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jade products

Friday, October 28th, 2011


The existence of crack is often fatal to jade products, there is a crack, the value of jade can be greatly reduced, especially for high-grade jade.

The general availability of torch light,Pearl Jewelry
perspective, there are cracks can easily see.

Economic evaluation factors

1: best transparent translucent or opaque, so bad is not good.

2 Structure: particles finer better.

3 degree: flawless best.

4:” cut the good-for-nothing” design, carved molding, polishing, novel style.


The extra: bright green ( Emerald ), glass ( apple green, translucent, delicate texture ), evenly bright, no impurities, no crack.

The commercial grade: green, oil green, transparent, translucent green grocery grandmother veinlets and spotted emerald.

The general level: lotus root starch, pea green, light green, white and delicate, transparent. Opaque jade, generally only jade jewelry.


Jade showed vitreous luster, translucent or transparent. Jade with different dye ions present in a variety of colors: red, green, usually white, purple. Yellow, pink. No impurities were pure white, if they contain chromium element, showing a gentle colorful light green, dark green, called emerald. This species is most valuable, highly valued by the people’s favorite. If the manganese is pale purple,jewelry manufacturers
dark purple, often referred to as the spring or in lotus root starch to.

Iron element, rendered dull red, brown red, ochre, known as the kingfisher. Containing chromium and copper, are showing light blue, light cyan, known as olive water. In addition to high-grade jade color good, the texture is also extremely important. General color of fresh beautiful, texture more transparent, shiny glass of varying the strong. In contrast, dry texture, poor transparency of the varieties of.


Jade is a crystal,attraction landscape product mostly translucent, or opaque. Impossible as single crystal gemstones such as emerald as transparent, so that the light can be freely through, very clear.


Refers to the composition of jade crystal particle size, crystal shape and combination mode. Jargon called structure as the” bottom”, called”".


Jade and other precious stones, cleanliness is to assess the value of a big factor, jade flaws, primarily white and black. In the evaluation of jade, jade appearance according to the flaw on damage degree to decide the value of jade. The high-grade goods, defective is serious defects, and to, cheap goods, will be much smaller effects.

Relatively more effect than the white to black.

the television

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Who invented the first remote controller has not test, but the earliest one of the remote controller, is called a Nicola Tesla ( Nikola Tesla ) ( 1856-1943 ) inventor ( he used to work for Edison, also known as a genius inventor) in 1898 developed ( USA Patent No. 613809) called” Method of and Apparatus, for Controlling Mechanism of Moving Vehicle or Vehicles”.

The earliest used to control the television remote controller is an American called Zenith electrical company ( the company is now LG acquired ),dvb t tuners
in 1950 time development. Started as a cable. In 1955, the company developed a method called ” Flashmatic” wireless remote control device. But this device could not tell whether the beam from the remote control, but also the necessary alignment can control.

1956 rob. Adler ( Robert Adler ) developed called” Zenith Space Command” remote control, this is also the first modern wireless remote control device, he is using ultrasound to adjust channel and volume, each key produces frequency is not the same, but this device may also be a general ultrasonic interference, but also some people and animals ( such as dogs ) hear the voice remote control.

In 1980, sending and receiving infrared semiconductor device developed, gradually replaced the ultrasonic control device. Even though the other wireless transmission means (such as Bluetooth ) continue to be developed, this technology still continued widespread use.

Working principle

A : infrared remote control principle

Many electrical appliances are the use of infrared remote control infrared remote control, then what is the working principle? First of all we have to have a look what is infrared ray.

The human eye can see visible light according to wavelength from long to short order, followed by red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple.dvb t receivers
The red light wavelength in the range of 0.62 ~ 0.76 m; purple light wavelength in the range of 0.38 ~ 0.46 M. Violet wavelength shorter than light ultraviolet, than red light with a wavelength of long light called infrared.

Infrared remote control is the use of a wavelength of 0.76 1.5 ~ m between near infrared light to transmit a control signal.

Common infrared remote control system in general is divided two parts: sender and receiver.

