the driver holds A1 driver’s license

Dandong Municipal Government Information Office 28 Fengcheng to provide reporters with news that occurred shortly after 8 am on the 26th , the city’s Baoshan town Liao F85121 grades for the school bus rollover accident occurred because of icy rain , 35 students were injured. Injury to a child was the first time Fengcheng Central Hospital and Hospital for treatment. The provinces and experts have repeatedly consultation , at present, all patients with stable vital signs , is in rehabilitation .

after the accident , the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and provincial government leaders made ​​important instructions , Dandong , Fengcheng municipal government leaders rushed to the scene of the main treatment . Phoenix urban education , transportation , public security, safety supervision and other related departments , the city’s school bus safety immediately carried out a thorough check on the school bus operation management overhaul . While operating on all passenger vehicles for the city’s overhaul , in case of severe weather conditions , road conditions complicated outage immediately .

After investigation , the school board and 39 passengers ( 41 passengers approved ) , the driver holds A1 driver’s license , school bus inspection by the safety and technical performance . Preliminary site survey by the traffic police department , the main cause of the accident is because the temperature is lower , dump rain , freezing rain the driver in the improper operation of the bend on the road , causing the vehicle skidding out of control due .


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