to ensure homeland security

WASHINGTON, January 5, 5th U.S. President Barack Obama announced the launch of a new military strategy , emphasizing the United States, though facing budgetary pressures , but will strive to ensure that its .

Obama’s day in the Pentagon and the Defense Joint Chiefs of Staff Panetta and Dempsey held a press conference to announce the report, entitled military strategy report. New strategy suggested that the U.S. will reduce the size of the Army , and reduce the military presence in Europe in favor of strengthening its military presence in the Asia Pacific region , to maintain the Asia-Pacific ‘s

In his speech, Obama said the U.S. a decade of war in a Asia-Pacific region . He stressed that although the United States is facing pressure to cut defense budget , the size of the U.S. military will be reduced , and threats .

The new military strategy to retain some of the traditional mission of the U.S. military , including the fight against terrorism, to maintain nuclear deterrence , to ensure homeland security , deter and defeat any potential enemy invasion , while emphasizing the network will increase the U.S. military in war , missile defense , etc. capacity , but will avoid the war in Afghanistan and Iraq to launch similar such a long duration of large-scale war .

The Obama administration is tightening in the face of huge budget pressure , the war on terrorism to achieve substantive results , the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and are raised in the context of these new military strategy . In order to reduce the growing budget deficit , the Obama administration proposed a sharp reduction in the budget plan , which includes the next 10 years to reduce $ 489 billion in defense spending.


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