jade products


The existence of crack is often fatal to jade products, there is a crack, the value of jade can be greatly reduced, especially for high-grade jade.

The general availability of torch light,Pearl Jewelry
perspective, there are cracks can easily see.

Economic evaluation factors

1: best transparent translucent or opaque, so bad is not good.

2 Structure: particles finer better.

3 degree: flawless best.

4:” cut the good-for-nothing” design, carved molding, polishing, novel style.


The extra: bright green ( Emerald ), glass ( apple green, translucent, delicate texture ), evenly bright, no impurities, no crack.

The commercial grade: green, oil green, transparent, translucent green grocery grandmother veinlets and spotted emerald.

The general level: lotus root starch, pea green, light green, white and delicate, transparent. Opaque jade, generally only jade jewelry.


Jade showed vitreous luster, translucent or transparent. Jade with different dye ions present in a variety of colors: red, green, usually white, purple. Yellow, pink. No impurities were pure white, if they contain chromium element, showing a gentle colorful light green, dark green, called emerald. This species is most valuable, highly valued by the people’s favorite. If the manganese is pale purple,jewelry manufacturers
dark purple, often referred to as the spring or in lotus root starch to.

Iron element, rendered dull red, brown red, ochre, known as the kingfisher. Containing chromium and copper, are showing light blue, light cyan, known as olive water. In addition to high-grade jade color good, the texture is also extremely important. General color of fresh beautiful, texture more transparent, shiny glass of varying the strong. In contrast, dry texture, poor transparency of the varieties of.


Jade is a crystal,attraction landscape product mostly translucent, or opaque. Impossible as single crystal gemstones such as emerald as transparent, so that the light can be freely through, very clear.


Refers to the composition of jade crystal particle size, crystal shape and combination mode. Jargon called structure as the” bottom”, called”".


Jade and other precious stones, cleanliness is to assess the value of a big factor, jade flaws, primarily white and black. In the evaluation of jade, jade appearance according to the flaw on damage degree to decide the value of jade. The high-grade goods, defective is serious defects, and to, cheap goods, will be much smaller effects.

Relatively more effect than the white to black.

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