on behalf of the opposition coalition signed the agreement on. Subsequently

China Network Riyadh November 23 (Reporter Wang Bo) Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh evening of 23 signed in the Saudi capital Riyadh, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to the mediation agreement to resolve the crisis in Yemen, Yemeni opposition parties then GCC also signed an agreement protocol implementation mechanisms.

Saudi state television broadcast live footage showed at the signing ceremony held in Riyadh, Saudi palace office. Saudi King Abdullah Saleh, Yemen, representatives of the opposition, foreign ministers of the GCC member states, UN Secretary General Special Envoy in Yemen witnessed by Omar Jamal in this agreement. After the signing of the venue immediately burst into warm applause.

Then, Yemen, on behalf of the opposition coalition signed the agreement on. Subsequently, the Yemeni ruling party and the opposition All People’s Congress signed a coalition agreement implementation mechanisms of the GCC agreement.

after signing the agreement, Saleh made a speech condemning the opposition coalition to abandon the use of But he also said he will support the upcoming formation of a new government.

Saudi King Abdullah called

Saleh is 23, the morning should arrive in Riyadh, the Saudi government invited to attend the signing ceremony. The same day, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon United Nations Headquarters in New York, said Saleh will visit the United States in signing medical treatment. Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has

ruling 33 years. The end of January this year, has plunged into turmoil in the provinces of Yemen. Political and economic relations with Yemen, very close to the GCC in April raised the mediation agreement to resolve the crisis in Yemen, the agreement includes Saleh peaceful transfer of power to Vice President, resign within 30 days, set up by the opposition-led coalition government and presidential elections.

Under the agreement, Saleh and his relatives in the military and political positions gained any immunity, Saleh will serve as honorary president for 90 days until the presidential election held in January next year elected a new president .

10 21, the UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution calling on all parties in Yemen agreement. Omar has six times the UN special envoy to mediate the situation in Yemen Sa it.

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GCC in Saudi Arabia has led a mediation agreement made last spring. According to this plan, he handed over power to Vice President Hardy (Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi), the Saleh and his family will be protected against prosecution. Saleh has refused to sign this before the deal, which led to months-long political stalemate in Yemen, to the domestic economic and political tremendous confusion. GCC power transfer agreement drafted by the end of this 33-year rule of Saleh.


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