The transmitter portion of main components for the infrared light emitting diode. It is actually a special light emitting diode, due to its internal material differs from the ordinary light-emitting diode, which at its ends to exert a certain voltage, it emits infrared rather than visible light.

The current extensive use infrared light-emitting diodes to emit an infrared wavelength is about 940nm, the same general shape and light emitting diode,cable supplier but different colours.

Infrared light emitting diode are generally black, dark blue, transparent three colors.

Judge infrared emitting diode quality approach and judging normal diode: using a multimeter to measure resistance block the infrared light emitting diodes, reverse resistance can be positive.

Infrared light emitting diode luminous efficiency should use special instruments can be accurately determined, and amateur conditions can only pull distance method to judge roughly. The receiving part of the infrared receiving tube is a photosensitive diode.

In practical application to the infrared receiving diode reverse bias, for it to work properly, or infrared receiving diode on the circuit in the application of reverse use, so as to obtain high sensitivity.

wisdom arena

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Puzzle” Happy Dictionary” is CCTV full dedication of famous brand, is CCTV economy channel 2000 comprehensive revision for the response to the Party Central Committee” revitalizing the nation through science and education ” call, combined with the channel characteristics, launched in July 7th by the new educational programs. Public educational programs; provide extensive participation in space and mechanism; build stimulating wisdom arena.
A collect interest, educational, knowledge, tense, thrilling, humor in a quiz show. An introduction of foreign advanced television form, by means of support, voice of high-tech network game show, a live atmosphere unprecedented intense, exciting, fascinating new large entertainment, a from participation to viewing all the ordinary people, the number of entries unlimited selection mechanism of athletes, more scientific, fair, the finalists level higher civilian program. Over time CCTV-3 Tuesday the 20 : 36, Wang Xiaoya served as examiner.Sports class
” Sports news”,” sports news”,” sports news”,” sports world” is such CCTV-5 is a daily sports reports, on the current world sport and the domestic sports report. In addition to meet the needs of customers also have” world soccer” ( weekly 19: 30),” basketball park”,” car” and other multiple times, the columns of different styles. Along with the digital television set and popularization, CCTV launched digital TV sets or football, golf and other sports class of digital television.In addition, in the special period such as Olympic Games, world cup, CCTV will also launch targeted broadcast and reports.
The new buildingThe original CCTV building is located in Beijing near the Haidian District Military Museum, this building was one of ten buildings in Beijing. At present CCTV in eastern Beijing CBD built a new building. But because the building cost large (about 5000000000 yuan ), shapes too strange, safety and danger to traffic and controversial.
On the building process of land expropriation, due to local residents to the provisions of the compensation is not satisfactory, in the residents upstairs protest banners hung out a lot. Also there are rumors in the process of removing the demolition company
CCTV new site” Tianhong burwill” have serious violence.Although controversial, but the middle of July, CCTV has been in the news broadcast before period, with the new CCTV building effect animation of Olympic Games, known as the” 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Chinese mainland exclusive broadcasting organizations”.
This project will be the first step of B section at the end of this year before the completion of delivery, early next year, this also will serve as the Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Center and future CCTV broadcast center. Section A will be completed by the end of next year, delivered in 2009, this section is the television cultural center, management center.

outstanding scientist

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Charitable everybody Shao Yifu   on November 15, 2002, the news which sent out from Hong Kong has attracted the world vision: By the renowned Hong Kong industrialists, philanthropist Mr. Shao Yifu contributes money to establish “Shao Yifu to reward” proclaims the founding officially in Hong Kong, with commends the whole world to benefit human the outstanding scientist.   “Shao Yifu rewards” supposes the astronomy, mathematics, the life sciences and the medicine three award items, every year promulgates one time, bonus 1,000,000 US dollars.

