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Huangshan District Land and Resources Bureau staff said

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Hebei Luquan law covering acres of a golf course on the media exposure, was stopped seven times the bureau of Shijiazhuang, was finally closed. October 24, 2011, the Department of Homeland informed Shijiazhuang Zhong Cheng Bai Luquan Resort Co., Ltd. covers an area of ​​law, illegal construction of golf courses supervise the handling of such cases have been investigated and dealt with according to the law, and ordered to return the illegal occupation of land, the confiscation of land in line with use planning of the 92.43 acres of land on the new buildings and other facilities do not meet the deadline for removal of land use planning of 218.49 acres of land on the new buildings and other facilities, a fine of $ 270,000. Share of arable land is currently all out, hardening of the road have been removed, the grass has been cleared, is organizing the rehabilitation. Fine has been paid.

But soon after the media discovered that rehabilitation may be false Luquan golf course. Developers said that at present only be held in abeyance, and so relaxed after a few years of national policy considerations, the Department will now concentrate on building a set of tourism, travel, accommodation and leisure in one of the tourist resorts.

Yichang dragon Lake Resort is a result of Ministry of Land and supervise the handling of illegal land after the construction is still against the wind. Not only the villa selling hot, golf courses are also open for business. The matter reported by the media caused the Ministry of Land, Yichang, Hubei Provincial Department and the municipal government’s attention. October 27, 2011, the Ministry sent a special trip to Yichang-site supervision, implement the requirements.

Used to seeing reports of the construction of golf course against the wind, Beijing dismantled the public driving range of news themselves. 2011 years the morning of October 26, Haidian District, Beijing Junan area east of golf driving range forklift three houses were torn down, the existence of more than two years illegally built golf driving range, Haidian District Urban Management Department ordered removed.

Paid the fine to continue their business

Luquan golf course under the supervision of the Ministry of Land and was finally closed, but still more golf courses and the public

In Beijing, adjacent to the nest, the enclosure 2,700 acres of But as early as January 2004, the State Council halted the golf course land use approval. June 2009, Beijing issued a

April 2011, the stadium was Haidian District Land Bureau to investigate and impose a fine of more than 17 million. According to a half-hour CCTV Economic reports in August 2011, the Qing bay golf course to pay a fine and has been in the

Coincidentally. Henan covers an area of ​​4200 acres of a golf course, by the local department of land out of 29.57 million yuan of Developers to pay a penalty, as a local investment of the

It seems the developers, pay a fine equivalent to The illegal construction of golf courses often reflect local interests. In 2010, the Ministry informed the eight cases, four cases involving illegally built golf courses, which account for half of non-compliance of local government, some illegal project has been approved by relevant departments of local government.

Open to providers and local governments may usher in a Many experts believe the one hand, developers have gained from the construction site and the surrounding golf course industry interests. On the other hand, local governments can receive the appropriate financial, land and other income.

Beijing Lawyers Association Professional Committee Zhao Chunsheng land law introduced for local government, in addition to the dominant land and finance revenue, behind the construction of golf courses as well as According to Zhao Chunsheng collected examples, most golf courses are now to

From the project start, developers and local authorities on the various names of some stealthy, but the process of building on farmland, forest encroachment, the relevant law enforcement departments were ignored. Some local governments even as the city’s investment environment golf business card, the golf course as stimulating the economy a good project.

Vest to put on dry

Since April 2011, the state regulation of illegal golf courses wind tighter and tighter, following the 11 ministries jointly issued a document after the early July 2011, the State Council again urged to clean up land and resources departments rectification golf project. However, there are still a lot of golf course construction or illegal operations against the wind.

Anhui Huangshan Taiping Lake is a famous national scenic area. Recent media reports, in the 4A-level Scenic Area, Huangshan Sheng to real estate development company law covering acres on golf course. Land and Resources Bureau of Huangshan District staff said the project is the transfer of land form and the village signed an agreement, is illegal use of land, October 8, 2011, Huangshan District, the company issued an administrative penalty notice, order the return of illegally area and restored. October 14, 2011, Yongfeng Township Hung Tin Director Gu Guoqing Sheng to the company that issued the refund received land, 868.56 acres of land will be returned to the village, Huangshan District Land Bureau to prove violations of the closing of the stadium deal .

However, it was reported that the court did not actually return Yongfeng Township Hung Tin land, still outside the current operation. The stadium is currently being absorbed by the membership, annual membership fee of $ 10,000 every single day field 1,500. Single-family house near the stadium are also hot. According to reports, the project is commercial, tourism, hospitality in the name for the land, planning procedures, as well as pre-sale license and Price Bureau issued a room for a price sheet.

Huangshan District Land and Resources Bureau staff said, Taiping Lake is a tourist reception area is currently all in the name of approval of the land, villas for sale is managed by the housing authority, the Land Bureau is not clear. Law Enforcement and Supervision Brigade and Land Bureau, admitted that the bureau has no enforcement powers, investigate them difficult.

Huangshan Taiping Lake Golf also is not the most has not stopped. Also do everything possible to defend the local government to justify, even to the higher level to preserve this illegal project.

Experts believe that the golf course, driving force.

trickery, way.

development project return on investment will be rising.

Not long ago, Zhanjiang, Guangdong media exposure over 1600 acres of area of ​​a golf course, the declaration in the name of the previous project as , seedling-planting, grass and soil and water conservation projects such as ecological restoration and management.

