Mayor Zhang Jianhua

“GE illuminates the peaceful gram to develop Pu the strategic cooperation” the signing ceremony the camp to hold east Shandong on August 30, 2010, the GE illumination develops the Pu electro-optic science and technology Limited company strategy cooperation signing ceremony with the east camp peaceful gram, holds in the east camp.

Dongying Mayor Zhang Jianhua,electrical energy
Deputy Mayor Li Jinkun, high one and so on related leadership and GE illuminate Asian and Pacific area president concurrently chief executive officer Gao Si, GE to illuminate Asian and Pacific area chief market executive officer Zhang Chunyong, GE the illumination (China) north area general manager, Song Hai, CREE vice-president Shi Yu Can, Chinese Illumination Electric appliance Profession Association Director Chen Yan to live, Chinese Illumination Academic society Director Wang Jinsui, east the camp peaceful gram to develop Pu electro-optic science and technology Limited company Chairman Qiu Zhi to be brave, general manager once attendance signing ceremonies and so on light.

GE is extremely nitpicking regarding partner’s choice,current design
its invests any project, must become the whole world first three. East the camp peaceful gram develops the Pu electro-optic science and technology Limited company is a young privately operated capital high technology and new technology Limited company, the specialty is engaged in the light emitter diode (LED) the product manufacture and the research and development.

With GE (illumination) the strategic cooperation, will become in the LED field more than 2000 Private enterprises only and the world 500 strong cooperation joint capital enterprise, from now on the peaceful gram will develop Pu with the GE illumination in aspects and so on market, research and development, joint capital to strengthen the cooperation, will create LED together according to the Ming Dynasty history in the brand-new development mentality and the turning point, will have the epoch-making significance cooperation in the LED field, will be a new photo source revolution beginning;

Specially to the Yellow River delta ecology highly effective economic zone’s development, gets up incomparable leads, the demonstration and the radiation effect.photoemission solves
Looked on the market prospect that the LED industrial development future is bright, but the profession competition is intense, the peaceful gram develops Pu to take a young Private enterprise, the development momentum is swift and violent, obtained world famous enterprise Haire and the GE illumination approval successively.

Ties with the GE illumination for the strategy partner, develops the Pu electro-optic science and technology Limited company to the east camp peaceful gram to make national and even the global biggest LED illumination profession Leading enterprise’s goal,哮喘 will play the positive promoter action.

American Eternaled s goes on the market the water-cooled LED light bulb “Eternaleds HydraLux-4”. This company calls it “the field for the first time” the going on the market water-cooled LED light bulb. This LED light bulb power consumption is 4W, brightness and the 25W incandescent lamp quite.

Because selects the water cooling method, omitted has used in cooling the light bulb internal radiating collar (Heat Pipe), the radiator fin (Heat Sink) and the ventilator and so on. Therefore, light bulb’s first half part did not have the gable radiation material, the light emission angle to expand 360 degrees. The water coolant uses with the baby soothing oil same ingredient, is harmless to the human body, conforms to the UL standard.

The LED light bulb’s life is 35,000 hours. According to uses 8 hours to calculate every day, but about long-term usage 12 years. But turns on a light every day for 8 hours, the run cost every year is only 1.75 US dollars. Not only has may use the existing light modulator to adjust the light the function, but also has the merit which indoor outdoor may use.

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