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Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

WASHINGTON , February 27 ( Reporter Wang Fengfeng ) , U.S. officials said on the 27th , despite the protests broke out in Afghanistan because of U.S. soldiers burning the religious books , but the U.S. does not change President Barack Obama’s strategy for Afghanistan, will not change the withdrawal of troops pace , will continue in 2014 before the end of the transfer of security responsibilities to the Afghan side .
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He did not think the current political situation in Afghanistan will affect the U.S. strategy for Afghanistan , White House spokesman Carney said at a regular press conference that day . The United States believes that Obama’s Afghanistan strategy is still correct , and will continue the implementation of the letter . The focus of U.S. strategy for Afghanistan to fight against the

On the same day , Defense Ministry spokesman George Little said in a Pentagon news conference , Defense Secretary Panetta and the Joint Chiefs of Staff the main Xidengpuxi fully supports continue to implement Obama’s strategy for Afghanistan and security responsibilities handed over to the Afghan security forces before the end of 2014 . Little said Panetta and Dempsey , the United States made ​​significant progress , the strategy for Afghanistan against the Taliban and strengthening the Afghan security forces

Bagram U.S. military base soldiers burning the Koran and other Islamic religious books in recent days in Afghanistan, the outbreak of mass demonstrations. The protest against the conflict has resulted in more than 30 people , including four Americans were killed and 200 injured .


What is necessary to convene the two sessions will be announced in the defense budget

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Q: What is necessary to convene the two sessions will be announced in the defense budget , defense budget increases in the past , there will be some negative comments . Just mentioned that China would be reasonable to determine the scale of defense spending this year to increase the defense budget will be used to what ? Just mentioned , India and Japan to carry out escort cooperation , I ask the cooperative mode is what ? North Sea Fleet will be the first to send ships to participate in the convoy , is there anything to consider ? the
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Geng Yansheng : the composition of defense spending each year during the two sessions , released that year ‘s defense budget have been described . Defense expenditure is divided into three parts : First, day-to-day funding for personnel protection , the second is the cost for equipment, the third is used for training the maintenance fees .

On your second question , the independent national escort cooperation is to take as a reference country in a country , other countries arrange their own schedule , in accordance with the schedule of reference provided by escort escort efficiency can be further enhanced . This escort cooperation is based on a quarterly cycle , in turn , in the first quarter as the first round of the comparator , and put forward their own escort schedules , other escort countries according to the China of the escort schedule to arrange their own escort schedule .

On your third question , since December 2008 , the Chinese navy has dispatched 10 batches of 25 ships and ships of the convoy fleet , 22 helicopters and more than 8400 officers and men , the Gulf of Aden , Somali waters implementation of the escort mission . About the composition of the naval escort vessel formation is based on the existing naval forces to conduct co-ordination arrangements.


Syrian crisis escalated

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Beijing , February 21 (Reporter Tan Jingjing Cao Xinyang ) 21 , Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said the Foreign Ministry’s regular press conference , China in Syria ‘s position is consistent and clear . The Chinese side is willing and the Syrian Government and various political factions in Syria , Arab countries and the Arab League to maintain communication with the international community , for the proper solution for Syria to play a constructive role .
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For the League of Arab States said Syria stance may change the question , Hong Lei , China ‘s position on Syria is consistent and clear . We have been closely following the development of the situation of Syria , Syrian crisis escalated, leading to civilian casualties , and deeply worried about the impact of regional peace and stability in the Middle East . We urge the Syrian government and the parties concerned the immediate and full cessation of all violence , to open an inclusive political dialogue without preconditions attached , and negotiation of a comprehensive political reform programs and mechanisms . We advocate that the international community should fully respect Syria ‘s sovereignty , independence , unity and territorial integrity , respect for the choice of the Syrian people , not in favor of the implementation of the Syrian military intervention or force a so – called We support the Arab countries to immediately stop the violence, the effective protection of Syrian civilians and providing humanitarian assistance to Syria , to avoid external military intervention argued that the League of Arab States within the framework of political dialogue to solve the Syrian problem .