The first session of promulgation held in 2004. The promulgation principle is, no matter prize winner’s race, nationality, religious belief,dvb t tuners
but obtains the unprecedented achievement by it in academic and the scientific research or the application, and this achievement lives the meaningful profound influence to the humanity is an objective. Because it supposes the prize objective and the large amount bonus setoff reputation prominent “the Nobel prize”, some people call it “the East Nobel prize”.

in 2008 5.12 Sichuan Wenchuan 8.0 magnitude of big earthquake Shao Yifu donates money 100,000,000 Hong Kong dollars, in 2009 8.8 floods show loving concern move Shao Yifu to donate money 100,000,000 new Taiwan dollars, on 2010 April 14 Qinghai eucalyptus big earthquake Shao Yifu donates money 100,000,000 Hong Kong dollars.   Shao Yuxuan has 5 male 3 females. Shao Yifu is situated sixth, therefore, is called him is “six uncles”, “six bosses”.

He went study long ago in hometown Zhuang Shiye the resurgence school, with Bao Yugang, Bao Congxing, Zhao An medium for around session of schoolmate, latter goes to Shanghai to go to school English school which sets up in the American “the youth club middle school”,dvb t receivers
for this reason exercises a fluent English. Brother Shao family’s numerous nobody inherits the occupation of the father’s, nearly enters the entertainment world. In five brothers, Brother the Shao drunkard organized a day movie company in 1924, started to intrude at that time still wrote a draft creates the time the Chinese silver spoon.

beginning “the day one” was established, uniform is the family secondary roles. The eldest child Shao drunkard is the movie-making concurrently direction, second child Shao Dunren excels to write a play Shao Yifu and the Shao company whole personnels takes a group photo, third child Shao Renmei is skilled in the release, old six Shao Yifu excels to photograph. At the beginning of the undertaking, their division of labor and cooperation, completes all work, the company just likes the family type workshop. After its production’s first movie “Vertical Achieves Buddhahood” shows, namely the depth the Shanghai residents is welcome, finally earns the plate to overflow the earthen bowl to be full.

Wins victory, Brother Shao dances with joy for it, afterward is new the movie “one to promote unceasingly from the day”.

After the 60s, the Shao company dominates an area for a long time Hong Kong market, once had filmed more than 1000 movies, has won the Golden Horse Award, the Oscar and so on several dozens big prizes. When is it is said most abundant, every day some 1,000,000 audiences patronize his theater. Shao Yifu most as early as carries out the movie star system in Hong Kong, has accomplished large quantities of big stars, the big direction and the famous screenwriter, like butterfly, Ruan Lingyu, Li Lihua, Lin Dai,cable supplier mausoleum wave, Li Hanxiang, Zou Wenhuai, penetrating ……Stems from “Shao” all the hanger-on.

And “Landscape Beautiful woman” “Sable Cicada” “Causing the downfall of the nation Beautiful woman” “Liang Shanbo And Zhu Yingtai” “Stewed to the gills Variant” “Alone Arm Knife” and so on movies once enjoyed a good reputation the overseas, caused the giant reaction in the Chinese people world, fell the innumerable audiences.

It is said that “Liang Shanbo And Zhu Yingtai” screens when Taiwan “completely crazy”, has old woman to link looked that more than 100 fields, “Wish by Liang”, but raises Huang Meidiao in Taiwan to be frantic; But “First under heaven Fist” starts the Kungfu movie new raging tide, distributes the global various continents nearly hundred countries and the area.

eraser wipe

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Color swatch

If your monitor screen with irregular shapes, then you should check on your monitor whether there around the magnetic object, such as a mobile phone, radio, CD player, magnetic screwdriver. Note also the display and air-conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, television sets and other household appliances do not get too close.

If your speakers are not antimagnetic, it will cause the display magnetization. If the above causes, you can use the display manual degaussing function ( Degauss ) can solve afore-mentioned problems. If your monitor no manual degaussing, you can turn the display off 30 minutes or longer, and then boot generally can solve. The process is repeated two to three times.

On display nothing signal:

Observe, the motherboard light no, CPU fan does not turn, the power supply fan switch does not. Not bad motherboard alarm estimation can point.

Free jumper motherboard in CMOS set CPU frequency is wrong, may also trigger does not display fault. In this regard, as long as the removal of CMOS can be solved

In 4, the memory strip non oxidation,wireless keyboards
memory to take down the eraser wipe plugged in to have a look again, the problem can be solved.

