency will send the water clarifier to welcome new market At present has the professional to forecast that along with present water pollution’s serious, as well as the tap water market “the carcinogenic water” time frequency to make public, the water clarifier ( the market or has the new round eruption type to grow. It is reported that home use water clarifier in 2010 sales volume in 15,000,000.

Digit according to Zhongxiaoxie announces the demonstration, at present, the domestic water clarifier Production enterprise has more than 3200, but majority is the small workshop. At the same time, the water clarifier product has not established the complete profession standard system until now, causes the good and bad people mixed up. According to investigation, domestic at present most main tap water way or running water.

The data demonstrated that in a city as well as Nanjing, Chengdu and so on two cities, surpasses 50% consumers to choose drinks the running water; Next, the approximately 35% people drink the loaded in barrels water; But uses the water purification processor’s consumer only then approximately 10%, in this 10%, the consumer who the use advanced treatment technology comes the water purification only then less than 3%.

lighting techniques

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

(1) th, establishes LED illumination popularization road map to complete in 2015 and in 2020 the LED popular rate respectively is 30% and 60% goals, the South Korean Government will promote next 10 year LED to illuminate the popular road map. the basis popularization road map, the South Korean Government gradually encourages with the impetus to tally LED lighting techniques level of development product being published, simultaneously acts according to the domestic LED technology research and development as well as the commercial degree implementation different type popular program.

According to the present technical level,comprehensive street
the lighting attachment which may replace has the incandescent lamp bulb, the halogen bulb, the lamphouse illumination, the safelight and so on, the related equipment’s renewal will launch officially starting from this year. other, considered the daylight lamp, the high strength gas electric discharge lamp, the street light and so on technology also needs to further advance, these lighting attachment’s renewal will postpone to 2012.

(2) th, opens the Non-profit organization domain LED illumination market , because advances large-scale Non-profit organization LED to illuminate positively the popular program, in the future will develop the market demand as well as the expanded initial period market hopefully.

Therefore, the government increases the subsidy to install the amount positively, provides the subsidy the scope from the existing Local authority as well as the minority organization, expands to all Non-profit organization. Expense subsidy dynamics 50% expanded from the present to 70%.

The country supports the amount the proportion assumes responsibility for own profits and losses ability according to various places and the organization finance and the place degree of development and so on considers. in addition, but also plans development large-scale public LED to illuminate the popular program, expanded support dynamics. South Korea’s four great rivers,Shandong Province
world Zong Shi, the industrial garden and so on will need the large-scale public utility to install the LED lighting attachment.

Paths and traffic facilities’ and so on subway as well as mass transit, street light, railroad illumination illumination starts from 2012 to carry on LED the renewal. at the same time, undergoes on-the-spot investigation, educational facilities and so on school also needs gradually to carry on LED the renewal. Considered various Local authority to the LED popular ability and fiscal budget ability and so on, will designate one batch of LED illumination demonstration city, the implementation ‘ the LED illumination experiment site city ‘ the project.


the (3) th, expanded ordinary populace ordinary construction as well as the housing and so on LED highly effective illumination promotion need to LED demand the gradually to expand its scope. Through revises “Construction To conserve energy Facility Standard” enhances LED and so on highly effective lighting attachment to install the ratio.

The underground station parking lot with LED highly effective lighting attachments and so on lamp, sensing lamp will carry on the gradual renewal.after the new construction’s housing will carry out the revision “Environmental protection Housing Design standard And Performance” stipulated that has completed the housing will carry out the paid renewal policy. The city developmental item and so on Non-profit organization initiates the large-scale research and development project will advance the LED highly effective illumination duty installment the advancement, the gas station and so on public place outdoor lamphouse will rest on the newest revision the outdoor billboard control law, expands its use scope.

for this reason, 哮喘South Korea will enhance the LED-ESCO low interest financing amount gradually, its amount expands from 2011 50,000,000,000 wons to 2015 300,000,000,000 wons. Also and will lengthen the LED illumination investment the tax-free time limit, slows down enterprise’s fund obligation, to enhance the folk demand to provide the support.

the LED carbon transaction system implements may let the LED lighting attachment’s price fall 30%, and enhances the national 26% consumers to the LED lighting attachment renewal demand. Invests the massive funds with the government to promote the LED popularization to compare, impels LED through the consummation system the popular effect to be better.

2011 to 2015 and so on will provide for the traditional market as well as the small billboard reaches as high as 100,000,000,000 won folk subsidies, will promote the LED popularization.

marginalization crisis

Monday, September 5th, 2011

in April, 2008, technically in recent years drifts from place to place the rainbow starts to throw constructs Chinese first OLED the display monitor production line. On July 15, rainbow 4.5th generation of AM-OLED production line project signing settles down in Shunde.

Moreover, the white fox micro electron recently also announced that its AM-OLED line in 2010 in the third quarter or the fourth quarter trial production, will achieve the month to 2011 to produce 250,000 pieces to produce can the scale, but also had Uygur Xinnuo AM-OLED also already to complete. Regarding this, some sounds believed that in the OLED domain, the domestic electrical appliances already is in the identical level at present with the Japan and South Korea.

But the author actually believed that the domestically produced brand technically the technological gap which with enterprises and so on Tristar exists does not allow to look down upon,lighting profession
marches OLED at the same time, does not allow to the upstream equipment and key technologies’s breakthrough to look down upon similarly. The OLED industry chain upstream link is weak, profession necessary ability is short.

