outstanding scientist

Charitable everybody Shao Yifu   on November 15, 2002, the news which sent out from Hong Kong has attracted the world vision: By the renowned Hong Kong industrialists, philanthropist Mr. Shao Yifu contributes money to establish “Shao Yifu to reward” proclaims the founding officially in Hong Kong, with commends the whole world to benefit human the outstanding scientist.   “Shao Yifu rewards” supposes the astronomy, mathematics, the life sciences and the medicine three award items, every year promulgates one time, bonus 1,000,000 US dollars.

The first session of promulgation held in 2004. The promulgation principle is, no matter prize winner’s race, nationality, religious belief,dvb t tuners
but obtains the unprecedented achievement by it in academic and the scientific research or the application, and this achievement lives the meaningful profound influence to the humanity is an objective. Because it supposes the prize objective and the large amount bonus setoff reputation prominent “the Nobel prize”, some people call it “the East Nobel prize”.

in 2008 5.12 Sichuan Wenchuan 8.0 magnitude of big earthquake Shao Yifu donates money 100,000,000 Hong Kong dollars, in 2009 8.8 floods show loving concern move Shao Yifu to donate money 100,000,000 new Taiwan dollars, on 2010 April 14 Qinghai eucalyptus big earthquake Shao Yifu donates money 100,000,000 Hong Kong dollars.   Shao Yuxuan has 5 male 3 females. Shao Yifu is situated sixth, therefore, is called him is “six uncles”, “six bosses”.

He went study long ago in hometown Zhuang Shiye the resurgence school, with Bao Yugang, Bao Congxing, Zhao An medium for around session of schoolmate, latter goes to Shanghai to go to school English school which sets up in the American “the youth club middle school”,dvb t receivers
for this reason exercises a fluent English. Brother Shao family’s numerous nobody inherits the occupation of the father’s, nearly enters the entertainment world. In five brothers, Brother the Shao drunkard organized a day movie company in 1924, started to intrude at that time still wrote a draft creates the time the Chinese silver spoon.

beginning “the day one” was established, uniform is the family secondary roles. The eldest child Shao drunkard is the movie-making concurrently direction, second child Shao Dunren excels to write a play Shao Yifu and the Shao company whole personnels takes a group photo, third child Shao Renmei is skilled in the release, old six Shao Yifu excels to photograph. At the beginning of the undertaking, their division of labor and cooperation, completes all work, the company just likes the family type workshop. After its production’s first movie “Vertical Achieves Buddhahood” shows, namely the depth the Shanghai residents is welcome, finally earns the plate to overflow the earthen bowl to be full.

Wins victory, Brother Shao dances with joy for it, afterward is new the movie “one to promote unceasingly from the day”.

After the 60s, the Shao company dominates an area for a long time Hong Kong market, once had filmed more than 1000 movies, has won the Golden Horse Award, the Oscar and so on several dozens big prizes. When is it is said most abundant, every day some 1,000,000 audiences patronize his theater. Shao Yifu most as early as carries out the movie star system in Hong Kong, has accomplished large quantities of big stars, the big direction and the famous screenwriter, like butterfly, Ruan Lingyu, Li Lihua, Lin Dai,cable supplier mausoleum wave, Li Hanxiang, Zou Wenhuai, penetrating ……Stems from “Shao” all the hanger-on.

And “Landscape Beautiful woman” “Sable Cicada” “Causing the downfall of the nation Beautiful woman” “Liang Shanbo And Zhu Yingtai” “Stewed to the gills Variant” “Alone Arm Knife” and so on movies once enjoyed a good reputation the overseas, caused the giant reaction in the Chinese people world, fell the innumerable audiences.

It is said that “Liang Shanbo And Zhu Yingtai” screens when Taiwan “completely crazy”, has old woman to link looked that more than 100 fields, “Wish by Liang”, but raises Huang Meidiao in Taiwan to be frantic; But “First under heaven Fist” starts the Kungfu movie new raging tide, distributes the global various continents nearly hundred countries and the area.

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