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On the international market review: New York 11 currencies, the euro against the dollar has remained relatively steady, taking the intraday gains, prior to the Slovakia parliament refused to vote to expand the euro fund plan.

The European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank said in early 11, Greece will receive 8000000000 euros of aid,triangular interval
in order to avoid a Greek default, the message to boost investor confidence in the euro 11, but Slovakia’s parliament voted against the euro bailout fund expansion solution, and the combined vote of confidence in the government.

International Gold 11 closed down slightly, the gold quiet trading, market volume is small, the Slovakia in the euro zone relief fund expansion for voting on the slow progress.

Important economic data and events:

Beijing / Hongkong time 13 : 30 French September consumer price index;

Beijing / Hongkong time 16 : 30 British unemployment rate in September;

Beijing / Hongkong time 17 : 00 euro August industrial production.

Gold: Gold opened in October 11th 1676.09 dollars, a minimum of $1654.80, $1684.60, $1662.58 final. Days of amplitude of $33.80.

Gold prices fell slightly short continued Tuesday, fluctuating pattern.

Daily since September 26th has a convergent rhythm appeared.

Technology is shown in the chart,Federal Reserve
gold fell into the adjustment pace, slowing down, some technical indexes reach the resistance region.

In the gold price failed to break since the August 23rd adjustment channel as well as the daily average system to suppress the arrangement change before the shock to maintain the rhythm, gold.

The current gold top pressure of 1684 and $1703 and $1580, below the support of 1650.

Operation: maintenance of recent thinking, market in technology resistance area for directions, 1703 to 1722 regional multiple resistance area,gold future the transaction can be considered in this area appropriate to sell, concussion dominated thinking.

Silver: International Silver opened in October 11th 32.10 dollars, a minimum of $31.39, $32.51, $32.10 final. Days of amplitude of $1.12.

Tuesday silver narrow shocks, temporarily blocked from August 23rd since drop channel along the.

The past few days the amplitude limited, silver into corresponding levels of finishing rhythm, there is no strength to the trend, the current daily average system keep pressing state.

Operation: the kinetic energy consumption market in substantially after finishing into the rhythm, the current in the 32.80 and 33.42 are resistance area, the transaction can be appropriate to consider selling.

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