Husband-the true meaning of the word

What is her husband? Woman, remember: her husband, that you want to eat him Man deficit.

Her husband is afraid that the work you bring enough food, but also quietly to the boxes in the “bad Man.”

Husband, that you will bowl leftovers into rice like him like garbage bowl, but he is also happy to eat like a pig as a “silly man.”

Husband, that a quarrel during the day to ignore you, much busy, and the middle of the night for you to be pulling away a good angle, “Man stingy.”

Husband, that there are only 300 Ocean purse, but to advise you to buy 700 of the ocean you see an item of clothing, while their own credit card to help you buy a tie gave the “stupid Men.”

Husband, that you are lazy with him to his feet and knowing that you are pouring money down the drain in terms also of sets of music can not be Huizi the “sweet Man.”

Her husband is afraid of you that winter cold feet, and a pair of not washing your feet firmly in his arms that are not afraid of bad men, referred to as “the stinking Man.”

Husband, that let you eat more salt and pepper side dish Meng tea while blowing his nose, but also did not forget tears, said: his wife to do the dishes really good “poor man


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