illumination application

Decided that a brand or a shop front success or not, are not take the strength as the only determination standard, the author in terminal many years, saw makes the floor, Wei Yu the dealer to make the cabinet to be defeated many comes to an end, actually makes the cabinet not necessarily to the big strength, the key be the intention, so long as the method has been right, also the unusual intention,pastes piece
by my terminal many year experiences, the matter which simply could not have completed, cannot complete does not have the intention most more importantly, has not spent the experience above this, the cabinet not necessarily must kiss the strength to kiss is, but the cabinet is different with other products is needs to add carefullyPatience, only then the thoughts flower arrived, does not have the question.

Fifth, perseveres the quality, to complete the service: This is completes the cabinet closet road of the survival, does not have the quality product is cannot withstand the market the examination, but does not have the very good service meaning factory and the dealer is also very difficult to base, completes the cabinet to observe the principle, flickers the customer is the basis which the brand cannot complete, do not go to mix makes the customer, this world does not have the fool, even if you one time have gone well,good information
but this danger is throughout the existence, you did not know that this bomb anything is the detonation, is careful for on. The company irresponsible will cause the dealer disunity, the dealer to play flickers the customer to tidy up you.

Sixth, emphasis brand localization: Insisting to locate, the prominent individuality, does has own characteristic product, do not imitate blindly, if has the very good localization, certainly must insist to locate, for example Zhongshan Le Bao Shi insisted that “the ecology”, the blue valley insisted “the intelligence”, Shang Pengtang insisted “the science and technology” these are the very good ideas, must persevere, does not want, because the market turbulence is restless, the small and medium-sized enterprise must form own superiority, the prominent individuality, needs to guarantee that own boat may also “when production costs rise, prices rise too”, dare slightly by great. This article is the original, the copyright turns over to author Zhongshan Le Bao Shi kitchen closet Zou Jinshun all, if must reprint, please indicate the author and the source.

In the last few years,illumination application the Chinese architecture industry’s vigorous development has provided the place which for the construction curtain wall profession gives full play, meets the different construction structural design need the curtain wall product to explain in project practice success application, the construction curtain wall is until now outside the most ideal large-scale public building the building enclosure. in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games project take manifests the construction main body style, insightful, the energy conservation environmental protection and comfortable as a characteristic, is now the world construction curtain wall profession luminescent spot.

The Olympic Games main body construction curtain wall project is not only the world top curtain wall company demonstrates the strength and the newest technical stage, is also the domestic and foreign curtain wall company puts together the strength the battlefield. May foresee, in the future in the developing process, the construction curtain wall rope structural design, the glass structural design and so on essential frontier technology will make a bigger breakthrough.

At present, China already could develop independently has the proprietary intellectual property rights product, had revealed in the significant curtain wall project tender the enterprise unique design mentality, even more has manifested the business management and the enterprise culture in the construction organization project design, the Chinese construction curtain wall profession starts to move toward the mature development phase.

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