the PRD many SMEs in trouble. According to the Academy of Social Sciences released December 7

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Economic Times reporter, said.

monetary policy

Lihui Wu said, similar to the have a positive fiscal policy, there are relatively flexible, loose monetary policy.

Later, on the financing of SMEs had some problems.

SMEs will be able to improve the living environment

In 2011, the capital chain tension, increase the production and operation costs, the case of weak external demand, the PRD many SMEs in trouble. According to the Academy of Social Sciences released December 7, the

large-scale exports last year, this year’s European and American consumer market does not start, the higher base last year, this year can keep 20% of export growth has been very good.

Lihui Wu said this year’s Central Economic Work Conference set the tone is positive and sound financial policies, which impose a relatively loose policy environment.

Lihui Wu calls

has been controlled price, control inflation and these for the enterprises, are positive factors.

In the financial

Insiders believe that with the introduction of a series of supportive policies, the next step, small and medium enterprises in tax breaks, financial support, etc. will enjoy the benefits.

So, for small micro-businesses will not give the structural tax burden on local governments do?

case, the government adjusted the tax burden is normal.

Should fully estimate the difficulties next year

, stressed the need to take full advantage of the financial crisis Forced mechanism to speed up industrial restructuring and enterprise restructuring and upgrading.

Past two years, Guangdong has established 35 industrial transfer parks, each park for three consecutive years to $ 500 million in financial assistance funds, has been helping companies to some of the labor-intensive part of the transfer process to the park, in order to reduce business pressure of rising costs. Meanwhile, the government held up the stage,

Lihui Wu appears in next year’s major pressure from external markets. Guangdong external developments should be judged accurately, to impact. Price decline is inevitable, but it can not be taken lightly because there are still imported inflation, prices of foreign products and other resources to bring pressure.


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