Actually, not only the OLED television research and development stage, before television industry development’s each stage, the domestic television kneading board production line has been at the flaw condition, this also causes the domestic entire profession technology foreign dependence to enhance greatly. Strives for the survival to be bigger than strives for the development the profession present situation, what brings to the plate revolution was the color television industry hollow and the marginalization crisis -

efficiency does not additionally receive, the high-end product low end profit, the blind competition still unceasingly thorough. Now, contrasts South Korean in the recent 10 years in the display technology domain development, may see our country OLED equipment manufacture industry the insufficiency. Under this situation, China’s television enterprise pours from the top the OLED television, can not but let the human be anxious.

And do not lose LED In the technical disparity lets the Chinese color television industry be unable to grasp the profession development the words power, is also naturally unable to eagerly anticipate the profession development the direction. But when OLED is placed the great expectations, just started, the Chinese color television industry fast launches an attack, the step is too whether rapid, the form whether too to be also frail? The OLED industry needs the high cost support, needs to have the deep technological strength.

But regarding OLED industry restriction bottleneck, in the present Japanese and South Korean Enterprise had not found the very good means solution in the situation, whether the domestically produced brand can succeed solves this profession difficult problem, in light of the present circumstances as if is very difficult. But when all quarters are OLED pours from the top in abundance,media competitions the LED liquid crystal’s sales volume progresses by leaps and bounds, obtains the Chinese consumer’s universal approval, from this, had been recognized that is when LED substitute OLED enters the market, is also a variable, but when can great writer’s investment repay, is also unknown.

How to carefully examine the market and the customer stratification plane management innovation, grasps the opportunity, and rises it to the enterprise manages, the profession healthy development strategic altitude, lets the entire value chain advance together harmoniously, make the merit effectively, only then conforms to the profession development inexorable law. But under in the LED liquid crystal market prospect is excellent, how to strengthen LED the research and development and the brand promotion, may also relax in no way, after all, the OLED television this future cake had not known when can draw a charge, but LED liquid crystal actually in big line of its road.

Perhaps, strengthens the technological strength, in the atonement industry chain’s upstream weak link, regarding has been in lacks “the screen” under Chinese color television industry, is at present the most important, but in sharpens under own ability, strengthens to the LED liquid crystal’s research and development, realizes in own technical, the fund reserve, simultaneously awaits calmly the OLED television fan fog has lifted, carefully examines itself, the establishment direction, is also the best plan.

hidden danger

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

More importantly, LED industry besides illumination, but also in domains and so on intelligent handset, plate computer has the widespread application.listed’s development
But along with intelligent handset, plate computer prosperous as well as the LED liquid crystal penetration coefficient’s fast promotion, causes the LED back light to become the impetus short-term LED market explosive growth the prime motors.

in 2009 the LED liquid crystal’s penetration coefficient is only 3%, but 2010 the first half of the year rapidly rises to 16%, means that can suit rapidly to the LED back light source industry domain sends the enterprise to obtain the new high growth kinetic energy first.

The promoting education negotiable securities were issuing the other day the LED profession grinds in the newspaper also to believe that current may key pay attention to the LED illumination to apply and to have brand superiority domains and so on high grade chip,product development
maintains to the LED sub-profession “the recommendation” investment rating.

The promoting education negotiable securities pointed out that the domestic LED industry index trend was still in June weak in the same time our country Taiwan semiconductor spare part index and Taiwan weighted index. Speaking of the domestic LED industry, the product mix and the customer structure’s factor, causes the domestic LED enterprise and the LED television back light booming interrelatedness is small, the earning undulatory property is smaller than our country Taiwan’s industrial chain, but still faced the demand to postpone, to produce can the supply in excess of demand hidden danger.

If the demand continues the insufficiency, only has the technical strength and cost management ability, and develops the new product application domain the enterprise to be able positively, in the industry mixes the cards survives. The Guang Fa negotiable securities believed that starts from 2011, the LED profession will enter the high growth time.

Estimated that from 2011 to 2012, the output value will amount respectively to 14,000,000,000 US dollars and 20,500,000,000 US dollars,Nantong semiconductor
the speed-up respectively achieves 40% and the 46%, LED profession compared to the same period enters the high growth orbit, in the second half of this year the LED illumination existence paroxysm grows possibility.

Suggestion key attention growth determinism strong stock as well as high expanding domain. Eastern negotiable securities new energy analyst Zou Hui believed that in recent years, on the one hand receives the country industrial policy the positive factor promotion effect, particularly the Local authority in the landscape illumination’s fiscal subsidy, has stimulated the LED industry development enormously, is impelling LED product cost large reduction;

On the other hand,哮喘 then because of technical progress, also causes the product cost to drop rapidly. Therefore, the LED industry stock obtained the fund favor obviously in the near future. According to the above, the analyst thought has two kind of stocks to be possible to pay attention positively; first, produces can develop the dynamics big variety.

Does new stock which according to near futures and so on electro-optic, continent bright science and technology will go on the market, will rely on IPO to collect the fund project, the achievement hopeful rapid growth. Second, suits the industrial development tendency the LED concept stock, its culmination dragon electro-optic, German bold Run reaches and so on a stock is so.