3, by close the motherboard BIOS chip, the connector tightly; if the fault phenomenon still is excluded

In 4, replacing a reliable host power try; if the fault phenomenon continues, the motherboard is the bus problem, need repair, repair price 40 yuan.

Television refers to television by carrying sound, image signal transmission of works programme. Television production is mainly divided into three processes: ideas and topics, shooting, post-production. Editing is a television program system, mainly by the early linear editing and non-linear editing system is currently more popular two development stages:

Television program manufacture First, linear edition system   Namely based on magnetic tape’s electronic edition. Its basic characteristic is: Source material the search, the record must carry on according to the time sequence, must around the volume belt seek for the source material repeatedly, therefore is troublesome, spends the time, easily to damage the magnetic tape, the loss picture quality,htpc Keyboards and has limited the artistic creation mentality, needs the multi-people to operate, and must coordinate the good various equipment’s match question. It has experienced three development phases approximately:

1st, physical edition: A US ampere company produced the first two inch videocorder by 1956 to start, but to magnetic tape’s damage was permanent, and edited precise.

2nd, electronic edition: after 1961, presented the one-to-one edition system, but the precision was not very still high.

3rd, when code editor: in 1967 developed by US Electronic engineering Company, has applied the pre-volume, was more precise, but duplicated on the magnetic tape which created the signal loss to be also unable many times to avoid thoroughly. Second, misalignment edition

English Nonlinear Editing System is uses the digital storage media to carry on the digital sound video frequency edition the later period manufacture system. Has the following characteristic:

1st, is under the computer technology support, utilizes the digital processing technology fully the research results, by the low cost, the high efficiency,dvb t receivers
high grade, the effect transformation infinite posture entered the broadcast television domain, has had the enormous impact on the traditional linear edition craft.

2nd, the so-called misalignment, namely can the direct access random source material, not the source material storage time limit, and a set of misalignment edition system may realize the linearity to edit equipment’s nearly all functions: Take the computer as the platform coordination special-purpose image card, the video frequency card, the sound card, with certain special-purpose cards (for example title insert, stunt card and so on) and the high speed hard disk (SCSI), manufactures the television program take the software as the control center.

3rd, its manufacture process: First is comes from the videocorder and other supply oscillator sound, the video signal after the video frequency card,cable supplier
the sound card carries on gathering and the modulus (A/D) transforms, and using the hardware like compression card real-time compression, after will compress the data stream saves to the high speed hard disk. Then, carries on the processing using the edition software to the source material, makes Large expanse.

Finally the high speed hard disk delivers the data stream the corresponding board card to carry on the digital decompression and (D/A) transforms, reduction simulation sound, video signal input magnetic tape.

television programs

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Mobile digital television

Mobile digital TV is the definition can be moved in a state television, is a new concept of information mobile outdoor digital television media, is the traditional TV media extension. It uses mobile digital TV in the world’s most advanced digital television technology, through the wireless transmitting,dvb t tuners
receiving method of ground for the spread of television programs, you can at any installation of the receiving device bus, ferry, rail transportation and other mobile carriers such as DVD clear watch mobile TV, of course also in non Mobile receive the case.

Mobile digital TV is internationally recognized as a new media, it first appeared in the 2002 October, Singapore, mainland China’s first batch of mobile digital TV is put into operation in Shanghai, at present the whole nation already had Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Changsha, Nanjing, Wuhan, Nanchang, Hefei, Hangzhou, Dalian, Qingdao, Wuxi and other places opened mobile digital television.

As a new media, mobile digital TV has the advantages of easy installation, wide coverage, reflecting the rapid, mobility and strong features,dvb t receivers
besides the advantages of traditional media publicity and appreciation function, but also bear the city emergency early warning, traffic, food hygiene, such as commodity quality government safety information release.

Mobile TV is through radio digital signal emitting, receiving the digital terrestrial broadcast and reception of TV programs, without connecting the cable TV network, through the set-top box, a receiving antenna and terminal display can watch television programs, which cover a wide range, rapid response, strong mobility, regardless of in the high speed mobile or fixed state can keep the picture clear, achieved while looking at watch, whenever and wherever possible, great to meet the fast-paced society people demand for information.

