part of the mobile phones may be missed to the United States.

BEIJING, Taipei, December 20 (Reporter Donghui Feng Chen Yue) protracted delay ruling of the U.S. HTC infringement lawsuit against Apple finally result, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) of Final Appeal ruled that the Apple iPhone HTC patent infringement, part of the mobile phones may be missed to the United States.

In this regard, Taiwan’s High Tech Computer (HTC) today issued a statement citing the legal department at Lei Yi Yu as saying, infringement, and commuted 263 patent non-infringement and no infringement of patent No. 647 part of the final decision was very pleased. No. 647 for the ITC to determine infringement of that patent is still part of the company to respect its decision; because only part of ITC finds infringement little effect on the user interface involves the design, the company will be removed as soon as possible and sell the products without infringing.

HTC also said that the final sentence to take effect on April 19 next year, the United States before selling HTC unaffected, even after a response.

The stock market in Taipei, HTC shares opened lower today, higher disk of 474 yuan per share of NT, was close to 476 yuan limit price.

According to reports, the U.S. International Trade Commission released the same day Apple HTC infringement case against the results of the final sentence, found infringement HTC, and HTC vital personal information and mobile communication devices and other infringing products released . HTC aggrieved, can appeal.

Taiwan’s Central News Agency’s comments that the ruling camp to spare no effort in the fight against Android Apple can be described as in the child.

Apple in March 2010 to sue the U.S. ITC infringement HTC, HTC’s Android phone claims infringement patents, including the phone number to detect e-mail, save to phone book or you can call without dialing, etc. Taiwan stocks jump once

Apple and Android phone maker in the world did not stop the fight, there are several lawsuits in progress. The HTC also to the ITC against Apple Duoxiang infringement. One complaint that HTC revenues in the U.S. market last year, nearly $ 5 billion, of its global sales last year, the proportion of more than half of the $ 9 billion.

According to the U.S. market research firm Canalys10 report released January 31, based on shipments of HTC in the third quarter with 24% market share to dominate the U.S. smart phone market, Samsung’s 21% lead and 20% of Apple.


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