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He said that should not be trying to split the Islamic world

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

China news agency, Moscow, January 18 (Reporter Jia Jingfeng) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the 18th annual Reporters conference Foreign Ministry reiterated that Russia will make every effort to prevent military intervention in Syria and Iran , but will not allow UN Security Council approval for military intervention in these countries .

In more than two hours of the reporter conference , Lavrov with a lot of time talking about Syria, Iran , he said , China and other BRIC countries support Russia to the United Nations Security Council draft resolution proposed by Syria , urged as soon as possible a dialogue . And the United States and the European Union ‘s unilateral sanctions against Syria , Lavrov warned that this will make more countries to ease tensions in Syria collective efforts come to naught .

Lavrov hinted several times here , even at the national level , can not stop the West from Russia to Iran and Syria of external intervention , but within the framework of the UN Security Council , Russia will stand in opposition .

sanctions , and then to the Security Council said, ‘You see, I have decided, you should support me or run my decision ‘ , this is not possible ,

On the situation in Iran , the Russian side expressed a very low-key position , Lavrov told a news conference the same day twice against Iran would refuse to comment on the outbreak of military conflict , and reiterates still have a chance to restore Iraq’s nuclear six-party talks . He said the current IAEA delegation will visit Iran , but Iran has expressed its willingness to solve the problem from the real differences .

He said that should not be trying to split the Islamic world , and should urge their stability , because in today’s international relations to solve the many problems to deal with threats, challenges , the Islamic world is not absent .


Skye Martino told the prosecution

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

As the cruise ship ran aground, 17 evening,

As the Court hearing on the 17th when he denied saying to abandon the ship to escape, but argued that, as a cruise ship sinking when he saved a lot of people.



Skye Martino told the prosecution, a disaster occurs, they are at the helm, the ship tilted, he fell from the deck, fell into the sea, unable to swim back to the boat.

Lawyer Laibo Maserati,

However, this argument seems to burst with the media’s

Investigators said earlier, a port official time of the incident command Skye Tarantino: specific number of a class of people.

Skye Martino did not perform the command port officials, at least not return cruise.

Laibo Maserati 17, the court told reporters after the hearing: ) found a rock on the route.

Said the chief prosecutor Francesco Weiluxiao, Skye Martino have fled risk. After hearing the court decided to allow 17 Skye Martino prison, at home to accept house arrest.

At this stage, the prosecution has yet to Valentino and his first mate 奇罗安布罗 Theo Skye filed formal charges.

Skye Martino is dereliction of duty a few days to become the focus of media attention.

Costa Cruises CEO Pierre Luigi Fusi Ji said, prohibited the company’s ships near the shore 500 meters. But

In addition, the media broke the previous way of saying, Skye Martino made because of the island near Guiglo, .

Sheng Jiang Xiao Zhu Cong (Xinhua News Agency Zhuangao)

Search and rescue

Victims increased to 11

Italian rescue workers 17 found in the cruise ship ran aground five other bodies of the victims. As of 18 am Beijing time, the number of cruise ship ran aground killed up to 11 people reported missing dropped to number 23.

17 search and rescue personnel aboard the luxury cruise ship in the implementation of controlled blasting of the hull surface to help divers to enter the enclosed cabin cruise search for survivors.

A previously

Found that German passengers and five bodies of the victims before the Italian authorities made public the list of shows, 14 German passengers, five Italian passengers, four French passengers, two passengers and four United States from Italy, Peru India and Hungary crew missing.


there is a negotiation space. This year is the U.S. presidential election year

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

United States and Europe on Iran oil embargo determined to have been, but this twist is not only set on the neck in Iran, it reined in the world next year or two of hope for economic recovery in East Asia, the European Union are likely to be hit.

The question now is, the United States and several European powers hostile to Iran, completely around the entire Western position on Iran. United front against Iran, the West has been formed, Russia, China and Asian countries are unable to make the situation meaningful development impact. These countries generally more dispersed, do not form together, with their own whether or not the West, only to a certain extent affect the West

Several large countries in Asia now needs to unite with Russia, against the extreme action against Iran. But this is difficult to push, and no country is willing to pick the head.

