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The traditional dress color is generally divided into white, white, white, white, champagne white, silver, white and white when worn on the skin effect has the very big difference, in the choice of when and skin is a very important relationship. Choice is not good, may let us bare arm, neck and other parts of the show very good visual impression. How to be a perfect bride, let us be makeup unload clean,wedding dress
take seriously the mirror, look at yourself, learn to determine what we should choose which kind of white tendencies of the wedding.

If your skin look more white, more white, delicate, seem to be very transparent ivory color, hair color feeling is brownish yellow, brown, brown eyes appear yellow or brown, bright eyes, lightness contrast, so you are in the professional color diagnosis type called” light warm color” type, recommendations for the selection of the white, milky white wedding.

Partial white skin and another class, particularly prone to flush ( redness ) or sometimes looks slightly pale impression, partial black hair, eyes showing gray-brown, rose brown, in the professional color diagnosis is referred to as” shallow cool” type, instead, will be very evasive milky white, while the white and white but is a better choice.

Conversely a relatively moderate slant dark skin, looks like wheaten, bronze skin neat impression, hair dark brown eyes, Jiao Cha color, sound, this kind of skin belongs to the” deep warm” type. Recommended selection of bridal white rice, white champagne.

Moderate slant dark skin a bride of the skin easier to don’t look good, gloss sense is not strong, the pupil color and hair color are partial black. This kind of skin belongs to the” cryogenic” type, often choose the wedding clean white, strong luster sensation white, is let the bride gives out unique charm to the best color.

When the bride Hu He appeared in the spotlight, where all the guests could not help but gently sent wonderment — she is like from the Impressionist paintings out of fairy! French font centuries Bucol silk is cut into Calla shape of skirt, which covered Italy,wedding dresses
Vame lace, around shoulder spread to form long fascinating trailing behind.

Lan Yu Scissor hands — dream wedding

They whisper to one another, to inquire about each designer’s name: who is she? Who let the big screen beauty Hu He assured the most beautiful moment full trust? Here are the answers revealed : Lan Yu, China’s most outstanding 85 cutting-edge designer.

She is like the Impressionist paintings out of fairy, do Chinese Vera Wang.

Two or three years ago, mentions the wedding, people inevitably reminiscent of Yi Shu in the novel the sentence –” shake a call to New York with Wang Weiwei”, Wang Weiwei is famous wedding queen Vera Wang. She is the best in the world for women count as one of the very best fabric, cut out a colorful happy dress. But now in China, more and more stars dress design power over to the young designer Lan Yu Luo Haiqiong last year, especially the grand wedding let Lan Yu’s name from the first star circle internal communication to published in tabloid headlines, China ” Vera Wang” became the young designer Lan Yu at the beginning of the fashion not to move or retreat. Ambition.婚紗照預算

” Hu He’s wedding dress with tens of thousands of stars top Swarovski crystal and pearl, every pieces are by the industry for more than forty years craftsmen make over 5 stitches over, only such ability ensure firm. Almost the entire week teacher and I have stay up to work overtime, the cumbersome manual completed.” Mention this doctrine the picky be profuse in praise of Lan Yu bride wedding, be filled with a thousand regrets. She always to the side of the staff stressed:”

for a woman, a senior custom wedding is not only beautiful clothes, but also is a woman from childhood began longing love vision. Only the most amazing material, process to achieve, to complete a full of emotion, can bring a guest security custom wedding gown.

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