China’s leading programmer CSDN website was hacked

The end of 2011, two pieces of news caught my attention. One is run Korea Communications Commission on December 29, a work report to President Lee Myung-bak, said, because Internet use is necessary due to changes in the environment related to the transformation system, the Commission will explore the In practice, this means that since 2007 the implementation of the

For me, one more unexpected news: According to Chinese media reports, December 21, China’s leading programmer CSDN website was hacked, a large number of user database is posted on the Internet, more than 6 million registered express E-mail streaking. Almost at the same time, all network (microblogging), Sina and the End of the World community and other microblogging media exposure of the user database is also open by hackers.

I see many Korean news website hacked and has been granted, but for the first time noticed that China news website hacked. Then, log on a Chinese site, it reminds me to strengthen the confidentiality of the password, it makes me feel like the Login Korean site, because many sites in South Korea after repeatedly hacked from time to time to remind users to use more complex passwords or frequently change your password. South Korea’s three major portals N ate and Cyworld social networking site was hacked, the information leaked about 35 million users. The disclosure of personal information is far more than 2008 cases of Auction of 18 million e-commerce website user information leakage, the history of Korea’s largest IT hacking. Subsequently, in November, NEXON Korea’s online game Since the leak through.

South Korean National Assembly legislative survey published in August 2011 at the relations and this case was exposed because of Nate real names and personal information is collected and the risk of custody. ; compensation for the victims and other measures of economic loss. Internet freedom of speech.

The face of pressure from all sides, run Korea Communications Commission finally decided: Most users that should not have to implement The system is implemented, the South Korean Internet users personal information and identification numbers to become the world shared information. Korean ID number has more than 15 countries in 7500 Website widespread, with Baidu search for

Also be noted that, as Korean companies, Naver, Daum and other Internet portals inconvenience name system in direct opposition to their limits by the real-name system when the site easier for foreign business in Korea. So, These results have made South Korean Internet users on the

Korean proverb: In my opinion, a Korean portal site person in charge of network security evaluation of the decision is the meaning: ID number as to attract hackers and other important information, in order to reduce the causes of personal information by hackers leak.


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