in addition to the fifth generation fighter aircraft

According to Russia’s According to expert assessments , to modernize Russia’s armed forces may spend 19 trillion rubles .

These figures come from the

According to experts, in the next 10 years, the Russian Air Force will receive more than 500 aircraft of various types of aircraft and 1000 various types of helicopters. Army will receive 500 sets a new air defense system , and will join a unified aerospace defense complex . In the field of military aviation , in addition to the fifth generation fighter aircraft , will also have a new long-range aviation aircraft available .

Analysts believe that the first will be the modernization of strategic nuclear deterrent force. Undoubtedly will look to develop solid-propellant ballistic missile RS-24. The missile can carry six nuclear warheads , the missile defense system for restraint in the future .

Experts believe that the priorities will include a navigation system equipped with the latest development of a variety of missiles and bombs , and other new high-precision weapons systems. Computer technology for command of troops , the so-called automatic control system will be further developed. Submarines and surface ships are expected to be large-scale modernization .

Experts estimate that the program implementation process , must be shortened in Russia and the West unmanned aerial vehicles, military equipment, part of the armored vehicle manufacturing gap.


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