To answer questions about China will be invited to attend the meeting held in Tunis in Syria Friends of Hong Lei said China has received the meeting invitation . The Chinese side welcomes all efforts conducive to peace, to properly resolve the efforts of the Syrian crisis , willing to play a constructive role with the relevant parties for the peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis . Needs further study the role and mechanism of the Chinese in the meeting .


communication is often blocked area

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Sina aviation third of Singapore Air Show opened on February 14 , 16 , CATIC to fly two large companies in China’s aviation manufacturing enterprises to participate in the 2012 Singapore Air Show , in addition to a Friends of Taishun City Chinese private enterprise exhibitors . This is the Chinese civil aviation manufacturing enterprises to participate in overseas air show for the first time . The staff said on the stand , are participating in the Singapore Air Show , we would like to sell unmanned helicopter system is being tested in the X200 .
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According to reports, the X200 unmanned helicopter systems, the whole weight of 100 kg , maximum takeoff weight of 220 kg , can carry a 85 kg load flight five hours . In addition to the traditional remote control , the control system of the UAV can also rely on airborne satellite and inertial navigation system for fully automatic flight . In addition , the X200 UAV is also equipped with laser radar , Doppler radar, infrared detectors and other optoelectronic devices . The aircraft is now undergoing a test flight is expected in September this year , will officially open to the public . Booth staff said , the X200 UAV UAV products of other enterprises , the load of larger, smaller, and almost all domestic accessories .

The site of the company’s staff also said that the X200 can be used for military purposes . First of all, the X200 can be equipped with a variety of detection equipment , tactical investigation for small-scale forces on the battlefield . In addition , the X200 also carry a communications relay equipment for use as a communications aerial relay platform . Especially in Tibet and other terrain and weather are more complex , communication is often blocked area , the X200 can be multi-machine grouping and satellite systems, networking , radio and digital signal relay and support for the troops .

However, the X200 as a military helicopter , there are some inadequacies First endurance distance is too low, unable to meet the requirements of 8-10 hours , followed subject to the engine , the load , and U.S. products is fairly low compared to , can not carry weapons as attack aircraft . But the company also said that large-scale version of the X200 , X400, unmanned helicopter being developed , load bigger, stronger endurance and a greater variety of tasks can be completed . (


staff also said the Xiaolong aircraft has been in the transformation

Friday, February 17th, 2012

February 14, the opening of the 3rd Singapore Airshow. In this year’s Singapore Airshow, China Aviation Technology Import and Export Corporation on display to bring Xiaolong, L-15, pterosaurs and unmanned aerial vehicles and other military aircraft model exhibitors. Xiaolong fighter real machine this year did not go to the Singapore Airshow scene, Xiaolong caused by the countries in the aviation industry, especially the attention of the Third World countries.
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Short-term there will not be significantly improved Xiaolong fighter

Since its debut at the Dubai Air Show last year, Xiaolong fighter, Xiaolong fighter when launched remodeling is one of the focus of attention. But the CATIC staff to participate in this air show expressed Xiaolong fighter short term will not significantly improved appearance. However, staff also said the Xiaolong aircraft has been in the transformation, the transformation project is part of the electronic system and other details. The staff said that since its debut Xiaolong fighter, carried out the details of the improvements have been up to hundreds. Xiaolong fighters located in the Third World countries, to win, not like Western fighters as the pursuit of the most advanced concepts and the most advanced technology to cost-effectively. Because the majority of potential buyers of users affected by economic conditions and level of maintenance limit, it is difficult to conservation that the pursuit of fashionable

Russian-made fighter will not affect the sales of the Xiaolong aircraft

Reference to the Russian-made fighter Xiaolong fighter overseas markets in the CATIC stand, the exhibition’s staff said that the goal of the Xiaolong aircraft alternative Third World countries the existing fleet of MiG-21, Mirage -3 The second-generation single light aircraft. At present, Russia’s military exports more than double heavy fighter aircraft of the Sukhoi company Xiaolong aircraft positioning is completely different. In addition, Xiaolong fighter in the export, with technology transfer Xiaolong fighter now one of the important selling points.