A television body   At present, in the market sells the digital television, says from the strict significance, is not the digital television, but is the digital television signal monitor (HDTV READY), because such digital television cannot watch the digital television program directly, but also needs to join a set-top box again, the receive and the change-over signal form is only then good, if does not have the set-top box, your digital television resolution again high not useful.

But, a digital television body machine does not need the set-top box, therefore, a digital television body machine was considered that is the “digital television in the true sense”, has represented the future digital television development direction,cable supplier
but through the set-top box looker-in digital television is onePlants the transitional measure, is the country machine card separation policy, before or the country digital television standard has not released the temporary measure. Chinese Visible image Profession Association Secretary General Ms. Bai Weimin also thought: In the future the digital television development direction will be a digital television body machine, the set-top box will be the transitional product.

A digital television body machine can use at present?   Then, a digital television body machine can use under the present television signal form? This is many consumer issue of concern. A TCL digital television body machine project person in charge says: A digital television body machine is a digital-analog body machine actually, is also the compatible digit and simulates two kind of signals. In inserts the card time may watch the digital television signal directly, in does not insert the card in the situation to be possible to watch the present all analog television signal, uses the television with us any not to distinguish now. This is the full consideration digital television also requires period of time in China’s popularization the basic reality.

important relationship

Friday, October 21st, 2011

The traditional dress color is generally divided into white, white, white, white, champagne white, silver, white and white when worn on the skin effect has the very big difference, in the choice of when and skin is a very important relationship. Choice is not good, may let us bare arm, neck and other parts of the show very good visual impression. How to be a perfect bride, let us be makeup unload clean,wedding dress
take seriously the mirror, look at yourself, learn to determine what we should choose which kind of white tendencies of the wedding.

If your skin look more white, more white, delicate, seem to be very transparent ivory color, hair color feeling is brownish yellow, brown, brown eyes appear yellow or brown, bright eyes, lightness contrast, so you are in the professional color diagnosis type called” light warm color” type, recommendations for the selection of the white, milky white wedding.

Partial white skin and another class, particularly prone to flush ( redness ) or sometimes looks slightly pale impression, partial black hair, eyes showing gray-brown, rose brown, in the professional color diagnosis is referred to as” shallow cool” type, instead, will be very evasive milky white, while the white and white but is a better choice.

Conversely a relatively moderate slant dark skin, looks like wheaten, bronze skin neat impression, hair dark brown eyes, Jiao Cha color, sound, this kind of skin belongs to the” deep warm” type. Recommended selection of bridal white rice, white champagne.

Moderate slant dark skin a bride of the skin easier to don’t look good, gloss sense is not strong, the pupil color and hair color are partial black. This kind of skin belongs to the” cryogenic” type, often choose the wedding clean white, strong luster sensation white, is let the bride gives out unique charm to the best color.

When the bride Hu He appeared in the spotlight, where all the guests could not help but gently sent wonderment — she is like from the Impressionist paintings out of fairy! French font centuries Bucol silk is cut into Calla shape of skirt, which covered Italy,wedding dresses
Vame lace, around shoulder spread to form long fascinating trailing behind.

Lan Yu Scissor hands — dream wedding

They whisper to one another, to inquire about each designer’s name: who is she? Who let the big screen beauty Hu He assured the most beautiful moment full trust? Here are the answers revealed : Lan Yu, China’s most outstanding 85 cutting-edge designer.

She is like the Impressionist paintings out of fairy, do Chinese Vera Wang.

