Skye Martino told the prosecution

As the cruise ship ran aground, 17 evening,

As the Court hearing on the 17th when he denied saying to abandon the ship to escape, but argued that, as a cruise ship sinking when he saved a lot of people.



Skye Martino told the prosecution, a disaster occurs, they are at the helm, the ship tilted, he fell from the deck, fell into the sea, unable to swim back to the boat.

Lawyer Laibo Maserati,

However, this argument seems to burst with the media’s

Investigators said earlier, a port official time of the incident command Skye Tarantino: specific number of a class of people.

Skye Martino did not perform the command port officials, at least not return cruise.

Laibo Maserati 17, the court told reporters after the hearing: ) found a rock on the route.

Said the chief prosecutor Francesco Weiluxiao, Skye Martino have fled risk. After hearing the court decided to allow 17 Skye Martino prison, at home to accept house arrest.

At this stage, the prosecution has yet to Valentino and his first mate 奇罗安布罗 Theo Skye filed formal charges.

Skye Martino is dereliction of duty a few days to become the focus of media attention.

Costa Cruises CEO Pierre Luigi Fusi Ji said, prohibited the company’s ships near the shore 500 meters. But

In addition, the media broke the previous way of saying, Skye Martino made because of the island near Guiglo, .

Sheng Jiang Xiao Zhu Cong (Xinhua News Agency Zhuangao)

Search and rescue

Victims increased to 11

Italian rescue workers 17 found in the cruise ship ran aground five other bodies of the victims. As of 18 am Beijing time, the number of cruise ship ran aground killed up to 11 people reported missing dropped to number 23.

17 search and rescue personnel aboard the luxury cruise ship in the implementation of controlled blasting of the hull surface to help divers to enter the enclosed cabin cruise search for survivors.

A previously

Found that German passengers and five bodies of the victims before the Italian authorities made public the list of shows, 14 German passengers, five Italian passengers, four French passengers, two passengers and four United States from Italy, Peru India and Hungary crew missing.


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