forceful magnificent

Every morning, a song, sonorous and forceful magnificent classic red revolutionary song from gold Zhaoyuan gold jewelry city every corner, all employees of the spirit is the first inspiring revolutionary songs are inspired, the whole team is the potential waves of clang with shout inspires, one by one the sales miracle was born, a privilege come one after another … … This is the Zhaoyuan gold jewelry city launched” the force” corner landscape.

” The never-ending gold jewellery event” for the service brand of gold in Zhaoyuan Gold Jewelry City won the” Shandong province service brand” since, actively expand the service channels, innovative services, layout of service strategy,processing fees
launched to” sing”, to serve the public” as the main line”,” power” as their inheritance red classics, remodeling the spirit of enterprise the strong grasper, the system further, make a fuss.

A red melody not only inspired the Zhaoyuan gold jewelry,” integrity and pragmatic, innovation and dedication” passion, played jewelry Town People ‘s yearning for a better life, more sing a paragraph belongs to the jewelry City People’s own red memory. Looking back at the past, to sing” as the representative of” the power ” is always accompanied with the growth and development of jewelry city.

Over the years,quite expensive
companies on the one hand, the perennial widely carry out the ” civilized service begin from me”,” service with a smile, show the youth service skills competition”,” love sports, health, quality” interesting tug of war, shuttlecock games,” civilization drip line, Luoshan outing tour” team building spring outing activities,” Gold City Cup” first to excellence post training marketing competition and other activities, to create a ” help than the school rush super” atmosphere.

At the same time, the activity in the emerging hotshot, example, star, put up a pageantry of spiritual recognition and material rewards, company leaders personally, funding to help solve their difficulties in the family, they are organized into the field of study, learning, let them in the political, economic return with honor, enterprises have the status.

” The force” not only inspire staff enthusiasm, but also greatly enhance the company’s credibility and reputation.JADE MANSION On the other hand, Jewelry City in recent years will be” the force” construction as breakthrough innovation work, often organizes cadre staff watch” bright sword”, the theme of revolution feature films, learning experience, revolutionary spirit, and constantly establish, consolidate the work hard and perseveringly, the courage to fight high-spirited atmosphere.

Various forms of love to see and hear,” the power”, on the staff of the value orientation and the enterprise vision combined with education and at the same time, also meet the staff and cultural needs, make its produce the sense of belonging and sense of dependence, and enhance enterprise cohesion and combat effectiveness, eventually into the” integrity and pragmatic, innovation and dedication” spirit power, like a pair of invisible strong wings, Zhaoyuan will continue to gold jewelry city to a higher, farther, the better future.

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