But if Russia, major powers either under the control of the situation in the United States and Europe the development of their last tasted the bitter fruit, definitely better than they are now led to trouble with the United States and Europe argue much more. The view of China is Iran’s biggest oil exporter, we have suffered from loss of power may be the highest.

Thus, although difficult, is still necessary for China and Russia on Iran, a high degree of cooperation and mobilization of foreign resources, led to the Iran issue as a turnaround. Now it seems it is only one possible, that Iran has made some concessions to a more clear way to prove that it is not engaged in nuclear weapons, the U.S. and Europe also made concessions to Iran to give up the

U.S. to take the initiative to at least the possibility of large-scale attack on Iran is still great, but without any compromise in the case of Iran, the United States and Europe loosened the possibility of unilateral sanctions is not the same. Once the oil embargo against Iran fully formed, but also very in line with Iran’s standing still in this world of political sense.

If Iran has made some concessions, the concessions of the extent and content, there is a negotiation space. This year is the U.S. presidential election year, to launch full-scale confrontation with Iran until Iran started the war, the Obama administration than the risk situation in a reasonable excuse for delay under the clearly greater. This is the room for diplomacy.

On the one hand and Russia and other countries should mobilize an international force as much as possible the comprehensive sanctions against Iran, while scouring the gap in the situation the opportunity to increase diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear issue attractive.

U.S. and European sanctions against Iran in accordance with the timetable, the situation is to take some time before the war started. China and Russia should not give up, should not be intimidated united front against Iran United States and Europe. Although high oil prices led to tensions on Russia, but Iran will defeat Russia’s strategic space compression, China and Russia join forces on Iran’s political foundation is solid overall.

Russia’s position in the Asian countries have considerable resonance, Europe and the United States is not monolithic. Situation in Iran is far from the needle is not inserted into the water poured does not enter. It is therefore important that China and Russia and other countries to have action.


to ensure homeland security

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

WASHINGTON, January 5, 5th U.S. President Barack Obama announced the launch of a new military strategy , emphasizing the United States, though facing budgetary pressures , but will strive to ensure that its .

Obama’s day in the Pentagon and the Defense Joint Chiefs of Staff Panetta and Dempsey held a press conference to announce the report, entitled military strategy report. New strategy suggested that the U.S. will reduce the size of the Army , and reduce the military presence in Europe in favor of strengthening its military presence in the Asia Pacific region , to maintain the Asia-Pacific ‘s

In his speech, Obama said the U.S. a decade of war in a Asia-Pacific region . He stressed that although the United States is facing pressure to cut defense budget , the size of the U.S. military will be reduced , and threats .

The new military strategy to retain some of the traditional mission of the U.S. military , including the fight against terrorism, to maintain nuclear deterrence , to ensure homeland security , deter and defeat any potential enemy invasion , while emphasizing the network will increase the U.S. military in war , missile defense , etc. capacity , but will avoid the war in Afghanistan and Iraq to launch similar such a long duration of large-scale war .

The Obama administration is tightening in the face of huge budget pressure , the war on terrorism to achieve substantive results , the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and are raised in the context of these new military strategy . In order to reduce the growing budget deficit , the Obama administration proposed a sharp reduction in the budget plan , which includes the next 10 years to reduce $ 489 billion in defense spending.


China’s leading programmer CSDN website was hacked

Monday, January 16th, 2012

The end of 2011, two pieces of news caught my attention. One is run Korea Communications Commission on December 29, a work report to President Lee Myung-bak, said, because Internet use is necessary due to changes in the environment related to the transformation system, the Commission will explore the In practice, this means that since 2007 the implementation of the

For me, one more unexpected news: According to Chinese media reports, December 21, China’s leading programmer CSDN website was hacked, a large number of user database is posted on the Internet, more than 6 million registered express E-mail streaking. Almost at the same time, all network (microblogging), Sina and the End of the World community and other microblogging media exposure of the user database is also open by hackers.

