conservation reduces

Now, the wallpaper pattern is more and more, but how to choose in all kinds of variety most suits oneself family’s that one section? Designer’s suggestion is,conservation reduces
the variety area small and unfolds completely the effect is dissimilar, should better demand an area big sample to the business, the area is bigger is better, like this can feel the shop in the home on the wall feeling. Buys the wallpaper key to look at the brand and the habitat According to the professional introduced that buys the wallpaper first to learn “to look”,

looked whether the wallpaper does have the chromatic aberration, the air bubble, the design is whether fine and the stratified feeling. The good wallpaper seems the nature is comfortable, and stereoscopic effect; Next is traces: With the hand touching wallpaper,the original
felt that its chart level solidity and about thickness to be whether consistent. Third is “scratches”: Makes an effort with the micro wet cloth to scratch the wallpaper surface, if presents the decolorization or the delamination quality is not good. Finally is heard:

Heard whether the wallpaper does have the unusual smell. Yuan continent decoration chief designer Li Zhichao said that except uses these methods, as the consumer must look that the habitat and the brand, “I already favored Italian, German and the beautiful domestically produced wallpaper, is mainly the environmental protection performance is good, moreover looks at the brand, finally is looks at the material quality, the paper most environmental protection.”

When determined the good product, when final purchased, suggested that the consumer wanted to buy some as far as possible. According to the Ming Dynasty palace building materials lives at the city concerned people in charge to introduce that “the wallpaper and the ceramic tile have the chromatic aberration problem, even if the model is the same, will not be a large stock of goods, the color will be different. Pastes the wallpaper, because often the reduction question will have little bought the situation, when the owner will make up the goods again, often will present the new goods and the original wallpaper has the chromatic aberration question, such suit needs to process several nearly every year, suggested that the owner will buy a volume extra wallpaper,electro-optical
by against will present the accident.”

Before pasting the wallpaper, to clean up the wall surface and the ground The wallpaper shop pastes is also important. Li Zhichao said that the owner best choice product, the supplementary material buy in one, once like this had problems is not easy to present the dispute. “once some owner, the wallpaper and the rubber picked separately from the different business, at the same day the wallpaper pasted, the second day had the package in the bank of television monitors position, the result said respectively each product did not have the question, therefore the product was best buys completely in one.”

Before the shop, must first cleaning ups and so on wall surface, ground sand, trash be clean, like this avoids the dust drilling into the wallpaper.Becomes domestic Next, the shop pastes the wallpaper to be suitable when wall surface processing finished with the house repair conclusion carried on, because the wallpaper constructed easyly to do, will not affect the repair which already completed, but in the house repair used if paint not completely dry, in the paint organic solvent will volatilize the pollution wallpaper surface massively.

Completes completely after the initial work can start to paste, before pasting, do not forget basement membrane, this protection wall surface function, once the wallpaper must uncover, will not damage the outer surface. After the wallpaper pastes, the room do not be well ventilated, if ventilates the rubber to be able to do too quickly, the wallpaper different will cause the slot, hemstitching because of the stress, should better be within two days do not be well ventilated.

What needs to remind the owner is, present’s wallpaper long is 10 meters, but the general room is 2 meter 6, 2 meters 7 high, such words, if will paste an entire wall to keep “the blank”, suggested that will add a vertex angle line to avoid this question.

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