Xiaolong fighter is quite advanced electronic equipment

At present, the world of third-generation fighter active duty electronic upgrade. In this year’s Singapore Airshow, Boeing, Raytheon and other companies have asked the third-generation fighter plane electronic equipment upgrade program. In this regard, the front of reports on the future of the Xiaolong aircraft electronic equipment upgrades ask the the CATIC staff. Xiaolong fighter is quite advanced electronic equipment, compared with the People’s Liberation Army is currently equipped with the fighter, absolutely one of the most advanced, he said. Third World in the low-end customers, can be said to The face of the national air force dress destined trends in phased array radar, show that Third World countries may shortly do not need to, but once put forward the demand to the existing body can dress, and does not require a big improvement. In addition, Ray Stone -6, the use of domestic positioning system precision-guided weapons can also be powered by Xiaolong fighter


Carey Tim Carey

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Raytheon Company , USA in the 2012 Singapore Air Show, the opening day press conference revealed that advanced the APY -10 radar has been specifically designed to be delivered to Boeing , and soon will be installed to the Indian Navy’s P – 8I Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft . The new radar will enhance the P – 8I Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft , sea, air and weather monitoring capabilities .
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Raytheon APY- 10 radar is manufactured in accordance with the Indian Navy specifications , it allows the user to detect air and sea threats . Raytheon for radar increased the ability of a cross- recorded weather and water search for the cockpit to provide the latest information to bypass the inclement weather areas , in order to perform monitoring tasks .

Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems Division is responsible for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems , vice president of Tim ? Carey Tim Carey, said: />

Carey added that by reducing the weight and energy consumption increased six-fold , the APY – 10 radar MTBF previous radar . In addition , this design is also to provide radar huge room for improvement . He do not want to comment on the price of this radar , but expressed the hope that the radar will attract the attention of the other navies of the Asia-Pacific region


The chariot direction Lockwood

Monday, February 13th, 2012

According to the Russian Instead, the dominant and Russian products.
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The chariot direction Lockwood, a senior military analyst at Forecast International, said, is expected to be 2021 years ago, the supply of the world’s main battle tank market scale will reach more than 5500 vehicles, the total value of $ 24.25 billion. From the absolute size of the market, continue to occupy a dominant position will continue to be Type 98 (sic), the Sino-Pakistani cooperation, . To 2021, these three products will account for 54.73% of all new tanks worldwide during the same period, the share in the international market will reach 43.79%. Strong competition in China, Pakistan and Russian main battle tanks, the Abrams tank in the United States share will continue to shrink.

Lockwood pointed out that the current main battle tank modernization and upgrade of production in the new tank at the same time, conversion and update rate continues to grow, has become a more important force in the international market. The U.S. Army is ready to technical maintenance, repair and modification, the M1 Abrams tank to continue in service until 2050. Prior to 2004-2009, the U.S. Department of Defense active duty M1 But in 2010, the related costs compared with 2009 decreased by 67.2%, the M1 tank in the world market share of sales fell by 10.69%. In 2011, the U.S. military spending fell 42.77% in the M1 tank. From 2004 to the present, the U.S. M1 Abrams tanks in the world market share fell by nearly 82%.

Forecast International believes that in 2021, the modernization and upgrade of the current main battle tank of the world still is the focus of the development of the industry, the production of new high-quality main battle tanks are still in a relatively minor role, and its products will account for about 22.79 of all tanks % share of sales in the world market is estimated to be 36.05%. Although America Ou Tanke Though, Pakistan, Russia, the exclusion, but retain a considerable position, continue to show their existence. A new type of ammunition 120 caliber smoothbore gun, innovative Will remain very important in the role of main battle tanks this Abrams in previous military conflicts to fully prove himself fully in line with the needs of modern asymmetric warfare


Other contract documents did not specify locations

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

In view of the continued tension in relations with Iran and the Yemen military conflict, the Pentagon plans to send a large floating military bases in the SEALs mission in the Middle East this summer.
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The old ship was transformed or deployment of the Persian Gulf

According to British In accordance with the requirements of the Central Command, the U.S. Navy is one would have to retire large warships transformed into a temporary floating military base for the Navy SEALs use.

