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Sapphire is the biggest characteristic of uneven color, visible parallel six side cylinder arrangement, different shades of flat ribbon and growth pattern. Polysynthetic twin development, common louver graining. Rift along the twin plane crack.

The two color is strong, the different origin of sapphire in addition to the above features in common, due to different origin characteristics. The sapphire origin are not many, mainly in Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, China, but gem quality in Burma, Sri Lanka, best quality. Based on the geological genesis of different, can be divided into two categories: one is Burma, Sri Lanka and India Kashmir estate sapphire. Another kind is Australia, Thailand, China produces sapphire.

Burma real estate such as sapphire, because titanium containing coloring, it was bright blue silk, containing filamentous rutile and fingerprint liquid inclusion. Silk like rutile inclusions can produce six shot or twelve rayed star, is a high-quality gem varieties. Australia, Thailand, China produces sapphire which contain more iron, iron induced by color, so the gems color is dark, faceted gemstone reflective effect is not very good, and generally are required to pass the heating can be used in processing.

Different origin sapphire characteristics as follows:

India Kashmir sapphire. Color cornflower blue, is also the microstrip purple indigo blue. The value of a color, bright color. Fog inclusions with milky white reflective effect. Has been hailed as the best in the sapphire.

On the color perception causes has been inconclusive, possibly rutile and other fine particles caused by rendering, may also be some tiny fractures and concomitant exsolution on the scattering of light induced, uneven color, often forming a well-defined and nearly colorless blue ribbon. But as a result of mining area in Himalaya mountains of northwest end, altitude many meters 5000, year-round misty, in recent years there is no output.

Burma wipe Valley sapphire.Malachite green
And Ruby produced in the same area, in addition to a different color and other characteristics, exactly the same. Its inclusion as follows : silk shape rutile inclusions, parallel to the six side cylinder arranged densely, 60 degrees, 120 degrees cross. If the vertical silk filamentous inclusions cutting, pondering into arc gems can be six or twelve shot shooting star; fingerprint fluid inclusion enclave in the gap of the bubble with small area, about 30%; solid-state inclusion, corundum, spinel, common uranium pyrochlore, apatite.

Sri Lanka sapphire. And ruby are a mining area, in addition to a different color and other characteristics, exactly the same. The bag body is as follows : silk shape of inclusions, with characteristics similar to those of Burma sapphire, difference is that fiber is thin and long, which has six shooting stars; fluid inclusion, in amorphous layered fabric or a fingerprint distribution; solid inclusion, with zircon, apatite, biotite.

Thailand sapphire.lower Turquoise
A grayish blue, with dark blue. Crystal without silk shape of inclusions, but fingerprint liquid inclusions and development. The most characteristic is the black solid inclusions surrounded by a lotus leaf shape distribution of crack. Three groups of polysynthetic twin development, rift along the twin plane crack. Chinese natural sapphire sapphire. 80 time in China’s eastern coastal area of the basalt, have found a lot of sapphire deposit. One of the Shandong ( Changle) sapphire best quality.

The crystal is six square barrel, a larger grain size, generally in more than 1cm, the largest up to thousands of carats. Sapphire because of high iron content, is nearly carbon black indigo, blue, green and yellow. To indigo blue. The inclusions in gem sapphire rarely, in addition to see black solid inclusion, still visible fingerprint inclusions. No silk shape rutile and diffuse fluid inclusion. Sapphire in the straight ribbon obviously, polysynthetic twin agenesis. Large crystal edge visible parallel six side cylindrical growth line. Shandong Sapphire because of fewer interior flaws, quality sapphire.

Heilongjiang sapphire. Bright colors, transparent blue, light blue, blue, light green, red roses, with no or less inclusions, not by the color change can be used. Defects of small particles.

Hainan Island and Fujian production of sapphire. Characteristics of similarity, average particle diameter less than 5mm crystal,jewelry factory beautiful color transparent, except with very little gas liquid inclusions and flat simple graining, rarely with other defects. But the particles larger than the 5mm crystal edge, have varying degrees of the containing a layer of milky white, opaque, parallel to the six side cylindrical annulus. Crystal parallel rhombohedron of the three groups of polysynthetic twin development. In the crystal are more poly gap and silkworm seed shape rutile inclusions.

Jiangsu sapphire. Beautiful color transparent, more blue, pale blue, green. But in the sub-surface, volcano eruption force strong, the sapphire crystal often along the shaft surface dehiscence, a thin sheet, the material is more difficult.

Australian sapphire. Australia is rich in yield sapphire origin. But because the iron content is high, the gems color dark. In the dark blue to black, yellow, green or brown. Dusty inclusions containing. The stones of Thailand, Chinese characteristics and the same, are required to change the color to be used.

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