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2011 China (Hefei) the international jewellery ornaments exposition from January 6th to 9th in Anhui international convention center hold, more than 300 domestic and foreign jewelry business will converge Hefei. Reporter learned yesterday that is called township of the jade carving Guangdong Sihui delegation already ahead of time to arrive at Hefei, the jade carving big alligator will boost the jewelry exhibition.

Mentions Sihui to have no alternative but to raise the local illustrious light ruins jade carving market, this is the Chinese biggest jade carving production trading market, but this market’s owner Chen Wei male yesterday also came to Hefei, and has brought more than 100 participation units, also had Anhui fellow villager. Chen Wei male told the reporters, he on December 15 arrived at Hefei,
jade during
these on second mainly examined Hefei’s jade carving market. This is Chen Wei male second time comes Hefei, as early as in the 1980s, he had been to Hefei, around mentioned the disparity he to shout straight “does not know”, this time came Hefei is invites the participation on the government, simultaneously also had a look at Hefei’s investment environment. He told the reporters, if the exhibition echo is good, the Hefei people also like the jade culture, may consider that develops in Hefei.

Also some good news spreads, Chen Wei male brings more than 100 participation units in exhibition period opens the delegation to buy the activity, lets the resident buy the price preferential benefit, genuine goods at reasonable prices’ jade carving, the jadeite.

What distinguishes the manual handling jadeite initially with the naked eye? Available following four methods.

(1) method of inspection: As a result of the jadeite polycrystal structural property, the use high power magnifying glass may observe in the artificial disposal merchandise Tibet’s or dyes the pigment in crystal structure slit sol, but may also see or is contaminated the netted pigment by the acid pickling spoiled lattice surface.

(2) spot-out method: The natural jadeite with hydrochloric acid it, several seconds or in several minutes, its surface will present the beads of sweat phenomenon,mineral substance
but the artificial disposal merchandise will not have this phenomenon.

(3) strikes the law: Strikes the natural jadeite gently, what sends out is one kind of clear delightful sound; But strikes the disposal merchandise, what sends out is one kind of low sad mute sound.

(4) acid roasts the law: Scratches with the concentrated acid at the back of the jadeite, then roasts it with the heat pin, carries on repeatedly two times, if sees changes the yellow focal variation the spot, namely for manual handling jadeite. If has not been able to distinguish with above simple megascopic determination law, then further may apply the infrared spectrum and the infrared microscope law distinction.

In the Ming and Qing Dynasties time, the people said Baiyu, only refers to the Xinjiang Hetian Baiyu; Now, the people see outside white jade steps leading to the imperial palace Xinjiang Hetian jade, but also has the white Johore jade, the dense jade, the Dushan jade, the Qinghai Baiyu as well as South Korean, Russian Baiyu and so on.

Hetian jade: Also said that the nephrite is an amphibole group. Observes under the microscope, assumes the textile fiber metacryst pilotaxitic texture,cross rivers
degree of hardness 6-6.5. The Hetian jade has many kinds of colors, is most precious by Baiyu. The Hetian Baiyu also has the seed jade, the mountain class crystal (or calls Gobi Desert jade, new ore jade) and Shan Liaoyu (mountain products jade) the division. In seed jade mutton fat Baiyu, ” Body like congealed lard, in none remaining blue ” The quality of material is mild, thin clean, the naked eye did not look nearly the textile fiber metacryst interweaves, Bai Ruge the fat, its characteristic is ” White, passes, thin, Run ” , is in the jade the best quality goods.

Shan Liaoyu: Is inferior to the seed jade to be mild, the luster slightly brings the schungite, and drier astringent, some also appear the cracks.UPS Power Good Shan Liao the jade also has by Bai Weihong. But the white like fat’s side are few. The Russian Baiyu, the Qinghai Baiyu is only then appears in recent years in the international market, its luster and Xinjiang Baiyu is similar, but owes mildly, lifts the lamp to wait and see, generally structure thick pine, and has the glass feeling. The good Russian Baiyu, the clean albedo is high, slightly brings the fat, quite receives collector’s favor. South Korean Baiyu, its color snow white, lifts the lamp to wait and see, obviously impurity structure also thick pine.

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