I see many Korean news website hacked and has been granted, but for the first time noticed that China news website hacked. Then, log on a Chinese site, it reminds me to strengthen the confidentiality of the password, it makes me feel like the Login Korean site, because many sites in South Korea after repeatedly hacked from time to time to remind users to use more complex passwords or frequently change your password. South Korea’s three major portals N ate and Cyworld social networking site was hacked, the information leaked about 35 million users. The disclosure of personal information is far more than 2008 cases of Auction of 18 million e-commerce website user information leakage, the history of Korea’s largest IT hacking. Subsequently, in November, NEXON Korea’s online game Since the leak through.

South Korean National Assembly legislative survey published in August 2011 at the relations and this case was exposed because of Nate real names and personal information is collected and the risk of custody. ; compensation for the victims and other measures of economic loss. Internet freedom of speech.

The face of pressure from all sides, run Korea Communications Commission finally decided: Most users that should not have to implement The system is implemented, the South Korean Internet users personal information and identification numbers to become the world shared information. Korean ID number has more than 15 countries in 7500 Website widespread, with Baidu search for

Also be noted that, as Korean companies, Naver, Daum and other Internet portals inconvenience name system in direct opposition to their limits by the real-name system when the site easier for foreign business in Korea. So, These results have made South Korean Internet users on the

Korean proverb: In my opinion, a Korean portal site person in charge of network security evaluation of the decision is the meaning: ID number as to attract hackers and other important information, in order to reduce the causes of personal information by hackers leak.


Professor Xiao Xuehui Southwest University for Nationalities

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Yesterday, the major portals hung out of a group entitled ignore the Xianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau police officers on duty last night Qindu Bureau explained that a move aimed at increasing the area of ​​juvenile delinquency trend of younger age, parties fool of myself.

Two parties to report on the face of thousands of people

A total of five groups according to the record of a wear clothes issue, young people in custody wearing sunglasses, sat on the floor face of hundreds of students on the playground appeared that the In this group of photos, both parties to speak at two armed police under the care of the lens, there is also the case taken away in handcuffs. Illustrated description says, students own experiences.

December 30, 2011 issue of UST High School Shaanxi jointly, held in the school playground ‘respect for life and law colleagues’ legal report, young people in custody with their own experience of a life of crime, warning students to the law and cherish life.

It is understood that the report will attend a total of two young people in custody, including a 18-year-old, a 15-year-old former The latter As teachers and students to participate in the specific report number,

Although the figures are slightly different, but the alleged scene of the teachers and students have been educated and vibration. to do, what not to do.

Police: there is inadequate in any way

After 4 days, when the Photos appear online after creating new Although local police have friends that would

Professor Xiao Xuehui Southwest University for Nationalities, commented on the microblogging similar practices Friends

and contradict the spirit of the new Criminal Procedure Law to modify. Media Meng Lee commented.

For the doubts, Xianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau police officers on duty last night Qindu branch one reporter explained that the south are organizing this event aimed at increasing the area of ​​juvenile delinquency trend of younger age, strengthen youth education, prevention, He said he saw the outside world from the TV question, but in his personal opinion, people should see the positive effects of active play, the other hand, does not meet the facts.


Armenia believes this is

Friday, January 13th, 2012

22 Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement , the French National Assembly passed the same day acts of denying the Armenian genocide to punish those who committed the draft law


The statement also said , this bill limits the French by scholars and historians, the history of this issue of free expression , and that the bill violates international law.

Turkish Foreign Ministry also accused France of

According to the French National Assembly passed a bill denying the Armenian massacres may be sentenced to one year imprisonment and € 45,000 fine. This bill will be followed by the French Senate vote.

Subsequently, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara, Prime Minister’s Office announced the immediate recall of its ambassador to France布尔丘奥卢, and France sanctions, including cancellation of all the French economic, political, military conference , to allow France to cancel the original military aircraft landed in Turkey , off the French warship allowed to dock in Turkey .

Armenia believes this is


An Arthur

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

January 2 People Power (An Arthur ) , according to British media reports, for the overthrow of Syria Bashar al-Assad regime , the British government has drawn up secret plans for no-fly zone set up in Syria , the British and U.S. intelligence officers have sneaked into Syria, for the implementation of the plan preparation.