At present, the U.S. Navy aboard the old warship known as the Pentagon procurement documents disclosed this week, the military is to transform the The document said the ,

Navy spokesman Mike? Kafka refused to detail the purpose of the deployment of the floating base, do not want to disclose the location of the deployment in the Middle East. Other Navy officials admit that they are busy with the transformation of work and

Nevertheless, the Navy documents reveal After transformation, the floating base will be deployed in the Persian Gulf, Iran threatened to blockade the Strait of Hormuz. A market research proposal document also pointed out that the floating base needs to be deployed to the Persian Gulf.

Other contract documents did not specify locations, but said the Defense Department officials said earlier that Iran is trying to close the Strait of Hormuz, the Iraqi side will rely on the mines to impede the passage of waterways.


The United States, The deployment of the floating base may mark the SEALs or return to the sea tasks. Reported that the In addition, the

It is reported that the U.S. Department of Defense named the floating base for the transformation of the Analysts believe that if Iran blocked oil channel, the Strait of Hormuz as preached, floating base will play an important role in the U.S. Navy re-opened this channel operations.

U.S. Department of Defense under Obama’s new national defense strategy will be cut in the next five years, 100,000 Army and Marine Corps. Reduction in the number of troops, special forces to play a more effective role, for which special operations forces is a key part of the Obama administration to streamline the army and army flexibility strategy.

Military experts, the U.S. Fifth Fleet now stationed in the Persian Gulf region, and one or two aircraft carrier battle group support, new build floating base will not enhance the firepower of U.S. forces in the region. But if the United States launched military operations to rescue hostages or the assassination of such small-scale, high-risk, floating base will become a very useful tool.


maintenance of stability and other business groups

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) comprehensive news, January 28, a Chinese company in Kordofan State Highway 苏丹南科尔 the project site by the local anti-government armed attacks, more than 20 Chinese workers were taken hostage. 29, Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed the news. These Chinese workers still missing, but there were no reports of injuries.

Sudanese rebel admitted detained 29 Chinese people

Sudanese rebel spokesman on the 29th declared that its armed Kordofan state in 苏丹南科尔 exchanged fire with government forces, and then hijack the 29 Chinese workers.

The spokesman claimed that Chinese workers have not been kidnapped, they are very safe, no one was injured, the army launched an offensive soon, taking into account the safety of the Chinese people before their arrest.

He also said that these Chinese workers were mainly responsible for the Sudan Nu Bashan area road construction. As expected the Sudanese government forces attacked at any time, temporarily unable to release the captives.

Local media said the attacks intended to undermine the road construction

According to the Sudan, local media reported after the incident, 苏丹南科尔 Kordofan state governor Ahmad Harun said, when the Chinese company attacked 35 people, and most of the Chinese personnel, armed intended damage to the local road construction.

Ahmad Harun, said the militants attacked anti-government armed groups belonging to .


Chinese Foreign Ministry and Embassy in Sudan has launched emergency mechanism

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin, 29, on the Chinese company in Sudan Attack on A reporter asked Chinese officials confirmed that there had been hijacked.

Liu Weimin, introduced the afternoon of January 28, Beijing time, 苏丹南科尔 states where more than one funded company project department attacks by local militants, some Chinese officials temporarily missing.

Liu Weimin, said after the incident, Chinese Foreign Ministry and Embassy in Sudan immediately launched the emergency mechanism. Ministry of Foreign Secretary, 29, an emergency meeting with the Sudanese Embassy charge d’affaires, urged the Soviet side to ensure the safety of Chinese personnel in the premise of active search and rescue.

Liu Weimin said that at present, Government of Sudan is China’s search for and rescue missing persons, and to strengthen the Chinese personnel in Sudan, and project security.

