Other contract documents did not specify locations

In view of the continued tension in relations with Iran and the Yemen military conflict, the Pentagon plans to send a large floating military bases in the SEALs mission in the Middle East this summer.
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The old ship was transformed or deployment of the Persian Gulf

According to British In accordance with the requirements of the Central Command, the U.S. Navy is one would have to retire large warships transformed into a temporary floating military base for the Navy SEALs use.

At present, the U.S. Navy aboard the old warship known as the Pentagon procurement documents disclosed this week, the military is to transform the The document said the ,

Navy spokesman Mike? Kafka refused to detail the purpose of the deployment of the floating base, do not want to disclose the location of the deployment in the Middle East. Other Navy officials admit that they are busy with the transformation of work and

Nevertheless, the Navy documents reveal After transformation, the floating base will be deployed in the Persian Gulf, Iran threatened to blockade the Strait of Hormuz. A market research proposal document also pointed out that the floating base needs to be deployed to the Persian Gulf.

Other contract documents did not specify locations, but said the Defense Department officials said earlier that Iran is trying to close the Strait of Hormuz, the Iraqi side will rely on the mines to impede the passage of waterways.


The United States, The deployment of the floating base may mark the SEALs or return to the sea tasks. Reported that the In addition, the

It is reported that the U.S. Department of Defense named the floating base for the transformation of the Analysts believe that if Iran blocked oil channel, the Strait of Hormuz as preached, floating base will play an important role in the U.S. Navy re-opened this channel operations.

U.S. Department of Defense under Obama’s new national defense strategy will be cut in the next five years, 100,000 Army and Marine Corps. Reduction in the number of troops, special forces to play a more effective role, for which special operations forces is a key part of the Obama administration to streamline the army and army flexibility strategy.

Military experts, the U.S. Fifth Fleet now stationed in the Persian Gulf region, and one or two aircraft carrier battle group support, new build floating base will not enhance the firepower of U.S. forces in the region. But if the United States launched military operations to rescue hostages or the assassination of such small-scale, high-risk, floating base will become a very useful tool.


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