the Gulf to disband .

United States, Israel and Iran are competing , and living in the Middle East .

both in quantity and level of technology , it is definitely rude to their arch-enemy Israel . The UAE bought 80 F-16Block60 fighters, its overall performance Bimei air force F-16Block50 type also advanced. Annual growth in the arms trade , the United States and Russia to become the biggest winner .

However, military experts point out that once war breaks out , the role of these advanced weapons will be very limited. The reason , as the U.S. Center for Strategic and International Studies, Anthony Cordesman , senior scholars and Luo Dehan noted, these huge number of sophisticated weapons , and more into a show off , rather than used in modern warfare . In addition, these contradictions between the Arab countries , a lack of mutual trust , with little carry out joint military operations.

Gulf Cooperation Council established in 1986 , the U.S. has been in furtherance of its efforts to integrate defense capabilities , but always without success. Neither the synergy between them , there is no common military doctrine , so that in 2005 , the Gulf to disband . (


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