As Sudan’s Darfur region and the North, Southern Kordofan, the security situation changes, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese Embassy in the Soviet Union today to remind the local Chinese-funded institutions and citizens to improve safety awareness and strengthen prevention to minimize the out, ensure personal and property safety.

Sudanese government said it would fully guarantee the safety of workers
search and rescue

China attaches great importance to the Sudanese government’s attacks, got the news, immediately take the relevant action. In the afternoon, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry, road and bridge department, security department and the military held a joint meeting to discuss measures and rescue program.

Sudan’s military spokesman Khaled Saad, 28 Sava Ermi the media that a Chinese road construction company’s camp, not a military unit. But the Sudanese army was repulsed.

苏丹南科尔 Kordofan State Governor Ahmed halons camp condemned the attacks on Chinese road construction company. He said the attacks aimed at undermining the stability and security in the region, blocking the people of the region’s development for many years dreamed the dream, but we can also enhance the development of confidence and courage.

Ahmed also said that halons, the Sudanese military is to make careful arrangements to protect the Chinese workers and Sudanese workers’ safety, to avoid any casualties there, tied to the safety of personnel and strive rescued.

China Electric Power Construction Corporation launched the emergency mechanism to rescue workers

Project Department in Sudan for the attacks, China Power Construction Group Co., Ltd. Wang Zhiping 29 head office, said the group has launched emergency mechanism, through a variety of channels to rescue the missing workers.

Zhi-Ping Wang said, China Electric Power Construction Group was informed the evening of 28 shares of a subsidiary of China’s hydropower projects Sudan Wu A highway department by local militants attacked more than 20 workers missing after the case, and the parties concerned immediately to the State- report, and set up at 29 am chaired by the chairman Fan Jixiang headquarters emergency response teams, launched the emergency mechanism. Emergency response team under the front of the communication, comprehensive coordination, publicity, maintenance of stability and other business groups, 24 hours a day, pay close attention to the situation in progress.

He said the Group and its regional headquarters in North Africa, the Sudan project with China to strengthen the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy in Sudan, the Sudanese government and other sources of co-ordination, is doing everything possible to rescue the missing workers. Meanwhile, the Group has issued a notice requiring the Department of subsidiaries overseas projects to strengthen security measures to prevent similar incidents.


From 1983 to 2005, Sudan has been caught in civil war. Until January 2005, the Sudanese government and the separation of Southern Sudan for the purpose of independent or

Signed a peace treaty before the country as a unified Sudan,

After the signing of peace treaty, southern Sudan to implement a high degree of autonomy, self-government was set up, almost in an independent state.

July 9, 2011, after independence of Southern Sudan, 加入南苏丹 nationality, their whereabouts became a problem. To this end,

According to Sudanese law on political parties, as political parties or opposition parties,

What is more, set up a

Starting from September 2011, the Sudanese Government forces entrenched in the Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan state’s , the former governor of Blue Nile State, including Montgomery Abu Hamid Island Blue Nile’s And entrenched in Southern Kordofan,


the Gulf to disband .

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

United States, Israel and Iran are competing , and living in the Middle East .

both in quantity and level of technology , it is definitely rude to their arch-enemy Israel . The UAE bought 80 F-16Block60 fighters, its overall performance Bimei air force F-16Block50 type also advanced. Annual growth in the arms trade , the United States and Russia to become the biggest winner .

However, military experts point out that once war breaks out , the role of these advanced weapons will be very limited. The reason , as the U.S. Center for Strategic and International Studies, Anthony Cordesman , senior scholars and Luo Dehan noted, these huge number of sophisticated weapons , and more into a show off , rather than used in modern warfare . In addition, these contradictions between the Arab countries , a lack of mutual trust , with little carry out joint military operations.

Gulf Cooperation Council established in 1986 , the U.S. has been in furtherance of its efforts to integrate defense capabilities , but always without success. Neither the synergy between them , there is no common military doctrine , so that in 2005 , the Gulf to disband . (