He said that should not be trying to split the Islamic world

China news agency, Moscow, January 18 (Reporter Jia Jingfeng) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the 18th annual Reporters conference Foreign Ministry reiterated that Russia will make every effort to prevent military intervention in Syria and Iran , but will not allow UN Security Council approval for military intervention in these countries .

In more than two hours of the reporter conference , Lavrov with a lot of time talking about Syria, Iran , he said , China and other BRIC countries support Russia to the United Nations Security Council draft resolution proposed by Syria , urged as soon as possible a dialogue . And the United States and the European Union ‘s unilateral sanctions against Syria , Lavrov warned that this will make more countries to ease tensions in Syria collective efforts come to naught .

Lavrov hinted several times here , even at the national level , can not stop the West from Russia to Iran and Syria of external intervention , but within the framework of the UN Security Council , Russia will stand in opposition .

sanctions , and then to the Security Council said, ‘You see, I have decided, you should support me or run my decision ‘ , this is not possible ,

On the situation in Iran , the Russian side expressed a very low-key position , Lavrov told a news conference the same day twice against Iran would refuse to comment on the outbreak of military conflict , and reiterates still have a chance to restore Iraq’s nuclear six-party talks . He said the current IAEA delegation will visit Iran , but Iran has expressed its willingness to solve the problem from the real differences .

He said that should not be trying to split the Islamic world , and should urge their stability , because in today’s international relations to solve the many problems to deal with threats, challenges , the Islamic world is not absent .


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