Iran does not rush to make a choice

November 28, people in the city of Sa Baba Herat Damascus Square demonstrations to protest against the Arab League’s decision to impose sanctions on the classification. Xinhua News Agency issued

League of Arab States (referred to as AL) Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on the 27th through sanctions on Syria, the Syrian economy and trade minister Mohammed Nepalese Total Shull said the Arab League’s decision to a Tens of thousands of people in the Syrian capital of Damascus held a rally to protest the Arab League sanctions. Syria, Qatar and Bahrain travel warning issued the same day.

classification level to consider retaliatory measures

Syrian pro-government This dangerous practice will eventually cause serious impact on the people of Syria.

He said that if sanctions are implemented, Syria However, the Syrian economy Shull said that Syria will be discussed later level possible retaliation measures.

27 Arab League announced sanctions against Syria, classification of government measures include the freezing of Arab countries in the Arab League funds, stop with the Central Bank of Syria’s business, limiting high-level government officials to visit Syria, Arab countries and stop with Syria inter-governmental trade. Syrian state television

sanctions decision in a brief statement after the announcement, said the Arab League sanctions

accused the Arab League declared economic war

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said at a news conference on the 28th, the Arab League sanctions against Syria that .

Moallem said the government all the windows open a dialogue, but the Arab League

the name of foreign minister reiterated that dialogue to defuse the crisis, classification welcomes Russia intervened to mediate.

Moallem said that to reduce the impact of sanctions on Syria, Syria has withdrawn from the Arab League member states 95% or 96% of the assets. He said that Syria, the Arab League to acknowledge the fact that the presence of armed saboteurs, and this is proof.

UN estimates, Syria has so far led to the conflict in March 3000 were killed, including about 200 children.

many schools closed form

protest in the Syrian capital Damascus, 28, tens of thousands of people rally to protest against the sanctions and the Arab League expressed support for President Bashar al-Assad regime .

Damascus more than 28 schools closed for students to participate in meetings. Syrian state television broadcast TV footage showed protesters gathered in the town square in Damascus, holding a sharp portrait of Bashar, and sang the national anthem Huiwuguoqi.

Some demonstrators chanted slogans: League selection sanctions against Syria, is tantamount to become

In addition, Syria’s official SANA said, the second largest city in Syria, Aleppo and other cities in northern Hasek, the same people protest rally there.

classification deserter asylum in Jordan admitted

Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Zhu reached 27, acknowledge, Jordan has been out to 100 Syrian military and police personnel to provide refuge. This is Jordan’s first public recognition of the move.

Zhu told the Associated Press reporter reached, some parts of Syria in March since the outbreak of large-scale anti-government demonstrations, in batches of these asylum seekers to enter Jordan.

Associated Press, said Zhu Dati and the refuge staff, calling them

In September, some media quoted officials as saying that Jordan has been to Syria, about 60 former military and police officials to provide refuge, asylum seekers covering corporal to colonel rank. In addition, part of the entry of asylum-seekers in Turkey also.

27 days, the city of Homs in Syria and Central, the conflict continues and causing casualties. Qatar and Bahrain

day warning citizens to avoid travel to Syria, the two officers called for Syria to leave now. Two days ago, the United Arab Emirates issued a similar travel advisories.

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird said in a statement on the 27th, Canada welcomed the Arab League sanctions against Syria. At the same time, he again called for a Canadian citizen residing in Syria out of there as soon as possible.

observed effects may be limited sanctions

analysts believe that the Arab League’s latest economic sanctions will certainly be a negative impact on Syria, but this effect is limited.

First, Syria is a relatively conservative agricultural country, people and other basic necessities of life of agricultural materials can be achieved self-sufficiency. Prior to the U.S. and EU imposed economic sanctions on the classification, although heavy sanctions against the country’s tourism and oil exports to foreign exchange earnings dropped, but the basic livelihood of the people of the country did not have a major impact. The impact of the Arab League sanctions larger than the U.S. and European sanctions, because the Syrian economy’s dependence on the Arab countries is more serious.

Second, within the Arab League is not monolithic. Economic and trade exchanges with Syria, the closest neighboring Arab countries such as Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan in order to avoid their own interests are affected, have been or public, or a disguised expression of economic sanctions against Syria, the Arab League or the effect of economic sanctions be discounted.


Iran In the Syrian side, Syria Some analysts judge, at least so far, Iran does not rush to make a choice, is still sidelined.

worry about the wrong team

Reuters article highlighted in an analysis on the 27th, with Shiite Iran and Syria came to power, in opposition to Israel and other regional issues, Iran and Syria closely. If Syria Bashar al-Assad government fell, in the Middle East, Iran or lose

Thus, in the past few months, Iran’s firm position that the diplomatic level, the internal affairs of Syria against external intervention, military intervention against Syria’s internal affairs.

but some analysts, diplomatic rhetoric, Iran has not really

an unnamed Iranian official admitted: Bashar al-Assad on Israel’s position in the fight against government interests connected with Iran, but the situation in Syria, and Iran is now

Iranian political analyst 哈米德法拉瓦 even said: hand ready to

Some people think that

Reuters analysis, such as Iran, Bashar choose to continue to support the government, can play the further block the outside world to intervene Syria affairs.

a diplomat in Tehran said:
Other analysts believe that Iran and Syria, the opposition does not rule out co-option, and now

Reuters even quoted

course, analysts acknowledged the difficulty of the interaction terms, Iran is more Analyst Farah Walsh said: former ally Media noted that Turkey’s position after a hard turn, the Iranian government subsequently indicated that it wants Syria to reach an understanding with the opposition, and even once came

the last month, the Turkish side on the issue in Syria, From the outset as a representative of the League of Arab States, went to Damascus to persuade Syria, sternly condemned the Syrian government to direct violent repression of demonstrators, relations have witnessed a soil classification of rapid cooling history. analysis

Reuters article said that Turkey and Iran are expected in the process of establishing a new Middle East order full play to their influence.


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