wisdom arena

Puzzle” Happy Dictionary” is CCTV full dedication of famous brand, is CCTV economy channel 2000 comprehensive revision for the response to the Party Central Committee” revitalizing the nation through science and education ” call, combined with the channel characteristics, launched in July 7th by the new educational programs. Public educational programs; provide extensive participation in space and mechanism; build stimulating wisdom arena.
A collect interest, educational, knowledge, tense, thrilling, humor in a quiz show. An introduction of foreign advanced television form, by means of support, voice of high-tech network game show, a live atmosphere unprecedented intense, exciting, fascinating new large entertainment, a from participation to viewing all the ordinary people, the number of entries unlimited selection mechanism of athletes, more scientific, fair, the finalists level higher civilian program. Over time CCTV-3 Tuesday the 20 : 36, Wang Xiaoya served as examiner.Sports class
” Sports news”,” sports news”,” sports news”,” sports world” is such CCTV-5 is a daily sports reports, on the current world sport and the domestic sports report. In addition to meet the needs of customers also have” world soccer” ( weekly 19: 30),” basketball park”,” car” and other multiple times, the columns of different styles. Along with the digital television set and popularization, CCTV launched digital TV sets or football, golf and other sports class of digital television.In addition, in the special period such as Olympic Games, world cup, CCTV will also launch targeted broadcast and reports.
The new buildingThe original CCTV building is located in Beijing near the Haidian District Military Museum, this building was one of ten buildings in Beijing. At present CCTV in eastern Beijing CBD built a new building. But because the building cost large (about 5000000000 yuan ), shapes too strange, safety and danger to traffic and controversial.
On the building process of land expropriation, due to local residents to the provisions of the compensation is not satisfactory, in the residents upstairs protest banners hung out a lot. Also there are rumors in the process of removing the demolition company
CCTV new site” Tianhong burwill” have serious violence.Although controversial, but the middle of July, CCTV has been in the news broadcast before period, with the new CCTV building effect animation of Olympic Games, known as the” 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Chinese mainland exclusive broadcasting organizations”.
This project will be the first step of B section at the end of this year before the completion of delivery, early next year, this also will serve as the Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Center and future CCTV broadcast center. Section A will be completed by the end of next year, delivered in 2009, this section is the television cultural center, management center.

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