Two or three years ago, mentions the wedding, people inevitably reminiscent of Yi Shu in the novel the sentence –” shake a call to New York with Wang Weiwei”, Wang Weiwei is famous wedding queen Vera Wang. She is the best in the world for women count as one of the very best fabric, cut out a colorful happy dress. But now in China, more and more stars dress design power over to the young designer Lan Yu Luo Haiqiong last year, especially the grand wedding let Lan Yu’s name from the first star circle internal communication to published in tabloid headlines, China ” Vera Wang” became the young designer Lan Yu at the beginning of the fashion not to move or retreat. Ambition.婚紗照預算

” Hu He’s wedding dress with tens of thousands of stars top Swarovski crystal and pearl, every pieces are by the industry for more than forty years craftsmen make over 5 stitches over, only such ability ensure firm. Almost the entire week teacher and I have stay up to work overtime, the cumbersome manual completed.” Mention this doctrine the picky be profuse in praise of Lan Yu bride wedding, be filled with a thousand regrets. She always to the side of the staff stressed:”

for a woman, a senior custom wedding is not only beautiful clothes, but also is a woman from childhood began longing love vision. Only the most amazing material, process to achieve, to complete a full of emotion, can bring a guest security custom wedding gown.

forceful magnificent

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Every morning, a song, sonorous and forceful magnificent classic red revolutionary song from gold Zhaoyuan gold jewelry city every corner, all employees of the spirit is the first inspiring revolutionary songs are inspired, the whole team is the potential waves of clang with shout inspires, one by one the sales miracle was born, a privilege come one after another … … This is the Zhaoyuan gold jewelry city launched” the force” corner landscape.

” The never-ending gold jewellery event” for the service brand of gold in Zhaoyuan Gold Jewelry City won the” Shandong province service brand” since, actively expand the service channels, innovative services, layout of service strategy,processing fees
launched to” sing”, to serve the public” as the main line”,” power” as their inheritance red classics, remodeling the spirit of enterprise the strong grasper, the system further, make a fuss.

A red melody not only inspired the Zhaoyuan gold jewelry,” integrity and pragmatic, innovation and dedication” passion, played jewelry Town People ‘s yearning for a better life, more sing a paragraph belongs to the jewelry City People’s own red memory. Looking back at the past, to sing” as the representative of” the power ” is always accompanied with the growth and development of jewelry city.

Over the years,quite expensive
companies on the one hand, the perennial widely carry out the ” civilized service begin from me”,” service with a smile, show the youth service skills competition”,” love sports, health, quality” interesting tug of war, shuttlecock games,” civilization drip line, Luoshan outing tour” team building spring outing activities,” Gold City Cup” first to excellence post training marketing competition and other activities, to create a ” help than the school rush super” atmosphere.

At the same time, the activity in the emerging hotshot, example, star, put up a pageantry of spiritual recognition and material rewards, company leaders personally, funding to help solve their difficulties in the family, they are organized into the field of study, learning, let them in the political, economic return with honor, enterprises have the status.

” The force” not only inspire staff enthusiasm, but also greatly enhance the company’s credibility and reputation.JADE MANSION On the other hand, Jewelry City in recent years will be” the force” construction as breakthrough innovation work, often organizes cadre staff watch” bright sword”, the theme of revolution feature films, learning experience, revolutionary spirit, and constantly establish, consolidate the work hard and perseveringly, the courage to fight high-spirited atmosphere.

Various forms of love to see and hear,” the power”, on the staff of the value orientation and the enterprise vision combined with education and at the same time, also meet the staff and cultural needs, make its produce the sense of belonging and sense of dependence, and enhance enterprise cohesion and combat effectiveness, eventually into the” integrity and pragmatic, innovation and dedication” spirit power, like a pair of invisible strong wings, Zhaoyuan will continue to gold jewelry city to a higher, farther, the better future.

European Central

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

On the international market review: New York 11 currencies, the euro against the dollar has remained relatively steady, taking the intraday gains, prior to the Slovakia parliament refused to vote to expand the euro fund plan.

The European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank said in early 11, Greece will receive 8000000000 euros of aid,triangular interval
in order to avoid a Greek default, the message to boost investor confidence in the euro 11, but Slovakia’s parliament voted against the euro bailout fund expansion solution, and the combined vote of confidence in the government.

International Gold 11 closed down slightly, the gold quiet trading, market volume is small, the Slovakia in the euro zone relief fund expansion for voting on the slow progress.

Important economic data and events:

Beijing / Hongkong time 13 : 30 French September consumer price index;

Beijing / Hongkong time 16 : 30 British unemployment rate in September;

Beijing / Hongkong time 17 : 00 euro August industrial production.

