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Color swatch

If your monitor screen with irregular shapes, then you should check on your monitor whether there around the magnetic object, such as a mobile phone, radio, CD player, magnetic screwdriver. Note also the display and air-conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, television sets and other household appliances do not get too close.

If your speakers are not antimagnetic, it will cause the display magnetization. If the above causes, you can use the display manual degaussing function ( Degauss ) can solve afore-mentioned problems. If your monitor no manual degaussing, you can turn the display off 30 minutes or longer, and then boot generally can solve. The process is repeated two to three times.

On display nothing signal:

Observe, the motherboard light no, CPU fan does not turn, the power supply fan switch does not. Not bad motherboard alarm estimation can point.

Free jumper motherboard in CMOS set CPU frequency is wrong, may also trigger does not display fault. In this regard, as long as the removal of CMOS can be solved

In 4, the memory strip non oxidation,wireless keyboards
memory to take down the eraser wipe plugged in to have a look again, the problem can be solved.

3, by close the motherboard BIOS chip, the connector tightly; if the fault phenomenon still is excluded

In 4, replacing a reliable host power try; if the fault phenomenon continues, the motherboard is the bus problem, need repair, repair price 40 yuan.

Television refers to television by carrying sound, image signal transmission of works programme. Television production is mainly divided into three processes: ideas and topics, shooting, post-production. Editing is a television program system, mainly by the early linear editing and non-linear editing system is currently more popular two development stages:

Television program manufacture First, linear edition system   Namely based on magnetic tape’s electronic edition. Its basic characteristic is: Source material the search, the record must carry on according to the time sequence, must around the volume belt seek for the source material repeatedly, therefore is troublesome, spends the time, easily to damage the magnetic tape, the loss picture quality,htpc Keyboards and has limited the artistic creation mentality, needs the multi-people to operate, and must coordinate the good various equipment’s match question. It has experienced three development phases approximately:

1st, physical edition: A US ampere company produced the first two inch videocorder by 1956 to start, but to magnetic tape’s damage was permanent, and edited precise.

2nd, electronic edition: after 1961, presented the one-to-one edition system, but the precision was not very still high.

3rd, when code editor: in 1967 developed by US Electronic engineering Company, has applied the pre-volume, was more precise, but duplicated on the magnetic tape which created the signal loss to be also unable many times to avoid thoroughly. Second, misalignment edition

English Nonlinear Editing System is uses the digital storage media to carry on the digital sound video frequency edition the later period manufacture system. Has the following characteristic:

1st, is under the computer technology support, utilizes the digital processing technology fully the research results, by the low cost, the high efficiency,dvb t receivers
high grade, the effect transformation infinite posture entered the broadcast television domain, has had the enormous impact on the traditional linear edition craft.

2nd, the so-called misalignment, namely can the direct access random source material, not the source material storage time limit, and a set of misalignment edition system may realize the linearity to edit equipment’s nearly all functions: Take the computer as the platform coordination special-purpose image card, the video frequency card, the sound card, with certain special-purpose cards (for example title insert, stunt card and so on) and the high speed hard disk (SCSI), manufactures the television program take the software as the control center.

3rd, its manufacture process: First is comes from the videocorder and other supply oscillator sound, the video signal after the video frequency card,cable supplier
the sound card carries on gathering and the modulus (A/D) transforms, and using the hardware like compression card real-time compression, after will compress the data stream saves to the high speed hard disk. Then, carries on the processing using the edition software to the source material, makes Large expanse.

Finally the high speed hard disk delivers the data stream the corresponding board card to carry on the digital decompression and (D/A) transforms, reduction simulation sound, video signal input magnetic tape.

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