Not full-time wife’s four major reasons

First: Living boring

Wife to do full-time lead dull lives, such as water, reduce the fun. Say that married life is exceptionally dull, then his wife to do more full-time are the very boring. His wife rarely go full-time contact with other people, the morning cook at home every evening, if there is a sudden one day but not at home cooking is not normal so her husband can not accept, and the husband may not go home to eat most.

Full-time wife face every day, together with their children lead their own lives. If the child grew up reading, and full-time wife’s life most likely to lead to mental deficiency. If a way of life is not fun, the selection of a defect equal life.

Second: the loss of viability

Full-time his wife is not short of money to spend. Do not communicate with the outside world it is very difficult to keep up with the pace of social development, they were reluctant to go no time to study new knowledge, can not grasp the latest information. Slowly lead to the loss of viability, if the family should happen to happen, life would be very passive. From social development point of view, a full-time wife is a person not suited for social development.

Third: the loss of self -

In fact, for the loss of self-has pursued a person, it is a very deadly situation. A lot of full-time because his wife would not cultivate its own number of hobbies such as photography, golf, literature, music and so on, become a character and content of artistic people. Personality people did not equal the prosaic, it is difficult for others to remember and appreciate. And the same brand, only has personality, has differentiated brand will have viability, are not easy to be replaced by other brands.

Fourth: the loss of love and affection

All full-time wife to do things a little bit like a nanny, in addition to more responsible Nothing outside the technical content. Is at home every day and dealing with complicated matters, it is sentimental. As a day at home cooking with children advanced nanny, go home for dinner every day until the husband go home to sleep, if things continue this way naturally easy for her husband.

Able to raise full-time wife’s Men are the cause of many hope, contact with a variety of excellent people, including the excellent and capable woman, once in the subconscious comparison, in love to consider the degree of sleep is definitely not his wife are full-time feeling. Just put my wife as a dependent full-time duty only.

Of course there is also happiness. But happy to do a good job of full-time husband, wife apart from the look of what kind of people are, but also to face and customary insipid life, can regulate their own feelings, but also a very tolerant view of the various acts of her husband, if not accepted , that is, marital crisis, when to do so full-time Choose wife you must be prudent.


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