Published in London, Syria to establish no-fly zone plan to be completed under the leadership of NATO , for the relevant resolutions adopted by the Council .

the Gaddafi regime, Syrian military forces fighting Bikazhafei stronger and better equipped . the Council’s resolutions easier to plan.

we are closely watching the development of the situation there .


The aircraft industry has just been released today

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

The aircraft industry has just been released today , China has independently developed the AC313 is a 13 -ton large-scale civilian helicopters received by the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the type certificate, which marks this as Asia’s largest tonnage of the world’s first helicopter type a region made ​​4500 meters pull class A civilian helicopter airworthiness certificate , and also indicates the market will , in disaster relief , forest fire prevention , transportation, offshore operations as well as medical care , tourism , public areas of the flight , and so will play a very big role .

Central Air Industrial lasted four years, successfully developed the AC313 civilian helicopter overall performance , it should be said to have reached the international level of the third generation of helicopters , but also to fill our gaps in the development of large civil helicopter , so that China and Europe , the United States , Russia , as with the mainframe ‘s ability to independently developed in China, the history of helicopter development has great significance .

2008 Wenchuan earthquake lead to people ‘s attention for helicopter applications , the aircraft industry to speed up the development process of helicopter AC313 , organize the AVIC Chang Fei and helicopters in the aviation industry to work together to research , this model prompted the March 18, 2010 No. Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province to achieve flight.

AC313 just Reporters interviewed the chief architect of Xu Chaoliang , he said the aircraft ‘s performance is its unique adaptability of the plateau . Twice in the AC313 helicopter into Tibet to carry out a test flight , high altitude flight experiments and trials work , the end of our not -made helicopters used in the history of the plateau , but also to fill the many gaps in our country .

Also on the orders of correspondents learned from the helicopter company , Zhuhai Air Show in 2010 signed a 32 on the intent of the order , but now users have identified the first , is the Central Ferry Company to orders , delivery time is expected this year about three- quarters , a total of five .



Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Beijing, January 3, Foreign Ministry (microblogging) spokesman Hong Lei 3 on the Japanese right-wingers here that solemn position regarding the Diaoyu Islands. He pointed out that the Chinese government has made solemn representations to Japan on this and protest. He said:

Newspaper on January 3, Tokyo (Reporter in green), according to local media reports, local time at 9:30 on the 3rd or so, the Japanese Eleventh District of Coast Guard Headquarters (Naha) patrol craft found in Okinawa Ishigaki City Council Nakama equal three boarded the Diaoyu Islands. About 20 minutes later, Ishigaki City Council Zhongling Zhong therapist also visit the island. 4 people in 1155 left the Diaoyu Islands, they take the boats to sail Ishigaki Port.

3 Okinawa Prefectural Police Headquarters, said at the news release, 2 night around 10:40, four-passenger boat from the Diaoyu Islands, about 170 km from the port of Ishigaki, and later landed southwest from the island. Coast Guard patrol craft was patrolling nearby. Okinawa Prefectural Police Headquarters, but did not say, whether to take measures to prevent them landing. Currently, the Okinawa Prefectural Police Headquarters is preparing to Okinawa Prefectural Police Headquarters on the 3rd announcement is proof that the Japanese Government departments engaged in the issue began to get information, knowing that landing without permission, but left unchecked, to the Sino-Japanese relations once again adding to the noise and disorder.

Mayor Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture, Zhongshan Elan received Kyodo news agency, stressed that the day . Zhongshan Elan had already landed Diaoyu Islands, the Japanese government for approval to implement the fixed asset tax assessment survey. December 2010, Ishigaki City Council approved the January 14 as the so-called

cold water.

Japan on the Diaoyu Islands issue if not handled properly, Sino-Japanese relations will have serious consequences. In the 40th anniversary of normalization of diplomatic relations because of the Diaoyu Islands issue led to a reversal, this is the insight and the majority of Japanese people are not willing to see.