Beijing registered a few large range of golf club operations differ from the actual situation. For example, some golf courses on the register as


including the block

Friday, January 6th, 2012

2011 could be described as the first year of China’s aircraft carrier, this year, China is the first time that Chinese military converted aircraft carrier, and has a positive response to the Department of Defense press conference on the aircraft carrier construction, sea trials and other relevant circumstances. China’s first aircraft carrier around 2011, China laid a future aircraft carrier full of imagination and hope the road.

Three trials of foreign satellites

August 10, 2011 morning, the Chinese began to leave the terminal carrier platform. According to test plan, According to the Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration Web site on August 9, issued navigational warnings, at 0:00 on August 10 to 14, 18:00, Dalian Port . It was thus speculated that the first carrier trials of time will be 5 days. Completion of the first Chinese aircraft carrier platform trials, the planned return to the shipyard.

November 29, 2011, the reporter learned from the Ministry of National Defense Information Office, China’s aircraft carrier platform in August, following the successful completion of the first sea trials, scheduled to return to the shipyard to continue to implement modification and testing, has completed the work, again November 29 sea, to carry out related scientific research and experiments. In the second aircraft carrier during sea trials, a U.S. commercial satellite company, said they captured pictures in the Yellow Sea Chinese aircraft carrier. This photo released immediately led to the international community’s strong interest in the foreign media have to

December 20, 2011, according to the same period of navigational warnings Dalian Maritime Bureau show speculated that in less than 10 days, the Chinese aircraft carrier out to sea again, a third sea trial, the sea trial is expected to last nine days.

Three mysteries of foreign media,

Carrier-based aircraft: Canada, In addition, carrier-based trainer has completed a similar take-off training. Israeli Therefore, China developed its own built F-15 is also comparable to the Western media as a Russian-made Su-33, US-made

Service period: Russian military news network reported on December 13, the former Soviet Union 11 return to Dalian Port. But China is still a lack of blocking cable carrier and other key parts, service plans facing serious difficulties. Indian media said the first aircraft carrier will be exercises to explore the use of the PLA Navy in 2015 to service its own aircraft carriers by 2020.

Captain: U.S. Jamestown Foundation, October 29 published a

Four times to respond to Department of Defense to make the world

July 27, 2011, Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng at a regular press conference that China adheres to peaceful development, firmly pursues an independent foreign policy of peace and a defensive national defense policy, we have a long coastline and vast jurisdictional waters, the direction of the sea to defend the country’s security and territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests is the sacred duty of China’s armed forces. Chinese authorities are considering various factors, careful study of the development aircraft carrier, aircraft carrier construction is very complex, taking advantage of an aircraft carrier platform used to transform, for research experiments and training.

August 31, 2011, Defense Department spokesman Yang Yujun at a regular press conference that the aircraft carrier construction is a long-term, complex project, in the process will be conducting a series of scientific experiments and training, which are is routine and normal. Carrier platform for the first time trials to achieve the intended purpose, is to continue in the shipyard for modifications and testing. Carrier platform for follow-up, testing and training will be based on scientific research to determine the situation.

September 28, 2011, in the Department of Defense a regular press conference a reporter asked, China’s first aircraft carrier will be considered with the Second Artillery missile forces have the same status as a strategic asset, as the core carrier plans to organize a the fleet. Please confirm that? Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said that at present, still in the shipyard for ship conversion and testing, will be used for research after completion of testing and training. It is now far from the specific deployment, and other follow-up testing and training should be based on scientific research to determine the situation.

December 28, 2011, Department of Defense press conference last year, said Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun, I pre-carrier platform to carry out sea trials have the desired effect, is currently planned follow-up research trials at sea. Needs to be emphasized is that the aircraft carrier research and test platform is a long process, based on operational need, the carrier platform in the future will continue to carry out sea trials and training related to the hope that we can objectively rational view. He also said that claims about China’s aircraft carrier to block the report is unfounded. Chinese military weapons and equipment development and construction has always been its independence, the principle of independent innovation, mainly through its own strength for development and production. My main system is equipped aircraft platforms, including the block, including claims, are independently developed and modified.


. In at 11

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

At 12:30 on the 29th or so , the third Chinese carrier platform to complete sea trials for 9 -day mission , docking berth Dalian , Liaoning Province . According to China ‘s military position , the carrier platform to carry out sea trials and training related to the future may become the norm.

Dalian Maritime Bureau had issued navigational warnings show that the northern waters of the Yellow Sea southeast of Dalian at 8:00 on December 21 to at 10:00 on December 29 , . In at 11:10 on the 29th or so , China’s aircraft carrier platform appeared at Dalian port anchorage area , further confirmed the

29 morning, the aircraft crew training and comprehensive support ship 88 aircraft on the mooring platform berth in the vicinity of Dalian Port . 11:10 or so from the port direction can already see the aircraft carrier platform to enter the field of vision .

12:24 , the pier salute sing for 5 minutes. Salute only , carrier platform 3 whistle sound . The assistance of the tug , 12:55 or so to complete the carrier platform dock .

Returned the aircraft carrier sea trials at the highest tower platform with new side of the flag flying , according to military fans than the previous two trials of the picture , the location of the flag tower seems to be only the third high-profile trials played .


BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicles

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012