The aircraft industry has just been released today

The aircraft industry has just been released today , China has independently developed the AC313 is a 13 -ton large-scale civilian helicopters received by the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the type certificate, which marks this as Asia’s largest tonnage of the world’s first helicopter type a region made ​​4500 meters pull class A civilian helicopter airworthiness certificate , and also indicates the market will , in disaster relief , forest fire prevention , transportation, offshore operations as well as medical care , tourism , public areas of the flight , and so will play a very big role .

Central Air Industrial lasted four years, successfully developed the AC313 civilian helicopter overall performance , it should be said to have reached the international level of the third generation of helicopters , but also to fill our gaps in the development of large civil helicopter , so that China and Europe , the United States , Russia , as with the mainframe ‘s ability to independently developed in China, the history of helicopter development has great significance .

2008 Wenchuan earthquake lead to people ‘s attention for helicopter applications , the aircraft industry to speed up the development process of helicopter AC313 , organize the AVIC Chang Fei and helicopters in the aviation industry to work together to research , this model prompted the March 18, 2010 No. Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province to achieve flight.

AC313 just Reporters interviewed the chief architect of Xu Chaoliang , he said the aircraft ‘s performance is its unique adaptability of the plateau . Twice in the AC313 helicopter into Tibet to carry out a test flight , high altitude flight experiments and trials work , the end of our not -made helicopters used in the history of the plateau , but also to fill the many gaps in our country .

Also on the orders of correspondents learned from the helicopter company , Zhuhai Air Show in 2010 signed a 32 on the intent of the order , but now users have identified the first , is the Central Ferry Company to orders , delivery time is expected this year about three- quarters , a total of five .


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