Can marriage prove love?

This love story is said to have since ancient times, although very mysterious, but it is a permanent topic. It seems that love itself is eternal. Everyone is talking about love, but who can say clearly what exactly is love? Hearts may be just a dream.

It is a materialistic age, do not know if there is no such thing as love, bring love, may have been an ancient dream. Love is said to allow a man and a woman to be affiliated, is said to love can love life of two people the same heart.

There is no denying that love is a strong belief, so that those who believe that believe that the love of justice and a better world, as never put out the fire bright, you can always illuminate the life and soul.

Love is so beautiful, what look like? What to do in order to have real love? Love, as if to find the feeling of love. Sexual behavior, it seems to represent the expression of love. Who has a blink of an eye, the situation has been far had gone into love.

Encounter love, lost love, what could prove the existence of love? Do not know who it is, marriage can prove the existence of love. People love after marriage, if you can Bainianhaohe, so that love everlasting and unchanging.

In the past, arranged marriages are the parents, prior to the marriage, two people have not even met, simply do not know, there is no love at all. Is not married because of love, marriage and love is not to exist.

In today’s society, young men and women are free to love, but he did not know how to prove the existence of love. They know that marriage is not always the touchstone of love, but there was no better choice, no choice but to say: I love, get married on it!

Marriage, divorce may not think of the possibility that the marriage will be able to have been the old, will never be separated. However, things can not predict the future, no one knows the future will not divorce. San marriage, love does not exist, or did not exist.

Love is in love with a man, love his presence, his love and his co-exist. Shenwaizhiwu money, and love are not necessarily linked. Even love can not prove that. Marriage is a form of life, can not prove the existence of love. The only way to prove that love is love of one’s heart.

Love a person, if that person has not changed, you love his heart would not change. That is true love, the love life of two people can do the same heart.

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