Armenia believes this is

22 Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement , the French National Assembly passed the same day acts of denying the Armenian genocide to punish those who committed the draft law


The statement also said , this bill limits the French by scholars and historians, the history of this issue of free expression , and that the bill violates international law.

Turkish Foreign Ministry also accused France of

According to the French National Assembly passed a bill denying the Armenian massacres may be sentenced to one year imprisonment and € 45,000 fine. This bill will be followed by the French Senate vote.

Subsequently, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara, Prime Minister’s Office announced the immediate recall of its ambassador to France布尔丘奥卢, and France sanctions, including cancellation of all the French economic, political, military conference , to allow France to cancel the original military aircraft landed in Turkey , off the French warship allowed to dock in Turkey .

Armenia believes this is


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