BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicles

According to the Russian military news network on December 28 reported that in Russia the world’s arms trade center 27 December 2011 the Russian army announced the arms export ranking event, Venezuela, Russia to supply a large number of transactions topped the list of products to help China continues to permit production of , As follows:

1, according to the 2009-2010 Venezuelan Army signed a contract to deliver a large number of weapons

Venezuelan Army from Russia in 2011 to receive a large number of T-72B1 main battle tanks, BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicles, BTR-80A armored personnel carriers, 2S19 SVK BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles of which a total of BMP-3M, BMP-3K and BREM-L three models. There MLRS unit command to use automated fire control system, to BTR-80 armored personnel carriers and . Another Venezuelan Army air defense brigade artillery battalion equipped with 23 mm anti-aircraft guns ZU-23/30M1-4 type. Specific deliveries were not disclosed. At present Russia is also assisting the Commission was preparing to license production of AK-103 automatic rifles, all the technical equipment has been in place, plans to begin assembly in 2012.

2, delivered to the Indian Army,
November 2011 Russian-Indian joint venture This variant type of missile guidance systems use sound to ensure that the environment in a multi-target recognition and destruction of enemy targets. Indian Army had a 67 missiles, two mobile command posts and other equipment. India’s Army is continuing to test, Indian Army to prepare a lot of equipment, all three types of Indian Navy and the Air Force ordered a $ 673 million and $ 244 million of

In addition, this year, India produced 50 licensed T-90S main battle tanks. Next year plans to produce about 100 T-90S. 2013 production of 75. Expected to produce 1,000 units total will permit this type of tank.

3, to deliver multiple types of armor Kazakhstan devices, including the first export BMPT tank support combat vehicles

Delivered from Russia to Kazakhstan this year, 12 BTR-82A armored personnel carriers, three is the first time exports supply. Russian-Kazakh is also actively negotiating other armored equipment supply.

4, and the UAE signed by 135 BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles upgrade contract

UAE Army weapons this year, Dubai International Exhibition and Russia’s Rosoboronexport, signed 135 BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles to upgrade the contract, the total amount of $ 75,200,000. It also signed a $ 38.1 million of the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles and ammunition procurement contracts.

5, to assist Azerbaijan began licensed production of AK-74M automatic rifle

According to the 2010 signing of a 10-year contract this summer, according to Azerbaijan began licensed production of Russian technical test batch of AK-74M automatic rifle, and mass production in the fourth quarter. Alfonso now assembled AK-74M automatic rifle using a Russian supply of spare parts, in the grasp of the relevant capacity, some parts will be A Fangsheng production. A version of the AK-74M called change. It is reported that Alfonso should be assembled this year, 5000 AK-74M A Department of Defense-related products only for use and powerful body, can not resell a third country.

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