The chariot direction Lockwood

According to the Russian Instead, the dominant and Russian products.
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The chariot direction Lockwood, a senior military analyst at Forecast International, said, is expected to be 2021 years ago, the supply of the world’s main battle tank market scale will reach more than 5500 vehicles, the total value of $ 24.25 billion. From the absolute size of the market, continue to occupy a dominant position will continue to be Type 98 (sic), the Sino-Pakistani cooperation, . To 2021, these three products will account for 54.73% of all new tanks worldwide during the same period, the share in the international market will reach 43.79%. Strong competition in China, Pakistan and Russian main battle tanks, the Abrams tank in the United States share will continue to shrink.

Lockwood pointed out that the current main battle tank modernization and upgrade of production in the new tank at the same time, conversion and update rate continues to grow, has become a more important force in the international market. The U.S. Army is ready to technical maintenance, repair and modification, the M1 Abrams tank to continue in service until 2050. Prior to 2004-2009, the U.S. Department of Defense active duty M1 But in 2010, the related costs compared with 2009 decreased by 67.2%, the M1 tank in the world market share of sales fell by 10.69%. In 2011, the U.S. military spending fell 42.77% in the M1 tank. From 2004 to the present, the U.S. M1 Abrams tanks in the world market share fell by nearly 82%.

Forecast International believes that in 2021, the modernization and upgrade of the current main battle tank of the world still is the focus of the development of the industry, the production of new high-quality main battle tanks are still in a relatively minor role, and its products will account for about 22.79 of all tanks % share of sales in the world market is estimated to be 36.05%. Although America Ou Tanke Though, Pakistan, Russia, the exclusion, but retain a considerable position, continue to show their existence. A new type of ammunition 120 caliber smoothbore gun, innovative Will remain very important in the role of main battle tanks this Abrams in previous military conflicts to fully prove himself fully in line with the needs of modern asymmetric warfare


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