pleasantly surprised

The brand, the quality, the price, the new product, on-hand merchandise, the service are purchasing agent’s attention are, the 14th session of water shell jewelry purchase congress promotes “trillion pearly luster, the infinite radiant – - hundred superior price big association exhibition back coupling to offer, the water shell jewelry grandly to dazzle the color night of 2012 new product issue magnificent ceremony,
market time
gold medal VIP greatly” and so on many services, has satisfied the purchasing agent physical demand greatly.

Elegant Xincai valuable pleased•The variegated series, the TTF jewelry seabed stars series, the Guangdong bold jewelry “loves the music movement” the series, series and so on seven mile fragrance jewelry auspicious Long Jufu extrusions, constructed trillion new products for the purchasing agent to struggle the splendor to select and purchase the scene broadly. The numerous purchasing agents also in abundance indicated that this purchase congress undertook the side and the business makes the jewelry fine time passage together, the source of goods has been extremely rich, the choice was more convenient, could meet each kind of purchase need, each kind yielded profit, buys presents as a gift and so on back coupling actions is lets the purchase process be pleasantly surprised.

But in the service detail,oil stock
the active undertaking side provides the free working lunch supply, the airplane ticket hotel for the purchasing agent predetermined, the special pair to lead buys services and so on service, finance green passage, is for the purpose of promoting the purchase experience by might and main, has made the profound impression to the purchasing agent.

Moves splendidly practical The trade and the culture are altogether prosperous   It is known that the 14th session of water shell jewelry purchase congress activity numerous, the active undertaking side in completes the commercial service in the foundation, pays great attention practical and the cultural dissemination. The first session of Shenzhen jade carving stone carving evaluation “the jade huge mythical bird prize” holds for the first time up to the art show in Shenzhen, the activity promoted Shenzhen jade carving profession development effectively, cultivation making jade carving high-quality goods consciousness,court attendant will cause the jade product to gain the market popularity, simultaneously, “the jade huge mythical bird prize” the work in the water shell international jewelry transaction center’s free display, has caused the public media, the profession media and the general jade culture amateur’s attention, promoted the jade culture popularization and the dissemination.

2011 Chinese colored gem peak forum’s convention collection industry sound from all walks of life, from the valuable association, the international colored gem association (ICA), the Beijing food market mouth general merchandise Limited liability company, a Zhou Dafu jewelry gold line of Limited company, the water shell international jewelry transaction center, Shenzhen star light reaches the jewelry Limited company, the immortal road jewelry and so on well-known color valuable enterprise to lead the honored guest to attend the peak forum, explores the Chinese colored gem market together the trend of development, the full of meat has the guiding sense practically to the Chinese color valuable profession.

But takes night of 21st a activity this session of purchase congress climax activity – - Luohu fashion “the water shell jewelry to dazzle the color night of 2012 new product issue magnificent ceremony”, the trade and the culture unify highly, will purchase the congress to push to the high tide, Luohu area government, profession association related leadership, the province inside and outside distinguished guests, hundred jewelry enterprise people in charge and the media friend common testimony radiant time, is full of the creativity the jewelry new product with the fashionable cultural breath which glows, let Luohu be full of the charm.

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