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BEIJING, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) comprehensive news, January 28, a Chinese company in Kordofan State Highway 苏丹南科尔 the project site by the local anti-government armed attacks, more than 20 Chinese workers were taken hostage. 29, Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed the news. These Chinese workers still missing, but there were no reports of injuries.

Sudanese rebel admitted detained 29 Chinese people

Sudanese rebel spokesman on the 29th declared that its armed Kordofan state in 苏丹南科尔 exchanged fire with government forces, and then hijack the 29 Chinese workers.

The spokesman claimed that Chinese workers have not been kidnapped, they are very safe, no one was injured, the army launched an offensive soon, taking into account the safety of the Chinese people before their arrest.

He also said that these Chinese workers were mainly responsible for the Sudan Nu Bashan area road construction. As expected the Sudanese government forces attacked at any time, temporarily unable to release the captives.

Local media said the attacks intended to undermine the road construction

According to the Sudan, local media reported after the incident, 苏丹南科尔 Kordofan state governor Ahmad Harun said, when the Chinese company attacked 35 people, and most of the Chinese personnel, armed intended damage to the local road construction.

Ahmad Harun, said the militants attacked anti-government armed groups belonging to .


Chinese Foreign Ministry and Embassy in Sudan has launched emergency mechanism

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin, 29, on the Chinese company in Sudan Attack on A reporter asked Chinese officials confirmed that there had been hijacked.

Liu Weimin, introduced the afternoon of January 28, Beijing time, 苏丹南科尔 states where more than one funded company project department attacks by local militants, some Chinese officials temporarily missing.

Liu Weimin, said after the incident, Chinese Foreign Ministry and Embassy in Sudan immediately launched the emergency mechanism. Ministry of Foreign Secretary, 29, an emergency meeting with the Sudanese Embassy charge d’affaires, urged the Soviet side to ensure the safety of Chinese personnel in the premise of active search and rescue.

Liu Weimin said that at present, Government of Sudan is China’s search for and rescue missing persons, and to strengthen the Chinese personnel in Sudan, and project security.

As Sudan’s Darfur region and the North, Southern Kordofan, the security situation changes, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese Embassy in the Soviet Union today to remind the local Chinese-funded institutions and citizens to improve safety awareness and strengthen prevention to minimize the out, ensure personal and property safety.

Sudanese government said it would fully guarantee the safety of workers
search and rescue

China attaches great importance to the Sudanese government’s attacks, got the news, immediately take the relevant action. In the afternoon, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry, road and bridge department, security department and the military held a joint meeting to discuss measures and rescue program.

Sudan’s military spokesman Khaled Saad, 28 Sava Ermi the media that a Chinese road construction company’s camp, not a military unit. But the Sudanese army was repulsed.

苏丹南科尔 Kordofan State Governor Ahmed halons camp condemned the attacks on Chinese road construction company. He said the attacks aimed at undermining the stability and security in the region, blocking the people of the region’s development for many years dreamed the dream, but we can also enhance the development of confidence and courage.

Ahmed also said that halons, the Sudanese military is to make careful arrangements to protect the Chinese workers and Sudanese workers’ safety, to avoid any casualties there, tied to the safety of personnel and strive rescued.

China Electric Power Construction Corporation launched the emergency mechanism to rescue workers

Project Department in Sudan for the attacks, China Power Construction Group Co., Ltd. Wang Zhiping 29 head office, said the group has launched emergency mechanism, through a variety of channels to rescue the missing workers.

Zhi-Ping Wang said, China Electric Power Construction Group was informed the evening of 28 shares of a subsidiary of China’s hydropower projects Sudan Wu A highway department by local militants attacked more than 20 workers missing after the case, and the parties concerned immediately to the State- report, and set up at 29 am chaired by the chairman Fan Jixiang headquarters emergency response teams, launched the emergency mechanism. Emergency response team under the front of the communication, comprehensive coordination, publicity, maintenance of stability and other business groups, 24 hours a day, pay close attention to the situation in progress.

He said the Group and its regional headquarters in North Africa, the Sudan project with China to strengthen the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy in Sudan, the Sudanese government and other sources of co-ordination, is doing everything possible to rescue the missing workers. Meanwhile, the Group has issued a notice requiring the Department of subsidiaries overseas projects to strengthen security measures to prevent similar incidents.


From 1983 to 2005, Sudan has been caught in civil war. Until January 2005, the Sudanese government and the separation of Southern Sudan for the purpose of independent or

Signed a peace treaty before the country as a unified Sudan,

After the signing of peace treaty, southern Sudan to implement a high degree of autonomy, self-government was set up, almost in an independent state.

July 9, 2011, after independence of Southern Sudan, 加入南苏丹 nationality, their whereabouts became a problem. To this end,

According to Sudanese law on political parties, as political parties or opposition parties,

What is more, set up a

Starting from September 2011, the Sudanese Government forces entrenched in the Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan state’s , the former governor of Blue Nile State, including Montgomery Abu Hamid Island Blue Nile’s And entrenched in Southern Kordofan,


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