Gold: Gold opened in October 11th 1676.09 dollars, a minimum of $1654.80, $1684.60, $1662.58 final. Days of amplitude of $33.80.

Gold prices fell slightly short continued Tuesday, fluctuating pattern.

Daily since September 26th has a convergent rhythm appeared.

Technology is shown in the chart,Federal Reserve
gold fell into the adjustment pace, slowing down, some technical indexes reach the resistance region.

In the gold price failed to break since the August 23rd adjustment channel as well as the daily average system to suppress the arrangement change before the shock to maintain the rhythm, gold.

The current gold top pressure of 1684 and $1703 and $1580, below the support of 1650.

Operation: maintenance of recent thinking, market in technology resistance area for directions, 1703 to 1722 regional multiple resistance area,gold future the transaction can be considered in this area appropriate to sell, concussion dominated thinking.

Silver: International Silver opened in October 11th 32.10 dollars, a minimum of $31.39, $32.51, $32.10 final. Days of amplitude of $1.12.

Tuesday silver narrow shocks, temporarily blocked from August 23rd since drop channel along the.

The past few days the amplitude limited, silver into corresponding levels of finishing rhythm, there is no strength to the trend, the current daily average system keep pressing state.

Operation: the kinetic energy consumption market in substantially after finishing into the rhythm, the current in the 32.80 and 33.42 are resistance area, the transaction can be appropriate to consider selling.

companies began

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Performance support

The future may be repaired

At present, the gold plate companies began to release its third quarter results trailer. For example, Shandong gold company before 2011 three quarter expected net profit than the same period last year growth of 50% to 100%, its expected performance increased substantially in the same direction is due 2011, international and domestic gold prices remain good situation, company to take effective measures to strengthen management, increase production, reduce costs, improve profitability.

In addition, according to the relevant statistics, as of October 14th, a total of 12 bodies on Zijin Mining 2011 year overall performance forecast.transparent products
Specifically, the average forecast net profit is 6555000000 yuan, average diluted earnings per share for 0.3005 yuan. According to the forecast, the annual net profit of 2011 compared to last year may increase 35.77%. In addition, as of October 4th, a total of 13 bodies on mining 2011 annual performance forecast, prediction of average net profit is 640000000 yuan, average diluted earnings per share for 1.1696 yuan. According to the forecast, the annual net profit of 2011 compared to last year will likely increase 193.71%.

Due to the rise in gold prices in the background, gold plate listed companies in the first half of the year performance achieved good performance, but also can realize the growth is expected in the three quarter. For example, Shandong gold in the first half of gold production and sales price Qi Sheng in the context of a net profit of 1049000000 yuan, year-on-year growth of 83.44%; mining performance is the emergence of explosive growth, the first half net profit growth is expected in 320.26%, the first three quarters of this year net profit year-on-year growth of 180% to 230%. The analyst thinks, the golden rose and gold stocks are up,density polyethylene
in the next period of time may be repaired.

Mining potential

Resource advantage is valued

” Golden plates in the first half of the year by the drag on the market, the stock price down for a long time, the valuation of repair opportunities or will appear.” Huatai Securities analyst said, suggested that pays attention to the Shandong gold, gold gold, Zijin mining, constant state shares.

CICC recently released nonferrous metal industry weekly also thinks, short-term non-ferrous plate will continue to pressure, is still optimistic about the long-term structural opportunities in gold stocks. Everbright Securities report said, basic metal market is suppressed,special plastic but the second half of the year will be better than the first half, always strongly bullish on gold.

If a breakdown, funds stronger, in gold and other mineral resources reserve has advantages, can effectively control the mineral products production cost the company is good.

The third quarter has a number of gold plate listed companies to publish or implementation of the programme of asset purchases, such as mining industry subsidiary company for $66000000, Yu Guoqing completed before on overseas mining companies Kyrgyzstan left gold acquisitions. Relevant securities analysis, the future of these company gold production continued is worth looking forward to growth, continued expansion of the potential of the larger.