there is a negotiation space. This year is the U.S. presidential election year

United States and Europe on Iran oil embargo determined to have been, but this twist is not only set on the neck in Iran, it reined in the world next year or two of hope for economic recovery in East Asia, the European Union are likely to be hit.

The question now is, the United States and several European powers hostile to Iran, completely around the entire Western position on Iran. United front against Iran, the West has been formed, Russia, China and Asian countries are unable to make the situation meaningful development impact. These countries generally more dispersed, do not form together, with their own whether or not the West, only to a certain extent affect the West

Several large countries in Asia now needs to unite with Russia, against the extreme action against Iran. But this is difficult to push, and no country is willing to pick the head.

But if Russia, major powers either under the control of the situation in the United States and Europe the development of their last tasted the bitter fruit, definitely better than they are now led to trouble with the United States and Europe argue much more. The view of China is Iran’s biggest oil exporter, we have suffered from loss of power may be the highest.

Thus, although difficult, is still necessary for China and Russia on Iran, a high degree of cooperation and mobilization of foreign resources, led to the Iran issue as a turnaround. Now it seems it is only one possible, that Iran has made some concessions to a more clear way to prove that it is not engaged in nuclear weapons, the U.S. and Europe also made concessions to Iran to give up the

U.S. to take the initiative to at least the possibility of large-scale attack on Iran is still great, but without any compromise in the case of Iran, the United States and Europe loosened the possibility of unilateral sanctions is not the same. Once the oil embargo against Iran fully formed, but also very in line with Iran’s standing still in this world of political sense.

If Iran has made some concessions, the concessions of the extent and content, there is a negotiation space. This year is the U.S. presidential election year, to launch full-scale confrontation with Iran until Iran started the war, the Obama administration than the risk situation in a reasonable excuse for delay under the clearly greater. This is the room for diplomacy.

On the one hand and Russia and other countries should mobilize an international force as much as possible the comprehensive sanctions against Iran, while scouring the gap in the situation the opportunity to increase diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear issue attractive.

U.S. and European sanctions against Iran in accordance with the timetable, the situation is to take some time before the war started. China and Russia should not give up, should not be intimidated united front against Iran United States and Europe. Although high oil prices led to tensions on Russia, but Iran will defeat Russia’s strategic space compression, China and Russia join forces on Iran’s political foundation is solid overall.

Russia’s position in the Asian countries have considerable resonance, Europe and the United States is not monolithic. Situation in Iran is far from the needle is not inserted into the water poured does not enter. It is therefore important that China and Russia and other countries to have action.


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