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Performance support

The future may be repaired

At present, the gold plate companies began to release its third quarter results trailer. For example, Shandong gold company before 2011 three quarter expected net profit than the same period last year growth of 50% to 100%, its expected performance increased substantially in the same direction is due 2011, international and domestic gold prices remain good situation, company to take effective measures to strengthen management, increase production, reduce costs, improve profitability.

In addition, according to the relevant statistics, as of October 14th, a total of 12 bodies on Zijin Mining 2011 year overall performance forecast.transparent products
Specifically, the average forecast net profit is 6555000000 yuan, average diluted earnings per share for 0.3005 yuan. According to the forecast, the annual net profit of 2011 compared to last year may increase 35.77%. In addition, as of October 4th, a total of 13 bodies on mining 2011 annual performance forecast, prediction of average net profit is 640000000 yuan, average diluted earnings per share for 1.1696 yuan. According to the forecast, the annual net profit of 2011 compared to last year will likely increase 193.71%.

Due to the rise in gold prices in the background, gold plate listed companies in the first half of the year performance achieved good performance, but also can realize the growth is expected in the three quarter. For example, Shandong gold in the first half of gold production and sales price Qi Sheng in the context of a net profit of 1049000000 yuan, year-on-year growth of 83.44%; mining performance is the emergence of explosive growth, the first half net profit growth is expected in 320.26%, the first three quarters of this year net profit year-on-year growth of 180% to 230%. The analyst thinks, the golden rose and gold stocks are up,density polyethylene
in the next period of time may be repaired.

Mining potential

Resource advantage is valued

” Golden plates in the first half of the year by the drag on the market, the stock price down for a long time, the valuation of repair opportunities or will appear.” Huatai Securities analyst said, suggested that pays attention to the Shandong gold, gold gold, Zijin mining, constant state shares.

CICC recently released nonferrous metal industry weekly also thinks, short-term non-ferrous plate will continue to pressure, is still optimistic about the long-term structural opportunities in gold stocks. Everbright Securities report said, basic metal market is suppressed,special plastic but the second half of the year will be better than the first half, always strongly bullish on gold.

If a breakdown, funds stronger, in gold and other mineral resources reserve has advantages, can effectively control the mineral products production cost the company is good.

The third quarter has a number of gold plate listed companies to publish or implementation of the programme of asset purchases, such as mining industry subsidiary company for $66000000, Yu Guoqing completed before on overseas mining companies Kyrgyzstan left gold acquisitions. Relevant securities analysis, the future of these company gold production continued is worth looking forward to growth, continued expansion of the potential of the larger.

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