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Coating material cost pressure high Is in the financial crisis later period’s China, many enterprises did not have the complete slow god to come, at the beginning in 2009, financial crisis’s influence preliminary appearance, the titanium oxide powder profession had 60% above Small and medium-sized enterprise already to be at the production suspension and half production suspension condition, a titan white price group drop, the titanium oxide powder downstream paint coating profession also receives the stock backlog the influence, reduced production in abundance suspends production, the digestion stock, this has also made the aspect which a titanium oxide powder market group declined.

In the first quarter a rutile titanium oxide powder price group slides, the titanium oxide powder overall demand is not prosperous,LED Tube Light
the sales quantity growth is slow. In the second quarter, coating raw material rose in prices the wind to sweep across the market, Tao, Basifu, Dupont and so on main raw material supplier enhances in abundance has served under somebody’s banner the chemical price. This time rises in prices the primary cause to lie in raw material rise in price, the cost increases, causes the profit insufficiency. On the other hand, under national advantage good policy’s drawing, the process adjusts, our country coating profession whole presents the return to warmer weather sign, increases to raw material demand. This kind rises a sound situation to continue to three, fourth quarter, has brought a more tremendous pressure for the downstream coating profession.

In the second half of the year the enterprise loss will expand inevitably Because Chinese market price’s unceasing rising, Guangdong Province is in charge of the industry the province economy and the informationization committee analyzes, in the first half of the year,HTPC Keyboard
the enterprise production cost climbs successively, in the second half of the year this tendency estimated can continue, on the one hand on the other hand the macroscopic stratification plane must speed up reforming to promote must maintain the stability increase in economics, is actually is compelling the manufacturing industry but actually “metabolism”.

“in brief, we may not overestimate to the second half of the year’s advantageous situation, cannot underestimate to the difficulty and the question.” It is noteworthy that the pillar industry comes under the influence. Guangdong Province issued the first half of the year data demonstrated that the Guangdong electron information industries, the automotive industry two big profession gross profit drops 17.4% separately compared to the same period and 14.2%. Such drop pulls the low entire province industrial profit speed-up respectively 2.9 and 1.9 percentage points.

But Guangdong most main economic region Guangzhou,Android TV Keyboard the Shenzhen two cities, the industrial profit total amount also compared to the same period separately drops 5.7%, 3.3%. “we pay attention to the economic situation highly, Guangdong make the excess pressure test in the second half of the year, because Guangdong’s manufactured products majority is the basic necessities of life related rigid demand, therefore, we believed that the economy has the beyond redemption aspect to be not too possible.”

Guangdong Province entrusts an official after the letter to tell the author. Although the enterprise production operation faced with the very major difficulty, the loss is increasing, but the first half of the year most profession profits still maintained the growths. “January to May, above entire province scale the Industrial enterprise realizes the profit 160,440,000,000 Yuan, grows 7% compared to the same period, the increased range recedes 3.6 percentage points compared to January to April, in the entire province 37 industry professions has 28 profession profits to realize the growth.”

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