Men and women a classic misunderstanding

Off, and relax back to a home, have been thoroughly want to relax a little, but accidentally sentence, but unhappy with the other solution either, and even the two that end, that Men are from Mars Women are from Venus , between men and women, there is a true Forever insurmountable divide?
We might as well go home at the fifth second of this moment, look at the men and women in terms of communication on several classic misunderstanding, thereby found at your thinking on how the existence of differences –

Scenario 1: a woman to complain of upset Man Woman: I do not want a bus!a! By others tread a well!

Analysis of her: I am such a good build, with a dress so beautiful girls how to be bread-like squeeze of! Women want to play the role of a weak image to win the sympathy of others, look, ah me how delicate and charming!

Man: you are not a person in the crowded, not everyone in the car every day?

Analysis of him: is not every day you go at it? Men always do not understand a woman’s emotions at the moment Fengyun mutation that will not listen to reason. Never dreamed that a woman’s thinking is always leaping, good yesterday, today will be able to find out its not 100 reasons.

Woman: people are people, I am me! I am can not stand!

Analysis of her: Keep in mind that any woman that he is not the same as others. All feel that they are the sole, which is generally a woman’s psychological fact, she is required is a simple greeting them.

Man: So, you play cars, I come to give you reimbursement.

Analysis of him: This is also how you look under that the best you can block the mouth. Men are put likes things simple, especially for the emotional thing, but also unwilling to spend too much time and effort to disputes. Men feel that this is the fundamental way to solve the problem.

Woman: forget it, how many of you earning a month ah, do you think you are Who!

Analysis of her: In fact, women would like to say that I am talking about grievances, so that you feel bad, you think that Real will let you spend money on a taxi every day, ah, do not save enough money for buying a car such as this. Forever In fact, women are more practical than men.

Men: are you not feel that special feeling with me ah, even the car does not have to sit on.

Analysis of him: I have already said so, and you do not meet, but also against me, I is not how much money, but I also have self-esteem, ah, do you undermine my dignity. Men fear most is the woman that he will not do, than their others, that if the injury was fatal.

Woman: Yes, I am unhappy to see people every day car shuttle, every day wear Ports, me? Even have to repeatedly hit cars Sato.

Analysis of her: In fact, women want to say is I Fall in love with you, we accepted all of you now, but you can only hope that my point well. Now that the actual woman, I know what is their choice and give up what is, but she does not fit their own comparisons of the heart, so will not help to complain. Forgive the poor woman’s vanity bar, if you can not meet, so many points on the tenderness of her right.

Man: Then you go find someone else, I can not give you these, you can find these people you go.

Analysis of him: Man of easy ideas you think are must cease to be faithful, and was outside influence, and feel that he can not give you so much want, so there is demand what does that mean? Men enjoy a clear-cut.

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