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Raytheon Company , USA in the 2012 Singapore Air Show, the opening day press conference revealed that advanced the APY -10 radar has been specifically designed to be delivered to Boeing , and soon will be installed to the Indian Navy’s P – 8I Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft . The new radar will enhance the P – 8I Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft , sea, air and weather monitoring capabilities .
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Raytheon APY- 10 radar is manufactured in accordance with the Indian Navy specifications , it allows the user to detect air and sea threats . Raytheon for radar increased the ability of a cross- recorded weather and water search for the cockpit to provide the latest information to bypass the inclement weather areas , in order to perform monitoring tasks .

Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems Division is responsible for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems , vice president of Tim ? Carey Tim Carey, said: />

Carey added that by reducing the weight and energy consumption increased six-fold , the APY – 10 radar MTBF previous radar . In addition , this design is also to provide radar huge room for improvement . He do not want to comment on the price of this radar , but expressed the hope that the radar will attract the attention of the other navies of the Asia-Pacific region


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