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Mobile digital television

Mobile digital TV is the definition can be moved in a state television, is a new concept of information mobile outdoor digital television media, is the traditional TV media extension. It uses mobile digital TV in the world’s most advanced digital television technology, through the wireless transmitting,dvb t tuners
receiving method of ground for the spread of television programs, you can at any installation of the receiving device bus, ferry, rail transportation and other mobile carriers such as DVD clear watch mobile TV, of course also in non Mobile receive the case.

Mobile digital TV is internationally recognized as a new media, it first appeared in the 2002 October, Singapore, mainland China’s first batch of mobile digital TV is put into operation in Shanghai, at present the whole nation already had Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Changsha, Nanjing, Wuhan, Nanchang, Hefei, Hangzhou, Dalian, Qingdao, Wuxi and other places opened mobile digital television.

As a new media, mobile digital TV has the advantages of easy installation, wide coverage, reflecting the rapid, mobility and strong features,dvb t receivers
besides the advantages of traditional media publicity and appreciation function, but also bear the city emergency early warning, traffic, food hygiene, such as commodity quality government safety information release.

Mobile TV is through radio digital signal emitting, receiving the digital terrestrial broadcast and reception of TV programs, without connecting the cable TV network, through the set-top box, a receiving antenna and terminal display can watch television programs, which cover a wide range, rapid response, strong mobility, regardless of in the high speed mobile or fixed state can keep the picture clear, achieved while looking at watch, whenever and wherever possible, great to meet the fast-paced society people demand for information.

A television body   At present, in the market sells the digital television, says from the strict significance, is not the digital television, but is the digital television signal monitor (HDTV READY), because such digital television cannot watch the digital television program directly, but also needs to join a set-top box again, the receive and the change-over signal form is only then good, if does not have the set-top box, your digital television resolution again high not useful.

But, a digital television body machine does not need the set-top box, therefore, a digital television body machine was considered that is the “digital television in the true sense”, has represented the future digital television development direction,cable supplier
but through the set-top box looker-in digital television is onePlants the transitional measure, is the country machine card separation policy, before or the country digital television standard has not released the temporary measure. Chinese Visible image Profession Association Secretary General Ms. Bai Weimin also thought: In the future the digital television development direction will be a digital television body machine, the set-top box will be the transitional product.

A digital television body machine can use at present?   Then, a digital television body machine can use under the present television signal form? This is many consumer issue of concern. A TCL digital television body machine project person in charge says: A digital television body machine is a digital-analog body machine actually, is also the compatible digit and simulates two kind of signals. In inserts the card time may watch the digital television signal directly, in does not insert the card in the situation to be possible to watch the present all analog television signal, uses the television with us any not to distinguish now. This is the full consideration digital television also requires period of time in China’s popularization the basic reality.

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