dyeing hair

A package includes:

( 1) dyed care antioxidant ( the operation )

( 2) salon deep care ( three days every week or every two Monday times )

( 3) home daily personal care ( once every two days )

( 4) ( new hair salon s dyed hair dye acidic hair coloring agent fill, every two to three months at a time )

( 5) the home guard ( professional color matching the original pigment products every two and three Monday times ).

Question five : dyeing hair can only use bleaching powder factors?

Answer: right.
Many kinds of methods can be the natural pigment faded hair. For example: washing color; direct brush dioxygen; shallow ointment with dioxygen

Shallow ointment with bleaching powder factors finally we are familiar with the factors of bleaching powder.

The several methods for ultimate hair damaged degree; single shallow different abilities; shallow to the same background required operation

Number of times or park at different times; the operation of a controllable degree.

Question six: in 3 degrees of color on the do 8 or 9 degrees of red, not drift can make the target color?

depending on the brand of dioxygen strength and pigment content.

General in the shallow cases we can bring dioxygen proportions increased Park, time, concentration of the highest.

But this approach in the red line is a likely partial orange hair color; shallow color is not uniform; fade quickly.

Because the base proportion increased target color proportion will decrease, in the background to reach the target color is not adequate and bias due to pigment orange

Because the park time prolonged, the roots will be affected by temperature continuously urge the deep background, the background is not uniform until.

Because the dioxygen concentration is too high, pigment is expanded when the oxidation in an unstable state. Easily decomposition fade.

Can be considered prior to a portion of the background, then a low base.

Ask seven:

Hair coloring or not heating?

Answer: look at the situation.染料
The general case of hair coloring natural park after a time can wash, without heating. But,

If encountered the following situations shall heating 5-10 minutes. If you just need to park the applicator end time

More than 20 minutes should be flush before 10-15 minutes heating, avoiding artificial pigment dyeing cream advance oxidation expansion.

1: resistant hair due to hair scale level more, and quite healthy, hair coloring agent in the ammonia ( ammonia )

Cannot all open the cuticle,強生嬰兒洗頭水 leading to insufficient coverage of color, the effect is not good.

2 indoor temperature is lower than the standard room temperature: due to low temperature, color is blocked, should be heated hair around the air,

At a distance of hair farther continued warming.

Question eight: do the flax color, gray and other fashion color in the prior shallow with many concentrations of dioxygen can a shallow?

Answer: can not, unless the background now has close to 8

Degree. Because the hair cuticle is the outermost layer of

Certain physiological function, in a certain period of time can not be repeated freely open closed. In addition,

Because the hair in the yellow color is very stubborn and now the bleaching powder are put a certain amount of blue pigment

( in order to offset the shallow process yellow ).

If you need a very shallow color can try to use low-grade dioxygen and shallow paste park for more than 5 hours. Or 3-5 day operation,

Each park 30-50 minute, interval for more than a day, many shallow.

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